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tos.mid-The Original Series opening theme(13 KB)
tng.mid-The Next Generation opening theme(18 KB)
ds9.mid-Deep Space Nine opening theme(4 KB)
voy.mid-Voyager opening theme(10 KB)
cptstng.mid-a different version of the TNG theme(15 KB)
stsong.mid-another version of the TNG theme(6 KB)
st1.mid-Star Trek I: The Motion Picture theme(29 KB)
st2.mid-Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan theme(29 KB)
st3.mid-Star Trek III: The Search for Spock theme(8 KB)
st4.mid-Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home theme(15 KB)
st5.mid-Star Trek V: The Final Frontier theme(13 KB)
st6.mid-Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country theme(70 KB)
st7.mid-Star Trek VII: Generations theme(19 KB)
st8.mid-Star Trek VIII: First Contact theme(31 KB)
st9.mid-Star Trek IX: Insurrection theme(13 KB)
trek25anni.mid-25th anniversary theme(13 KB)
klingon.mid-Klingon music(55 KB)
borgbat2-Borg battle music(4 KB)
picflute.mid-Picard playing his flute(7KB)
untitledst.mid-A Star Trek midi(22 KB)
lifeform.mid-Data's lifeform song(2 KB)


accessingfiles.wavcomputer: "accessing files"(87 KB)
acknowledged.wavcomputer: "acknowledged"(11 KB)
acknowledged01.wavcomputer: "authorization acknowledged"(26 KB)
autodestruct.wavcomputer: "one minute to auto destruct"(29 KB)
borghail.wavsound: borg hail(43 KB)
cochranletsrockandrol.wavz. cochran: "let's rock and roll!"(63 KB)
comp01.wavcomputer sound(16 KB)
comp02.wavcomputer sound(35 KB)
denied01.wavcomputer: "access denied"(85 KB)
denied02.wavcomputer: "authorization denied"(20 KB)
Engage.wavkirk: "engage"(35 KB)
nomad.wavspock: "logic was inpecible captain, we are in grave danger"(47 KB)
rikeryouronboard.wavriker: "your on board the federation star ship Enterprise"(98 KB)
spockyoumustlearn.wavspock: "you must learn to govern your passions, they will be your undoing"(347 KB)
weareborg.wavborg: "we are the borg, you will be assimilated, resistence is futile"(87 KB)
wolf359.wavdata: "starfleet reports it has engaged the borg at wolf 359 sir"(87 KB)
yar.wavt. yar: "data, i'm only going to tell you this, just once, it never happened"(112 KB)
worf3.wavworf: "do not play games with me"(50 KB)
worf2.wavworf: "I do not play with toys"(37 KB)
worf.wavworf: "it is a good day to die"(36 KB)
uhura.wavuhura: "enterprise to captain kirk, come in captain!"(46 KB)
tuvok1.wavtuvok: "captain, you have managed to surprised me"(54 KB)
troi.wavtroi: "data, I can sense feelings in you"(45 KB)
tosredalert.wavsound: tos red alert(30 KB)
torres1.wavtorres: "if anyone is gonna smash your arrogant little face in, I will!!"(53 KB)
sulu.wavsulu: "all phaser banks, fire!!"(42 KB)
spockreadytoenga.wavspock: "ready to engage computer admiral"(68 KB)
sisko.wavsisko: "red alert, all crew members report to battle stations!!"(53 KB)
seska.wavseska: "computer, command x,j,l"(81 KB)
scottyhellocompu.wavscotty: "hello computer"(11 KB)
rom.wavrom: "mmoooogy!"(55 KB)
riker.wavriker: "shields up, go to red alert!"(39 KB)
quark.wavquark: "I don't want to spend the rest of my life doing business with these people, I want the federation back, I wanna sell root beer again!" (170 KB)
Q.wavQ: "goody, a challenge, this is going to be fun!"(157 KB)
paris1.wavparis: "if you ever have a free evening, I have a holodeck program you might enjoy"(84 KB)
odo.wavodo: "I'm security chief odo, my office is just accross the promenade"(70 KB)
obrien.wavobrien: "engage retreat, engage retreat, I tell ya, thats becoming our favorite tune!" bashir: "well we better think of a new tune fast, or the only song we're going to be singing is hail the conquring dominion"(188 KB)
nog.wavnog: "cadet nog, reporting for duty sir!"(33 KB)
neelix.wavneelix: "all I can say is, wow!" (141 KB)
nagus.wavnagus: "Tiiime to back to running the empire"(54 KB)
mccoy2.wavmccoy: "I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer"(43 KB)
mccoy.wavmccoy: he's dead jim!"(32 KB)
locutus.wavlocutus: "your live as it has been, is over"(50 KB)
livelong.wavspock: "live long and prosper"(59 KB)
kirkcaptlogsup.wavkirk: "captains log supplemental"(17 KB)
kira.wavkira: "that is the most rediculous thing I ever heard, and I resent the implication"(92 KB)
