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Starship NameRegistryClassDescriptionEpisode Or Film
Adelphi, U.S.S.NCC-26849AmbassadorConducted disastrous first contact with planet Ghorusda."Tin Man" (TNG)
Agamemnon, U.S.S.NCC-11638ApolloPart of the task force for the expected Borg invasion of 2369."Descent" (TNG)
Ahwahnee, U.S.S.NCC-71620CheyenneLost in the battle of Wolf 359; named for North American native tribe."Best of Both Worlds, Part II" (TNG)
Ajax, U.S.S.NCC-11574ApolloCorey Zweller's first ship assignment following his graduation; Kosinski tested experimental warp-drive upgrade in 2364."Tapestry" (TNG), "Where No One Has Gone Before" (TNG), "Redemption, Part II" (TNG)
Akagi, U.S.S.NCC-62158RigelPart of Picard's blockade armada in 2368."Redemption, Part II" (TNG)
Al-Batani, U.S.S.NCC-42995ExcelsiorJaneway served as science officer under Captain Paris"Caretaker" (VGR)
Antares, U.S.S.NCC-501AntaresScience vessel; destroyed by Charles Evans."Charlie X" (TOS)
Appalacia, U.S.S.NCC-52136SteamrunnerDefended Earth against Borg incursion of 2373.Star Trek: First Contact
Archon, U.S.S.NCC-189DaedalusEarly starship; lost at planet Beta III in 2167."Return of the Archons" (TOS)
Arcos, U.S.S.NCC-6237DenevaFreighter ship; lost near planet Turkana IV."Legacy" (TNG)
Aries, U.S.S.NCC-45167RenaissanceRiker was offered command in 2365."The Icarus Factor" (TNG), "Identify Crisis" (TNG)
Armstrong, U.S.S.NCC-57537ChallengerAmbushed by Klingon battle group in 2373; named for Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong."Apocalypse Rising" (DS9)
Bellerephon, U.S.S.NCC-62048NebulaLost in the battle of Wolf 359; named for the ship from Forbidden Planet."Emissary" (DS9)
Berlin, U.S.S.NCC-14232ExcelsiorStationed near Romulan Neutral Zone in 2364."Angel One" (TNG)
Biko, U.S.S.NCC-50331OlympicScheduled to rendezvous with Enterprise-D on stardate 46271."A Fistful of Datas" (TNG)
Bonestell, U.S.S.NCC-31600OberthLost in the battle of Wolf 359; named for astronomical artist Chesley Bonestell."The Best of Both Worlds, Part II (TNG)
Bozeman, U.S.S.NCC-1941SoyuzCaught in a temporal causality loop in 2278; escaped in 2368; named for the city of Bozeman, Montana."Cause and Effect" (TNG), "All Good Things..." (TNG), Star Trek: First Contact
Bradbury, U.S.S.NX-72307BradburyTransported Wesley Crusher to Starfleet Academy in 2366."Menage a Troi" (TNG)
Brattain, U.S.S.NCC-21166MirandaTrapped in a Tyken's Rift in 2367."Night Terrors" (TNG)
Budapest, U.S.S.NCC-64923NorwayDefended Earth against Borg incursion of 2373.Star Trek: First Contact
Buran, U.S.S.NCC-57580ChallengerLost in the battle of Wolf 359."The Best of Both Worlds, Part II (TNG)
Cairo, U.S.S.NCC-42136ExcelsiorCommanded by Captain Edward Jellico"Chain of Command, Part I" (TNG), "Preemptive Strike" (TNG)
Carolina, U.S.S.NCC-160DaedalusApparently sent emergency signal."Friday's Child" (TOS)
Charleston, U.S.S.NCC-42285ExcelsiorTransported 20th-Century survivors back to Earth"The Neutral Zone" (TNG)
Chekov, U.S.S.NCC-53702SpringfieldLost in the battle of Wolf 359; named for the noted Russian space explorer."The Best of Both Worlds, Part II" (TNG)
