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Although Mussolini has competed on an International basis for several years, this will only chronicle his matches in the United States.


1. On Oct. 2nd 1999, in Yardville NJ for BRAWL WRESTLING. Where Mussolini lost to The Battleship via Battleship DDT.

2. On Dec. 4th 1999, at the Vietnam Veterans Hall in Erma NJ for ACW WRESTLING. Where Mussolini beat someone named Lobo via the "Italian Sleeper"

3. On Jan. 22nd 2000, in Yardville NJ for BRAWL WRESTLING. Where Mussolini and The Freak battle to a Double Count out.

4. On Feb. 27th at Spotswood High School for BRAWL WRESTLING. Where Mussolini lost via roll up to Mason Storm.

5. March 4th, in Yardville NJ for BRAWL WRESTLING. Where Mussolini lost a LUMBER JACK STRAP MATCH TO The Freak with help from Magic.

6. On April 8th, in Yardville NJ for BRAWL WRESTLING. Where Mussolini Def. Ken Kaniff with the "Italian Sleeper".

7. On April 29th at the Richland Fire Hall in Richland NJ for ACW WRESTLING. Where Mussolini Def. The Angry Little Man via Pin fall.

8. On April 30th at Edison High School in Edison NJ for BRAWL WRESTLING. Where Mussolini in a Flag Match def. Mason Storm via a count out.

9. On May 5th in Yardville NJ for BRAWL WRESTLING. Where Mussolini was givin a title shot against BRAWL North American Champ Duke Dastardly, and lost via DQ.

10. On June 10 in Yardville NJ for BRAWL WRESTLING. Where the team of Mussolini and Hasheem Ali "The D.T.A." lost to the team of Duke Dastardly and former ECW STAR 911.

11. On June 28th for ECPW WRESTLING. Where Mussolini lost via pin fall to Red Hott Russ.

12. On Sept. 3rd at the Richland Fire Hall for ACW WRESTLING. Where Mussolini won The ACW SuperHeavey Weight Title via pin fall over The PineBarron. New ACW CHAMP!

13. On Sept. 27th 2000, Mussolini made his return to the ECPW ARENA, where he took on and def. Red Hott Russ via count out.

14. On Oct. 25th for ECPW WRESTLING. Where the team of Mussolini and Eric Archer def. the team of Mo Sexy and Red Hott Russ.

15. On Nov. 29th for ECPW WRESLTLING. Where Mussolini won via pin fall over Mo Sexy, in a very hard hitting match.

16. On Dec. 1st for ACW WRESTLING, where Mussolini lost his ACW SuperHeavyweight title to The PineBarron, in a Triple Threat Match, when Bruiser Blackwell was pinned by The PineBarron. Mussolini was not pinned but lost the belt.

17. On Dec. 17th for ECPW WRESTLING, where Mussolini lost a Strap Match to Red Hott Russ. Though Mussolini was sick with the Flue and had a 106.8 feaver.

18. On Feb.18th 2001 for BRAWL WRESTLING, where Mussolini lost via DQ to 911. This was at The 2nd Annual Spotswood Showdown, at Spotswood High School.

19. On Feb. 28th for ECPW WTESTING, where Mussolini and his tag partner Ethan De Sale took on Hot and Sexy "Mo Sexy and Red Hott Russ" and lost via pinfall when Ethan De Sale was hit with The Hose Down.

20. On March 28th for ECPW WRESTLING, where Mussolini and his tag partner Ethan De Sale lost to Southern Storm via pinfall when Ethan got Pinned and Mussolini walked away.

21. On March 31st 2001 for BRAWL WRESTLING in Manville NJ where Mussolini took on J.C. The Outpatient in a Strap Match for the BRAWL NEW JERSEY TITLE. Mussolini won via pinnfall and is now the new champ.

22.On April 25th for ECPW WRESTLING, where Mussolini took on Billy Firehawk, in a battle that was very hard hitting. Mussolini lost via a sleeper hold when Firehawks manager Mr. Rateings interfeared in the match costing Mussolini the win.

23. On July 28th for Main Events Pro Wrestling in Camden NJ, Mussolini took on Rugged Ricci Star in a NO-DQ match. In a hard fought battle Mussolini lost via Pinfall when the 330lbs Rugged Ricci Star, hit Mussolini with a splash off the scond rope. Of course a fast cout by the ref also cost Mussolini the win.