kim1.wavkim: "activating emergency containment field"(43 KB)
kes1.wavkes: "computer activate emergency medical holographic program"(150 KB)
janeway2.wavjaneway: "welcome aboard voyager"(53 KB)
janeway.wavjaneway: "we're starfleet officers, wierd is part of the job"(67 KB)
jake.wavjake: "there is a war going on, and I'm a reporter, this is where I belong"(97 KB)
hug.wavworf: "do not hug me"(37 KB)
getoff.wavpicard: "get off my ship"(34 KB)
geordi.wavgeordi: "we have reached the coordinates captain"(41 KB)
tngengage.wavpicard: "engage"(13 KB)
doorchime.wavsound: doorchime(32 KB)
doc1.wavholo doc: "how extremely rude"(23 KB)
doc2.wavholo doc: "I believe someone has failed to terminate my program"(74 KB)
diagnostic.wavpicard: "we should run a complete diagnostic on all command systems"(61 KB)
dax.wavdax: "I've spent lifetimes defending the federation, and I deserve a vacation every now and then"(89 KB)
computersound5.wavcomputer sound1(14 KB)
computersound1.wavcomputer sound2(8 KB)
computercommand.wavcomputer sound3(39KB)
computer1.wavcomputer sound4(74 KB)
communicator.wavsound: tos communicator(35 KB)
combadge2.wavsound: tng commbadge(12 KB)
checkov.wavcheckov: "I'm sorry captain, I never met a god before" kirk: "and you haven't yet"(77 KB)
bonesnotamechani.wavmccoy: "I'm a doctor, not a mechanic"(KB)
beverly.wavbeverly: "I just hate making out death certificates"(51 KB)
beep.wavcomputer sound(8 KB)
beam.wavkirk: "scotty, beam me up"(44 KB)
bashir.wavbashir: "I'm a doctor, not an historian"(101 KB)
accepted.wavcomputer: "security authorization accepted"(23 KB)
takeweeks.wavscotty: "could take weeks sir"(70 KB)
status.wavpicard: "computer, status report"(29 KB)
standbywarp.wavkirk: "engineering, stand by for warp drive"(79 KB)
illogical.wavspock: "humans make illogical decisions"(98 KB)
computerlie.wavscotty: "a computer doesn't lie"(66 KB)
birdprey.wavsound: a bird of prey decloaking(149 KB)
tribble.wavsound: a tribble(49 KB)
activate1.wavborg collective: a vessel has been detected, unimatrix 424, grid zero 3, activate.(204 KB)
borgbeam.wavsound: a borg trasport.(26.3 KB)
fcborgrework.wavborg collective: we are the borg, lower your shields and surrender your ships, we will add your biological and technological distictivness to our own, your culture will adapt to service us, ressistance is futile.(366 KB)
intrepid1.wavborg collective: vessel identified, federation starfleet, intrepid class, 143 lifeforms, prepare for assimilation.(247 KB)
meetborg1.wavborg collective: we are the borg, you will be assimilated. 1 of 1: my technology is superior, stop your attack or I will destroy you. borg collective: your technological distinctivness will be added to our own, ressistance is futile(333 KB)
proxsig1.wavborg collective: a borg proximity signal has been detected, origin, unimatrix 325, grid 006, alter course to intercept.(249 KB)
reletech1.wavborg collective: borg signature detected, prepare for assimilation, relevent technology, engage tractor pulse.(208 KB)
service1.wavborg collective: we wish to improve ourselves, we will add your biological and technological distinctivness to our own, your culture will adapt to service ours.(202 KB)
7of9futile.wav7 of 9: resistence is futile.(23 KB)
assimilate.wav7 of 9: there is another option, we could assimilate your vessel.(78 KB)
designation.wavcapt. janeway: what's your designation? 7 of 9: 7 of 9 tersiary adjunct of unimatirix 01, but you may call me 7 of 9 .(194 KB)
fullcontact.wav7 of 9: I've regained full contact with the collective.(45 KB)
letusdie.wav7 of 9: you should've let us die!(38 KB)
rectrans.wav7 of 9: i'm receiving a transmission through the sensor network, origin, the alpha quadrant.(103 KB)
reqassis.wav7 of 9: do you require assitance?.(27 KB)
retcoll.wav7 of 9: once I have returned to the collective you will return to voyager, and tell capt. jane..(87.3 KB)
retdrone.wav7 of 9: you will return this drone to the borg!.(46.3 KB)
speak.wav7 of 9: I speak for the borg.(25.6 KB)
whatdone.wav7 of 9: what have you done to me!?.36.6 KB)
willrisk.wav7 of 9: are you willing to risk a direct confrintaion with us? .(62.8 KB)

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