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Star Trek - Multiply Choice Test

Multiply Choice Star Trek Questions

1. In what episode of The Original Series, what episode do we see Rigel VII?
A The Cage
B Mudd's Women
C The Alternative Factor
D Wolf in the Fold
2. What was a popular game at the 'Bonestell Recreational Facility?
A Shooting range
B Snooker
C Tennis
D Dom-jot
3. In which episode do we see Saltah'na clock?
A Melora
B Dramatis Personae
C Distant Voices
D Homefront
4. What Species is the second Borg Queen in Dark Frontier?
A Species 116
B Species 8472
C Species 125
D Species 215
5. Who directs Generations?
A Robert Wise
B Leonard Nimoy
C Nicholas Meyer
D David Carson

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