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© Antonio Meucci Lodge No. 2613, OSIA, P. O. Box 509, Northfield, NJ  08225                                                          August, 2000

Jo DiStefano Kapus, Editor



Cari fratelli e sorelle,


   Your attention, please!  The upcoming August meeting will be a very important one for each and every member.  Those present will vote on whether or not to increase our membership dues and/or have more fundraisers.  At the last meeting, members were asked to think about this since the State has raised its per capita dues.  It was agreed that an increase is to be recommended, and that the vote on this issue should be included in the agenda for the August 18 regular meeting.  Please plan to attend.  Your vote counts.


   On a lighter note, I take this opportunity to congratulate the winners of our Annual Bocce Tournament, the Norma Team, and say a great big THANK YOU! to everyone responsible for bringing all that wonderful food.  We had a great day!

                                                                                                See you at the August meeting,







MONDAY, AUGUST 14 - 7:00 P.M.   Executive Board Meeting, Good Shepherd United Methodist         Church, Northfield

   FRIDAY, AUGUST 18 - 7:30 P.M.   Regular Meeting, Good Shepherd United Methodist Church,             Northfield


   August Refreshment Committee:   Joe Jiacopello, Sue Robbins, Al Sbrolla, and Teresa Timchal




For NINA GIACONA and GENE COMPTON!  What a sterling job they did in setting up and printing the Antonio Meucci Mainland Lodge 2613 Order Sons of Italy in America 2000 Directory.”  Our profound gratitude for this excellent edition.  Not only did they do all the work, they donated the copies to the Lodge!  Please be sure to get your copy if you did not get one at the last meeting.








   Tom Paratore was installed as a member at our last regular meeting.


   President Tony Marinaccio informed the members that the Grand Lodge has increased its membership dues for future members to $45.  He announced that at the July meeting of our Board, there was a good roundtable discussion, and it was decided that an increase in our dues should be recommended.  Tony suggested that the members think about whether or not we should raise our dues and/or have more fundraisers, and then take a vote at the August meeting.


   Second Vice-President Sal Cacioppo suggested two fundraisers.  One was for us to do a casino bus trip.  He said he would want to know at the August meeting if this is okay so that he could get the ball rolling in September.  It was mentioned that since the St. Bernadette Seniors group pays no more than $195 for their bus, we should not pay more.  Another fundraiser he suggested was a raffle, the prize being a trip to Italy for a couple.  Again, he would like to know in August if this is what the members wish.


   Mary Ann Vergulti was proud to announce that our Lodge had received $500 for putting on a Bocce Demonstration at the Wildwood Elks Italian Weekend Festival on June 23.  Mille grazie to the players:  Bea Ciferni, Martha Dare, Dino and Nina Giacona, Vince and MaryLou Grimmie, Anna Marie Harvey, Howard and Nitti Hess, Angie and Mario Martirone, Sue Robbins, Jo and Harry Vanore, and Dante and Mary Ann Vergulti.


   Barbara Compton and her committee are already at work on the Christmas Dinner.  They had picked December 12 as the date, but our great one-man band was booked for that night.  However, he was free for Monday, December 11, so the members voted to have the dinner then at the Mays Landing Golf Club.  Barbara said she will get back to us later with more details.


   We were happy to hear that Theresa Vergulti is doing well after surgery. 


   Ron Sulpizi has registration forms if anyone is interested in going to the UNICO-Great Atlantic City Chapter 1st Annual Bocce Tournament in Margate, Saturday, September 16. 


   Franz Bohle reported that 100 tickets had been sold by the end of the July meeting. 




   Mary Ann Vergulti called to say they all had a wonderful time at the Annual Bocce Tournament on Sunday, July 30.  (We were on Channel 40 that evening!)  The Norma Team won the tournament -- Joe Collo, Captain, Joanne LaMara, Sue Robbins, and Al Sbrolla.  Congratulations!   The La Traviata Team, Howard Hess, Captain, took second place.  The Nabucco Team, MaryLou Grimmie, Captain, took third, and the Don Carlo Team, Dino Giacona, Captain, took fourth.  The food was just great, and everyone was so grateful it did not rain.




   Speaking of rain, we won’t mention what happened to our Gala Italian Night.  Suffice it to say that we were lucky the skies opened up before the game and not during.  It has been postponed, so stay tuned until further notice.



SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 -- FROM 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. -- Old Fashioned Family Fest, at Birch Grove Park in Northfield, sponsored by the Northfield 2000 Committee and others.  The Norma Team, winners of our Tournament, will give a Bocce demonstration. 


   MONDAY, DECEMBER 11 -- Christmas Party


   FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2001 -- Annual Spaghetti Dinner




SALUTI   From Jo DiStefano Kapus


COME  SI  DICE?    -- Parts of the House


il balcone


il cancello


il bagno




la camera da letto


la cucina


il soffitto

living room

il salotto


il camino


il cortile


il corridoio


il tetto


la porta


le imposte


il recinto


la scala


il caminetto


la terrazzo


il pavimento


la mura


il garage


la finestra






Your Cooperation, Please!


   I love to receive news or stories from our members for the newsletter, but I must confess that demands on my time have been a little overwhelming lately. I work as a title searcher and in addition I’m currently writing a journal and two newsletters.  For this reason, I beg your indulgence and ask that instead of calling me to give me information for an upcoming issue, you drop me a note at least two and a half weeks before a regular meeting, or call and leave your message plainly on my answering machine - again at least 2 1/2 weeks prior to said meeting.  I think it only fair that Angie Martirone gets enough time to run off “Novelle” and mail it out the week before a Board Meeting. 


More on our Lodge officers -- DID YOU KNOW?


   Salvatore Cacioppo, our Second Vice President, attended Morris County College and for the last 25 years worked as a schoolbus driver or supervisor in New Jersey and Florida.  He is married and has four children.  He won the Employee of the Month Award in the Volusia County School District, Florida.  Active in the Knights of Columbus, he is a Grand Knight, and a Trustee.  In addition, he is a church volunteer, a Eucharistic Minister, and a volunteer at the Hess Education Complex in Mays Landing.  Believe it or not, he still has time for his favorite hobbies -- fishing, baseball cards, model trains, playing games, reading -- BUT BEST OF ALL, being Benjamin’s Grandpa!


   Josephine Vanore, our Mistress of Ceremonies, attended the University of Pennsylvania, where she was employed for 15 years.  She served as Supervisor in Data/Computers in the Admissions Office.  She is an active advocate for the disabled and mentally ill, and has served on the Atlantic County Advisory Board and the Providence House Board.  She and hubby Harry have two children.  Both are dedicated members of Sons of Italy and enjoy playing Bocce.  Jo also enjoys yoga, playing golf, walking, gardening, and does plant arrangements for boarding homes and nursing homes.  Brava, Giuseppina!