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About The New Jersey Shore Network

Our Mission: The New Jersey Shore Network, established January 14, 2001, formally the Lighthouses of the New Jersey Shore Web Site (founded July 7, 1999), is committed to providing its viewers historically accurate informational text and inspiring pictures of New Jersey lighthouses. This network of four websites and a message board combined into one network, all posess the purpose to educate, to enlighten, and to further expand the human mind.

New Jersey Shore Network Staff: The Creator, Tommy The site is run by a 17 year old high school student who loves both lighthouses and the New Jersey shore. He resides in Jamesburg, New Jersey, the headquarters of The New Jersey Shore Network.

Hosting: The site is hosted by Angelfire servers.

Currently: The New Jersey Shore Network is constantly changing and improving, so I ask you to please bookmark the site and return frequently. Your thoughts and comments always appreciated. It keeps ideas flowing which leads to more additions and improvements to the site. Please e-mail the Web Site Administrator if you would like to be linked with our network.

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