Clement, U.S.S.NCC-12537ApolloScheduled To rendezvous with the Enterprise-D"Lower Decks" (TNG)
Cochrane, U.S.S.NCC-59318OberthTransported Bashir to Deep Space 9; named for the inventor of warp drive."Emissary" (DS9)
Columbia, U.S.S.NCC-621UnknownOrdered To rendezvous with the Revere.Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Concord, U.S.S.NCC-68711Freedom(In anti-time, deployed to Romulan Neutral Zone)"All Good Things..." (TNG)
Constantinople, U.S.S.NCC-34852IstanbulSuffered hull breach near Gravesworld in 2365."The Schizoid Man" (TNG)
Constellation U.S.S.NCC-1974ConstellationTransported Jem'Hadar To Starbase 201"The Abandoned (DS9)
Constellation U.S.S.NCC-1017ConstitutionCommanded by Matt Decker; destroyed in encounter with planet killer."The Doomsday Machine" (TOS)
Constitution U.S.S.NCC-1700ConstitutionClass prototype ship for original starship Enterprise; named for "Old Ironsides""Space Seed" (TOS)
Copernicus, U.S.S.NCC-623OberthIn space dock at the time the second Enterprise was launchedStar Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Crazy Horse, U.S.S.NCC-50446ExcelsiorPart of task force 3 during expected Borg invasion of 2369."The Pegasus" (TNG)
Crockett, U.S.S.NCC-38955ExcelsiorTransported Admiral Mitsuya to Deep Space 9."Paradise" (DS9)
Defiant, U.S.S.NCC-1764ConstitutionLost in spatial interphase."The Tholian Web" (TOS)
Defiant, U.S.S.NX-74205DefiantSmall, heavily armed prototype intended to defend against the borg; assigned to station Deep Space 9."The Search, Parts I & II" DS9), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: First Contact
Denver, U.S.S.NCC-54927YorkshireStruck gravitic mine in 2368"Ethics" (TNG)
Drake, U.S.S.NCC-20381AWambunduDestroyed by ancient weapons system at Minos."The Arsenal of Freedom" (TNG)
Drake, U.S.S.NCC-70956AndromedaAmbushed by Klingon battle group in 2373."Apocalypse Rising (DS9)
Eagle, U.S.S.NCC-956ConstitutionPotential participant in Operation Retrieve.Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
Endeavor, U.S.S.NCC-71805NebulaServed in Romulan blockade during Klingon civil war; part of armada that intercepted Borg ship."Redemption, Part II" (TNG), "The Game" (DS9)
Enterprise, U.S.S.NCC-1701ConstitutionFirst starship to bear the name; commanded by Captain James T. Kirk.Star Trek: The Original series, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
Enterprise-A, U.S.S.NCC-1701-AConstitutionSecond starship to bear the name; refit constitution-class design.Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Enterprise-B, U.S.S.NCC-1701-BExcelsiorLaunched in 2293 under the command of Captain John Harriman.Star Trek Generations
Enterprise-C, U.S.S.NCC-1701-CAmbassadorLost and presumed destroyed near Narendra III in 2344 under command of Rachel Garrett"Yesterday's Enterprise" (TNG)
Enterprise-D, U.S.S.NCC-1701-DGalaxyFifth starship to bear the name; commanded by Captain Jean-Luc PicardStar Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek Generations
Enterprise-E, U.S.S.NCC-1701-ESovereignSixth starship to bear the name; launched in 2373 under command of Jean-Luc Picard.Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection
