*miss meredith anne harrison

*1. age? sweet 16

2. home town? eve's ham.

3. school? cherokee, crazy cherokee.4. school mascot? some wacked out indian.

5. top ten favorite bands/singers? (in no particular order)--hot water music, the impossibles, tasteblind, the getupkids, saves the day, jimmy eat world, snapcase, boy sets fire, alkaline trio, strung out.

6. favorite color? maroon.

7. if you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? people wouldnt be so darn judgemental.

8. if you were stuck on an island.....what three things would you bring? a journal, a pen, and my teddy bear could keep me going for a long time.

9. who is the scariest looking person you know?mullet-man from digitizing.

10. your motto in life? "guys are assholes, but girlsare stupid".

11. what words/phrases do you overuse? whatever and shut-up (in my crazy annoyed voice).

12.favorite cartoon character? the big red hairy monster from the bugs bunny cartoon.

13. favorite character from saved by the bell? a.c. slater was too cool for the likes of me.

14. do you like to dance? most definitely.

15. what cd's are in your cd player right now? knapsack--day three of my new life, the juliana theory--understand this is a dream, jimmy eat world--static prevails, the getupkids--4 minute mile, and saves the day--through being cool.

16. if you could change your name...what would youchange it to? marianna.

17. if you had a time machine, where would you go?back to the summer of 1991.

18. late night with....letterman? leno? or o'brien? none of them really..but sometimes i'll watch conan and feel bad because andy never gets any air time.

19. favorite movie? i have three--disney's sleeping beauty, the last of the mohicans, and the usual suspects.

20. favorite oldies song? "unchained melody".

21. barbie or gi joe? midge, the barbie that no one ever wanted, except me and kristen, because brunettes are always way cooler than blondes.

22. winnie the pooh, eeyore, or tigger? the classic winnie the pooh strikes my fancy, but eeyore, i canrelate to him, so he's cool.

23. have you ever streaked? not exactly, but we wont talk about that because SOME people arent too cool with my exploits.

24. favorite show? anything on bravo.25. favorite actor? kevin spacey.

26. most embarrasing moment? when adam rapp pulled down my pants and i was wearing crazy barbie underwear in like 3rd grade..i ran home crying. it was absolutely traumatizing.

27. who's the loudest person you know? i can be loudsometimes.

28. if you could move, where would you go? winthropp, maine up to a cabin where i used to vacation.

29. who's your favorite sesame street character?cookie monster was so cool!

30. what's your favorite stuffed animal? my teddy bear"buke".

31. what's your favorite song? my favorite song right now is "high" by tasteblind..but my all-time favorite song is "take my breath away" from top gun.