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10 Spreads Available

Welcome. My name is Rainy and if you just came from my main page you already know that I am a psychic clarvoyant who will give you an accurate insightful reading. I discovered this psychic awareness when I was very young and have experience in tarot, astrology, pendulum dowsing, hands on healing, and dream analysis. I am also able to communicate with the spirits of our dear ones who have gone on to the other side. I will help in any area of your life that you are having problems in. I just ask you to include your first name and birthdate and if a relationship question the other persons first name and birthdate

Each spread that you order below is read personally by me. It is not computer generated. You will receive a complete reading with each spread. Each page is personally typed by me onto beautiful graphic paper.

The fees involved are for my time and the printing of the actual reading. It takes me hours to complete your reading as I take your questions, lay out the spread and jot down any impressions that I receive. After jotting them down I then type them out in greater detail.

I have always kept my prices low enough to be attainable by anyone who asked for a full reading, just bear in mind the money you would spend even having a home reading party where most tarot readers would charge whatever they would want or the psychic lines where you pay about $4.99 a minute and up.

Also anyone requesting the full length reading must be 18 years of age or older.

I receive your vibrations from the letter you write and do my reading with your letter under my hands to pick up the vibrations which makes the reading personally yours alone.

This makes a great gift for yourself or your loved ones who want to delve into what really matters in their journey through this life. Birthday, anniversary, and the child spread makes an exceptional and unique baby gift as the new parent reads what the child will make of him or herself.

Each spread below details some of the things looked for in each spread.

Relationship Spread - $50.00

This spread will give you the answer to what you want and need and what the other person needs in the relationship. Also where the relationship is now and where the relationship is headed.

Soul Mate Spread -$50.00

Thi spread will help you discover your soul mate...includes what he/she may look like or any special characteristics.

what you may have in common and how you may meet..

Past Life Spread - $100.00

Have you ever wondered who you were in another lifetime? Were you a male or female? Were you married or did you spend that lifetime alone? What were your growing up years like? Family, relationships...what was your occupation? What lessons did you learn and how does this affect your life now in the present time?

Pet Spread- $50.00

What is your pet trying to tell you as he stares at you with those trusting eyes? How is your pet's health? Why does he carry on when you leave, biting or clawing furniture? Leaving little puddles?what your pet needs from you. Learn what your pet will need or feel in the near future and the overall outlook for your pet. This is a must for pet lovers!

Money Spread - $50.00

This spread will help you in your financial situation, whether it be investing, business endeavors or just day to day living expenses. Money opportunities you may want to consider more closely in the future.

The Child Spread -$50.00

You will learn what the child came into this world to learn. Where he/she is now in his/her life. Something about this child you need to know. Where he/she is headed in life. And what he/she will achieve. This spread makes a great new baby gift....and also that big question of what is going on with my teenager?

The Health Spread - $50.00

This spread tells you the state of your health in the past. Your current state of health and possible future state of your health. What or who can help you to improve or maintain your health.

New Relationship Spread - $50.00

So you met someone new and hope it's the real thing....find out what you and the other person is bringing in to the relationship. Will you and the other person be happy in this relationship? And will the relationship last?

Yearly Spread- 100.00 This reading will look at each month in the year beginning with the current month you are in now....what you are bringing in from the prior year and what you will carry on into the next year...

The Celtic Cross Spread -$100.00

This spread is a pretty reliable one when you have other issues in your life that need explaining and the answers from the cards will pull the information you need to know to obtain a definite answer.

Please state which spread you are ordering along with your name or name of person you want the spread for,and birthdate.

If you would like to send a check or money order please send to the mailing address: Rainy McKnight p.o. box 1512 mystic island, new jersey 08087 Click on the home decal to return to my home page for a little more info about me...