Essex, U.S.S.NCC-173DaedalusLost in 2167 at planet Mab-bu VI."Power Play" (TNG)
Excalibur, U.S.S.NCC-1664ConstitutionSeriously damaged in M-5 test in 2268."The Ultimate Computer" (TOS)
Excalibur, U.S.S.NCC-26517AmbassadorPart of Romulan blockade in 2368.Redemption, Part II" (TNG)
Excelsior, U.S.S.NX-2000; (later NCC-2000)ExcelsiorTestbed for transwarp development project; later commanded by Captain Hikaru Sulu; prototype for Excelsior-class starships.Star Trek III: The Search For Spock, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, "Flashback" (VGR)
Exeter, U.S.S.NCC-1672ConstitutionCrew killed by bacteriological warfare agent at Omega IV in 2268."The Omega Glory" (TOS)
Exeter, U.S.S.NCC-26531AmbassadorFormer posting of Tom Paris."Non sequitur" (VGR)
Farragut, U.S.S.NCC-1647ConstitutionKirks's first assignment after the academy."Obsession" (TOS)
Farragut, U.S.S.NCC-60591NebulaRescued crew of Enterprise-D at Veridian III in 2371; later destroyed near Ajilon Prime. Star Trek Generations, "Nor the Battle to the Strong" (DS9)
Fearless, U.S.S.NCC-4598ExcelsiorTestbed for Kosinski's experimental warp engine upgrades."Where No One Has Gone Before" (TNG)
Firebrand, U.S.S.NCC-68723FreedomLost in the battle of Wolf 359"The Best of Both Worlds, Part II" (TNG)
Fleming, U.S.S.NCC-20316WambunduDestroyed in Hekaras Corridor in 2370."Force of Nature" (TNG)
Gage, U.S.S.NCC-11672ApolloLost in the battle of Wolf 359."Emissary" (DS9)
Galaxy, U.S.S.NCC-70637GalaxyClass prototype for fifth Starship Enterprise.Star Trek: The Next Generation
Gandhi, U.S.S.NCC-26632AmbassadorThomas Riker assigned to Gandhi in 2369."Second Chances" (TNG)
Ganges, U.S.S.NCC-72454DanubeRunabout assigned to Deep Space 9."Past Prologue" (DS9), "Q-Less" (DS9), et al
Gettysburg, U.S.S.NCC-3890ConstellationLast ship commanded by Mark Jameson before his promotion to admiral."Too Short A Season" (TNG)
Goddard, U.S.S.NCC-59621KorolevPart of tachyon detection grid during Klingon civil war."The Vengeance Factor" (TNG), "Redemption, Part II" (TNG)
Gorkon, U.S.S.NCC-40512ExcelsiorAdmiral Nechayev's flagship in 2369."Descent, Part I" (TNG)
Grissom, U.S.S.NCC-638OberthScience vessel; destroyed at Genesis Planet.Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
Grissom, U.S.S.NCC-42857ExcelsiorSecond Federation ship to bear the name."The Most Toys" (TNG)
Hathaway, U.S.S.NCC-2593ConstellationParticipated in Starfleet battle simulation."peak Performance" (TNG)
Havana, U.S.S.NCC-34043IstanbulScheduled to rendezvous with Enterprise-D in 2369."Lessons" (TNG)
Hera, U.S.S.NCC-62006NebulaCommanded by Silva La Forge."Interface" (TNG)
Hermes, U.S.S.NCC-10376AntaresServed in armada during Klingon civil war."Redemption, Part II" (TNG)
Hood, U.S.S.NCC-42296ExcelsiorCommanded by Robert DeSoto; Riker's posting prior to Enterprise-D."Encounter at Farpoint" (TNG), "Tin Man" (TNG), et al
Hood, U.S.S.NCC-1703ConstitutionParticipated in M-5 multitronic computer test."The Ultimate Computer" (TOS)
Horatio, U.S.S.NCC-10532AmbassadorDestroyed at Dytallix B in 2364."Conspiracy" (TNG)
Horizon, U.S.S.NCC-176DaedalusLost in 2168 after visiting Sigma lotia II."A Piece of the Action" (TOS)
