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Scripture Songs Volume 6 Lyrics

Track One: Psalm 92:1-5
It's good to praise the Lord and make music to Your name
Oh Most High
To proclaim Your love in the morning
and your faithfulness at night

To the music of the ten-stringed lyre, and the melody of the harp
For You make me glad... by Your deeds Oh Lord.

I sing for joy at the works of Your hands
Oh Lord
How great are Your works, and profound are Your thoughts.
Oh Most High
Track Two: 1 John 4:7-8
Dear friends, let us love one another
For love comes from God
Everyone who loves has been born of God
and knows God (repeat)

Whoever does not love, does not know God
for they do not know God, cause God is love (repeat)
Track Three: 1 Corinthians 15:58
Therefore my dear brothers
Stand firm, let nothing move you
Always, give yourselves
Fully, to the work of
The Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain

First Corinthians fifteen fifty eight
First Corinthians fifteen verse fifty eight (2x)

Track Four: 1 Peter 3:15-16
But in your hearts set Christ apart as holy
And acknowledge Him as your Lord and King
Give Him your heart your mind your soul and strength (Mark 12:30-31)
Give to Him each and everything (Amplified version)

Always be prepared to give an answer
to everyone who asks you to give
The reason for the hope that you have in Christ
but do this with respect and gentleness (NIV)

In all things keep your conscious clear
then if people speak evil against you
They'll be ashamed when they see what good a life
You live because you belong to Jesus Christ (NLT)

Track Five: Isaiah 55:6-13
Seek the Lord, while He may be found
Call on Him while He is near
Let the wicked forsake His thought
Let him turn, let him turn unto the Lord

And He will have mercy on him
and to out God, for He will freely pardon (2x)

For my thoughts are not Your thoughts
Neither are, Your ways my ways
The Lord declares as the heavens are
higher than, higher than all of the earth

So are My ways higher than yours
and my thoughts higher than your thoughts (2x)

As the rain and the snow
come down from heaven
And do not, return to it
without watering, without watering the earth

And making it, bud and flourish
so that it yields seed
Yielding seed for the sower
and yielding bread, for the eater

So is My word, that goes from My mouth
It will not return to Me empty
But will accomplish, what I desier
and achieve the purpose for which I sent it

And you will go out in joy
and be led forth in peace
The mountains and the hills will burs into song
And all the trees of the field will clap, will clap their hands

Instead of the thorn bush will grow the pine tree
instead of briers the myrtle will grow
This will be, for the Lord renown
This will be, for the Lord's renown

For an everlasting sign, which will not be destroyed (2x)
Track Six: Romans 3:23-24
For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (2x)

And are justified freely by his grace
and through redemption that came by Jesus Christ
Track Seven: Romans 6:23
For, the wages of sin is death (2x)

But the gift of God is eternal life (3x)
In Jesus Christ our Lord

Track Eight: Romans 10:9 (NLT)
If you confess with your mouth,
that Jesus is Lord
And believe in your heart,
that God raised him from the dead

You will be will be saved (2x)
Track Nine: 1 John 1:9-10
If we,
confess our sins
he is faithful and just, faithful and just
To forgive
us of our sins
and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness

First John one verse nine (2x)
First John one verse nine says this

If we
say that we
have not sinned, have not sinned
We make Him
A liar
and His word is not found in us

First John one verse ten (2x)
First John one verse ten says this

Track Ten: Acts 2:38
Acts two, verse thirty eight (4x)

Peter replied, repent and be baptized
every one of you
in the name of Jesus, the name of Jesus Christ
For the forgiveness of your sins
and you will receive
the gift of the Holy... the Holy Spirit
Track Eleven: Matthew 11:28-30
Come unto Me all who are weary
come unto Me all who are burdened
come unto me all who are weary
and I will give you rest

Take My yoke upon you
and learn from Me
For I'm gentle and humble in heart
and you will find rest for your souls

For my yoke is easy
and my burden is light
Matthew chatper eleven
verses tewnty eight to thirty
All Songs are from the Holy Bible
All Music Written by Tim Ewing
2003 All rights reserved

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