24.On Oct. 27th Mussolini for ECPW Wrestling. Mussolini teamed with Harry Acroplis and took on the ECPW Tag Champs Hot& Sexy. Mussolini and Acroplis where in total control until Mussolini "not the legal man" was Bulldoged onto a steal chair and lost via pinfall.

25.On Nov 10th Mussolini wrestled for ICW wrestling at the JCC Center in Tabernackle NJ. Mussolini teamed with TnT and took on The Moonshine Runners. Mussolini team lost via pinfall. When The Pinebarron held Mussolini trunks for the pin.

26.On Dec. 16th Mussolini along Acroplis was at The Sands Hotel in Atlantic City, wresting for NCW All Stars. Mussolini and Acroplis took on the team on Dynamic Billy and Don Montoya. Mussolini and Acroplis where in charge of the whole match till Mussolini got in a shouting match with a durnk in the crowd. That is when Dynamic B. hit Mussolini from behind and then Dynamic B. went to one top turn buckle and Don Montoya went to the other, and hit Mussolini with a combo Leg Drop, Splash from both top rope. Thus Mussolini was pinned.

27.Dec 22, Mussolini was wrestling for ECPW. Mussolini was in a 30 man Battle Royal. The winner was to take on TV Champ Jonny Thunder later that night. Well with Brains and Strength Mussolini won the 30 Man Battle Royal, to take on Jonny Thunder later that night.

28.Dec 22, Mussolini vs Jonny Thunder for the ECPW TV Belt. Mussolini and Jonny Thunder went at it toe to toe for the ECPW TV belt. Mussolini pulled out all the stops but Jonny Thunder always counter. The end came when Acroplis went to hit Jonny Thunder witha steel chair but missed and hit Mussolini. A stund Mussolini turned around and was hit with a Super Kick by Jonny Thunder. Thus Mussolini lost via pinfall.

29.On March 2nd for ICW Wrestling Mussolini and TNT vs Jonny O and High CLass in Pens Grove NJ. The match ended when Mussolini was out of the ring (and was the legal man) when TNT was pinned by Jonny O. Mussolini was very upset by the setback.

30.On 3/23/2002, for ECPW wreslting in which Mussolini teamed for the first time with Sheik El Kassir vs Team Thomas. Mussolini and Sheik El Kassir were in total controll when Mussolini was drop kicked out of the ring and The Sheik was pinned. The only prob. is that Mussolini was the legal man not Sheik El Kassir. Thuse another screw job.

31.On 4/20/2002 for ICW Wresting at the JCC Center in Medford NJ. Mussolini and TNT took on High Class and Jonny O in a rematch for the ICW show on March 2nd. The end came when TNT hit Mussolini with a forearm and the two started to push each other. High Class and Jonny O hit Mussolini and TNT with a Dubble School-Boy for the win. After Mussolini beat up TNT. TNT has stated that he wants revenge on Mussolini

32.On 4/27/2002 for ECPW Wrestling at the ECPW Arena. Mussolini teamed up with BIG Harry Acroplis and took on the ECPW Tag Team Champs Hot&Sexy. In a bout that had a lot of back and forth wrestling, the end came when Red Hot Ruse had Mussolini in a STF, and Mussolini was tapping out. The Ref on the other hand was outside the ring where Acroplis and Moe Sexy where battling. In came Sheik El Kassir and stomped on Red Hot Ruse. Red Hot broke the hold and went after The Sheik. Mussolini got up and hit Red Hot Ruse with the Italian Slam for the pin. Mussolini and Harry Acroplis are now NEW ECPW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.

33. On May 11th in Plymouth Pa. Mussolini and Big Harry Acropolis the ECPW Tag Champs took on Hot and Sexy for a return bout. The match was controlled by Mussolini and Acropolis, but as the Ref lost controll Mussolini was pinned and thus lost the title. There was one Prob. Mussolini was not the legal man in the ring. ECPW sould go back and give the belts back to Mussolini and Harry Acropolis.