Hornet, U.S.S.NCC-45231RenaissanceServed in armada during Klingon civil war."Redemption, Part II" (TNG)
Intrepid, U.S.S.NCC-1631ConstitutionDestroyed by spaceborne amoeba in 2268."Court Martial" (TOS), "The Immunity Syndrome" (TOS)
Intrepid, U.S.S.NCC-38907ExcelsiorFirst ship to respond to distress calls after Khitomer massacre."Sins of the Father" (TNG), "Family" (TNG)
Jenolen, U.S.S.NCC-2010SydneyTransport ship lost in 2294 carrying Montgomery Scott."Relics" (TNG)
Kearsarge, U.S.S.NCC-57566ChallengerScheduled to rendezvous with Enterprise-D in 2370."Firstborn" (TNG)
Kyushu, U.S.S.NCC-65491New OrleansLost in the battle of Wolf 359."The Best of Both Worlds, Part II" (TNG)
LaSalle, U.S.S.NCC-6203DenevaReported radiation anomalies in 2367."Reunion" (TNG)
Lakota, U.S.S.NCC-42768ExcelsiorTried to stop Defiant during Leyton's attempted coup in 2372."Homefront" (DS9), "Paradise Lost" (DS9)
Lalo, U.S.S.NCC-43837MediterraneanDetected Manheim's time/gravity experiments; believed lost in Borg attack."We'll Always Have Paris" (TNG), "The Best of Both Worlds, Part I" (TNG)
Lantree, U.S.S.NCC-1837MirandaCrew killed by genetically-engineered children."Unnatural Selection" (TNG)
Lexington, U.S.S.NCC-1709ConstitutionCommanded by Commodore Robert Wesley; participated in M-5 tests."The Ultimate Computer" (TOS)
Lexington, U.S.S.NCC-14427ExcelsiorTransported medical supplies for Taranko colony."Thine Own Self" (TNG)
Lexington, U.S.S.NCC-61832NebulaVisited Deep Space 9 in 2371."Explorers" (DS9)
Livingston, U.S.S.NCC-34099ExcelsiorBenjamin Sisko and Curzon Dax once served aboard the Livingston."Invasive Procedures" (DS9)
Magellan, U.S.S.NCC-3069ConstellationCommanded by Captain Conklin."Starship Mine" (TNG)
Malinche, U.S.S.NCC-38997ExcelsiorAttacked by Maquis forces."For the Uniform" (DS9)
Maryland, U.S.S.NCC-45109RenaissanceLost in the Gamma Quadrant."In Purgatory's Shadow" (DS9)
Mekong, U.S.S.NCC-72917DanubeRunabout assigned to Deep Space 9."The Maquis, Part II" (DS9), "Whisper's" (DS9)
Melbourne, U.S.S.NCC-62043ExcelsiorLost in the battle of Wolf 359."11001001" (TNG), "The Best of Both Worlds" (TNG), "Emissary" (DS9)
Merrimack, U.S.S.NCC-61827NebulaTransported Ambassador Sarek back to Vulcan in 2366."Sarek" TNG), "The Game" (TNG)
Monitor, U.S.S.NCC-61826NebulaAssigned to Romulan Neutral Zone in 2366."The Defector" (TNG)
Nobel, U.S.S.NCC-55012OlympicSearched for U.S.S. Hera in 2370."Interface" (TNG)
Odyssey, U.S.S.NCC-71832GalaxyDestoyed by Jem'Hadar in 2370."The Jem'Hadar" (DS9)
Okinawa, U.S.S.NCC-13958ExcelsiorSisko's posting prior to Saratoga."Homefront" (DS9), "Paradise Lost" (DS9)
Orinoco, U.S.S.NCC-72905DanubeRunabout assigned to Deep Space 9; destoyed be Cardassian radicals."The Siege" (DS9), "The Maquis, Part II" (DS9), "Whispers" (DS9)
Pasteur, U.S.S.NCC-58928Olympic(In anti-time future, a medical ship commanded by Beverly Crusher.)"All Good Things..." (TNG)
Pegasus, U.S.S.NCC-53847OberthDestroyed during illegal test of Federation cloaking device; Riker's first posting."The Pegasus" (TNG)
Phoenix, U.S.S.NCC-65420NebulaCommanded by Benjaman Maxwell; launched illegal offensive against Cardassians."The Wounded" (TNG)
