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Updated 1/24/2001

Heh...I am one lazy bastard... I haven't touched this site in like 6 months. But that will change. I am going to stop being lazy and actually get things done.

First thing, I will be putting up some stuff in my Magic The Gathering section. I'll put things such as a list of cards in the decks i use.

Next... Ula! My site is better than yours! And no more signing my guestbook for you! Twice is enough. You and your little threats about your website being better than mine don't bother me a bit. You're just as lazy or even more than me, so you'll never get that thing done!

And, if anyone ever wants to talk to me, I'm usually online on AOL, my screen name is: Vegeta198. If you want to talk about my webpage, or anime, music, anything, just feel free to IM me. And, if i don't respond that quickly don't think its because i don't want to talk to you, its just that i don't know i'm being IMed because i'm usually playing Counter-Strike. So just give me a few minutes to get back to you.

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