bobby miller

1. age? 16 (17 as of March 29)

2. home town? born- Hinella, raised- Marlton Lakes (since I was 3) Cherokee fucking High

4. school mascot? Doug Easlick (I mean an Indian Chief)

5. top ten favorite bands/singers? 1) Lagwagon 2) Rancid 3-10) The Ataris, Less Than Jake, Blink 182, Tuesday, Funsize, Billy Idol,Suicide Machines, The Get Up Kids, so on and so forth...

6. favorite color? Green (the brighter, the better)

7. if you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? Erase the hate it's stupid and meaningless and a waste of time. (Fuck you, David Duke. You're a fucking prick and I hope you and all your descendents suffer for eternity.)

8. if you were stuck on an island.....what three things would you bring? My radio, Rancid "And Out Come the Wolves", Lagwagon "Hoss", the Year of the Rat comp. and a blowup doll in the likes of Al's mom.

9. who is the scariest looking person you know? Myself. I know no uglier or more physically deformed person. I'm bent (literally). I have sculliosis.

10. your motto in life? Look out for your friends, they pull you through life.

11. what words/phrases do you overuse? Dude, word, dude, chill, dude, yeah, dude,phat, dude and dude.

12.favorite cartoon character? Snake-eyes. He was the blind ninja master from J.I. Joe. 13. favorite person on saved by the bell? Zach. I like how his schemes always came out successful. 14. do you like to dance? I love to dance.

15. what cd's are in your cd player right now? Year of the Rat comp.(Fueled by Ramen)

16. if you could change your name...what would you change it to? I wouldn't.

17. if you had a time machine, where would you go? Back to Dec. of 1997.(SG)

18. late night with....letterman? leno? or o'brien? Conan and Andy

19. favorite movie? Mallrats

20. favorite oldies song? "Runaway"

21. barbie or gi joe? Barbie. She's way hotter.

22. winnie the pooh, eeyore, or tigger? Eeyore, he reminds me of myself.

23. have you ever streaked? Hells yes. More times than I've bathed.

24. favorite show? Pokemon and Boy Meets World

25. favorite actor? Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith

26. most embarrasing moment? In 9th grade when I had to give Rob Keltos one of my shirts and there was a sweat stain on it. Either that or when I ate a crayon the other day and pooped pink and blue. (Wait that wasn't embarrising...That was cool!

27. who's the loudest person you know? No one is really loud, but I yell alot.

28. if you could move, where would you go? Nowhere. I love the Lakes.

29. who's your favorite sesame street character? Grover

30.) what's your favorite stuffed animal? My Eeore doll

31. what's your favorite song? "Blackeyes" by Lagwagon or "Old Friend" by Rancid

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