Portland, U.S.S.NCC-57418ChimeraSearched for Odo and Garak in Algira sector."The Die is Cast" (DS9)
Potemkin, U.S.S.NCC-1657ConstitutionParticipated in M-5 tests in 2268."The Ultimate Computer" (TOS), "Turnabout Intruder" (TOS)
Potemkin, U.S.S.NCC-18253ExcelsiorRiker's early posting, prior to Hood and Enterprise-D."Peak Performance" (TNG), "Second Chances" (TNG)
Princeton, U.S.S.NCC-59804NiagaraLost in the battle of Wolf 359."The Best of Both Worlds, Part II" (TNG)
Prokofiev, U.S.S.NCC-68814AndromedaDispatched to the Demilitarized Zone in 2370."Tribunal" (DS9)
Prometheus, U.S.S.NCC-71201NebulaParticipated in re-ignition of star Epsilon 119."Second Sight" (DS9)
Prometheus, U.S.S.NX-59650PrometheusThis is an experimental prototype starship designed for deep space tactical assignments, and fitted with a whole range of new and secret technology.Info Unavailable
Proxima, U.S.S.NCC-61952NebulaBelieved lost to Dominion forces."In Purgatory's Shadow" (DS9)
Raman, U.S.S.NCC-59983OberthScience vessel lost at Marijne VII."Interface" (TNG)
Raven, U.S.S.NAR-32450UnknownA research vessel that was assimilated by the Borg and destroyed.Info Unavailable
Reliant, U.S.S.NCC-1864MirandaParticipated in Project Genesis.Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Renegade, U.S.S.NCC-63102New OrleansMet Enterprise-D at Dutallix B."Conspiracy" (TNG)
Republic, U.S.S.NCC-1371ConstitutionEnsign Kirk's posting , along with Ben Finney."Court Martial" (TOS)
Repulse, U.S.S.NCC-2544ExcelsiorKatherine Pulaski's posting prior to Enterprise-D."The Child" (TNG), "Unatural Selection" (TNG)
Revere, U.S.S.NCC-595UnknownOrdered to rendezvous with U.S.S. Columbia.Star trek: The Motion Picture
Rio Grande, U.S.S.NCC-72452DanubeRunabout assigned to Deep Space 9."Emissary" (DS9), et al
Roosevelt, U.S.S.NCC-2573ExcelsiorLost in the battle of Wolf 359; named for American president Theodore Roosevelt."Unity" (VGR)
Rubicon, U.S.S.NCC-72936DanubeRunabout assigned to Deep Space 9."Family Business" (DS9), "Hippocratic Oath" (DS9)
Rutledge, U.S.S.NCC-57295New OrleansMiles O'Brian's posting during the Cardassian war."The Wounded" (TNG), "Paradise" (DS9)
Sarajevo, U.S.S.NCC-38529IstanbulBelieved lost to Dominion forces."In Purgatory's Shadow" (DS9)
Saratoga, U.S.S.NCC-1937MirandaDisabled by alien space probe in 2286.Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Stargazer, U.S.S.NCC-2893ConstellationPicard's former command: lost in the Battle of Maxia."The Battle" (TNG), "Measure of a Man" (TNG), "Tapestry" (TNG)
Sutherland, U.S.S.NCC-72015NebulaCommanded by Data during Picards's blockade of Romulan ships in 2368."Redemption, Part II" (TNG)
T'pauNSP-17938ApolloShip of Vulcan registry; decommissioned in 2364."Unification, Part I" (TNG)
Tecumseh, U.S.S.NCC-14934ExcelsiorParticipated in counterattack against Klingon forces in 2373."Nor the Battle to the Strong" (DS9)
Thomas Paine, U.S.S.NCC-65530New OrleansMet Enterprise-D at Dytallix B in 2364."Conspiracy" (TNG)
Thunderchild, U.S.S.NCC-63549AkiraDefended sector 001 against Borg incursion of 2373.Star Trek: First Contact
Tian An Men, U.S.S.NCC-21382MirandaParticipated in Picard's blockade of Romulan ships in 2368."Redemption, Part II" (TNG)
