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ISSUE #165
September/October 2002.


  Compiled and edited by
    Tom Weel

R. Stevie Moore
Does The Beatles

(USA) CD-R (1975 rec.), 19 tracks / 59:50 / 6-page foldout booklet; Glad Music, (USA) CD-R (1986 orig.), 15 tracks / 56:53 / 2-page card

R. Stevie Moore is already a familiar name, which we came across on the various artists compilation Without The Beatles (Jar Music), reviewed in BU 129. Here's his
revolve.jpg  gladmusic.jpg
own-made collection of home recordings of Beatles songs ('for George Martin and the Quarrymen'), incorporating tracks from the above sampler. With the use of overdubbing and remixing he creates his own one-man-band sound, with the help of a few guest musicians on only four tracks. It's an album's worth of instrumental versions, played on electric guitar / synthesizer, with an occasional drag along version (If I Fell) and a few acoustic guitar tracks (And I Love Her, Here There And Everywhere) as welcome alternatives. The album title and sleeve, with RSM's head replacing some of the Beatles pictures on the Beatles' Revolver album, is a reprint of his 10" album Revolve (1995). The songs are mainly taken from the Beatles' first albums, up until Help, next to some not too obvious choices from the later period (Martha My Dear, Your Mother Should Know) and an enjoyable 10:24 min. bonus track, the Carry That Weight / The End medley.
Glad Music on the other hand doesn't have a Beatles song, but titles like Colliding Circles (no, not that one!), Shakin' In The Sixties and a cover of the Association hit song Along Comes Mary suggest a 60's atmosphere. Another reason for mentioning this disc in these columns is the front sleeve, which parodies another Beatles album, A Hard Day's Night.
R. Stevie Moore, 14 Evelyn Place #4, Bloomfield NJ, 07003 USA
Internet: http://www.rsteviemoore.com


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