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Big Tony's Titles and his Wrestlers titles.

On Sept. 3rd 2000, Mussolini "Italy's Greatest Athlete" won the ACW SuperheavyWeight title by beating The PineBarron. On Dec. 1st Mussolini lost the ACW SuperHeavyweight Title to The PineBarron. Read about it in Mussolini Record Book.

On March 31st 2001, Mussolini "Italy's Greatest Athlete" won The BRAWL New Jersey Title by beating J.C. The Outpatient in a strap match. Had to give up the title. Could not defend it.

On April 27th 2002, Mussolini and Harry Acroplis beat the ECPW Tag Champs of Hot&Sexy to become the NEW ECPW TAG TEAM CHAMPS.

This page has been taken over by Big Tony Moose. Big Tony will keep Mussolin Titles up to show a little resecpt for what he did in wrestling.