Tolstoy, U.S.S.NCC-62095RigelLost in the battle of Wolf 359; named for Russian author Leo Tolstoy."The Best of Both Worlds, Part II" (TNG)
Trieste, U.S.S.NCC-37124MercedData's posting prior to Enterprise-D."Clues" (TNG), "11001001" (TNG)
Tripoli, U.S.S.NCC-19386Hokule'aDiscovered Data at Omicron Theta colony in 2338."Datalore" (TNG), "Unification, Part I" (TNG)
Tsiolkovsky, U.S.S.NCC-53911OberthCrew killed by Psi 2000 virus in 2364; named for Russian space pioneer Konstantin Tsiolkovsky."The Naked Now" (TNG)
Ulysses, U.S.S.NCC-66808NebulaDid scientific study in the Helsaport Nebula."The Adversary" (DS9)
Valdemar, U.S.S.NCC-26198AmbassadorDispatched to Demilitarized Zone in 2370."Tribunal" (DS9)
Valiant, U.S.S.NCC-1223UnknownDestroyed at Eminiar VII in 2217."A Taste of Armageddon" (TOS)
Venture, U.S.S.NCC-71854GalaxyLed relief force to Deep Space 9 in 2372."The Way of the Warrior" (DS9)
Vico, U.S.S.NAR-18834OberthResearch vessel, lost in Black Cluster."Hero Worship" (TNG)
Victory, U.S.S.NCC-9754ConstellationGeordi La Forge's posting prior to Enterprise-D."Elementary, Dear Data" (TNG), "Identity Crisis" (TNG)
Volga, U.S.S.NCC-73196DanubeRunabout assigned to Deep Space 9."Body Parts" (DS9)
Voyager, U.S.S.NCC-74656IntrepidLost in Delta Quadrant.Star Trek: Voyager
Wellington, U.S.S.NCC-28473NiagaraServiced at Starbase 74 on 2364; Ro's former posting."11001001" (TNG), "Remember Me" (TNG), "Ensign Ro" (TNG)
Wyoming, U.S.S.NCC-43730MediterraneanTuvok served aboard Wyoming in 2349."Flashback" (VGR)
Yamato, U.S.S.NCC-71807GalaxyDestroyed by Iconian software weapon in 2365."Where Silence Has Lease" (TNG), "Contagion" (TNG)
Yangtzee Kiang, U.S.S.NCC-72453DanubeRunabout assigned to Deep Space 9."Emissary" (DS9), "Battle Lines" (DS9)
Yeager, U.S.S.NCC-61947SaberDefended Sector 001 against Borg incursion.Star Trek: First Contact
Yellowstone, U.S.S.NCC-70073SequoiaTransported Melora Pazlar to Deep Space 9."Melora" (DS9)
Yellowstone, U.S.S.NX-74751YellowstonePrototype for advanced runabout."Non Sequitur" (VGR)
Yorktown, U.S.S.NCC-1717ConstitutionScheduled to rendezvous with Enterprise in 2268."Obession" (TOS), Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Yorktown, U.S.S.NCC-61137Zodiac(In anti-time future, ordered to make long-range sensor scans of Devron system)"All Good Things" (TNG)
Yosemite, U.S.S.NCC-19002OberthScience vessel; damaged while investigating plasma streamers."Realm of Fear" (TNG)
Yukon, U.S.S.NCC-74602DanubeRunabout assigned to Deep Space 9."Sons of Mogh" (DS9)
Zapata, U.S.S.NCC-33184SurakScheduled to rendezvous with Enterprise-D."Menage a Troi" (TNG)
Zhukov, U.S.S.NCC-26136AmbassadorReginald Barclay was assigned to Zhukov prior to Enterprise-D."Hollow Pursuits" (TNG), "Data's Day" (TNG), "The GAme" (TNG)

Known Federation Starfleet PrefixesKnown Federation Non-Starfleet prefixes
NCC: Starfleet, active serviceBDR: non-Starfleet
NX: Starfleet, experimentalNAR: non-Starfleet, research
NCV: Starfleet timeship, 29th centuryNDT: non-Starfleet, transport
NFT: non-Starfleet, transport
NGL: non-Starfleet, freighter
NSP: Vulcan, science

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