34. On June 30th, at the Berlin NJ Farmers Market,Mussolin took on that swine TnT. To the fault of Mussolini he didn't come in the best shape for this match. Mussolini still had the match won, but was hit with a DDT by TnT as Mussolini was trying to help his manager out of the ring. Mussolini was pinned and lost. Mussolini has vowed never to get that out of shape for a match again. Because he should have never lost to the likes of TnT.

35.On Nov. 22nd 2003, Big Tony Moose was in Manville NJ. This was a NWS Wrestling event. Big Tony was the Manager of the Tag team of JC Rage and JT Highlander, and this team went up agenst TNT and Ice Pick. In a back and forth battle where Big Tony had to help his team, lost when JT Highland let his team down and got pinned. Big Tony and JC Rage showed how unhappy they where and walked out on JT Highland.

36.On Nov. 22nd 2003, Big Tony Moose was in Manville NJ for NWS Wrestling. Big Tony was the Manager of Saddam Insane in a match vs The Patriot and his Manager Captiin Lou ALbano. This was a real treat for the fans of Manville to see two ledgens of the ring teamed to try and take out Big Tony and Saddam. In a battle that had Saddam Insane Fall on Big Tony, (which made the fans very Happy), Big Tony had seen enugh and called in JC Rage and Hasheem Ali. While they where in the ring attacking The Patriot, TNT and Ice Pick hit the ring and cleaned house. Because of this NWS Wrestling is going to have a BIG event in Manville in March. Check back at NWS Wresting for more info.

37. Nov 28, in Lake Haiawatha NJ for ECPW Wrestling Big Tony Moose wrestle Jay Santana. In a battle which had a pose down and a test of strength, Big Tony had the upper hand until Jay Santana hit Big Tony with a cheep Shot. So Big Tony partner Louie "The Hand" Zuccone came in and the both of them crushed Jay Santana and left him in the ring.

38.Dec 19th for ECPW wrestling, at the Garden State Expo Center. Big Tony and Loui the Hand wrestle in a tag team match vs Tito Santana and his nephew Jay Santana. In a match that was hot, the end came when Big Tony was knocked out of the ring and Jay Santana Pinned Loui The Hand.

39.Dec 20th 2003 in Lake Haiawatha NJ Big Tony Moose and Loui The Hand wrestle the ECPW Tag Champs, The Nelson Brothers. This was a very close match that ended when Tony the Moose fell out of the ring and landed on Jonny Dimond. On the fall he broke Jonny Dimonds arm. Loui the hand was thus pinned for the loss.

40. On March 27 2004 Big Tony Manage Kevin Knight and Biggie Biggs vs Gavin Quest and Fast Eddie. This was a NWS Event that was held at VFW in Manville NJ. Big Tony team got the win. After the match, Big Tony was told by NWS that he would have to wrestle at the next Manville event in Augest.More Info on this is still to come.

41. ON April 24 2004 Big Tony Moose teamed with Luie and Lucky Zuccone (WOPS)in a six man tag vs Sweet Justic, Lance Corporal, and the Scout. In what turned into what some would call a mugging, The WOPS crushed their foe, thus getting the win. Luie pinned the Scout for the Victory.

42. On May 8th, Tony Moose was in a Bunk House Battle Royal for ECPW Wrestling. This was ECPW MAYHEM event. There was 30 wrestlers in the ring will all kinds of weapons. Tony Moose was one of the last 8 left in the ring before he missed a move on the Solid Sugar, and hit the floor. Solid Sugar turned out to win this event.

43. On May 29th for ECPW Wrestling Tony Moose and Louie "The Hand" Zuccone..The Wops..vs the new tag team of Mo Sexy and Scotty Charisma. In a wild match, Tony Moose was knocked out of the ring and Louie "The Hand" was hit with Mo Sexys frog splash for the pin and a loss for The WOPS.

44. On June 29th for ECPW Wrestling TV Tape. Tony Moose with his manager Jonny Diamond and The Diamond Vixxen went agenst Joe Hardway. Tony Moose attacked Joe before the bell and took it to the younger wrestler. Jonny Diamon got into the ring to hold Joe Hardway while Tony Moose came in with a BIG SPLASH! But Joe Hardway got free from Jonny Diamond and Tony Moose hit Joanny Diamond with The Splash. While Tony Moose wasstanding over his fallen manager, Joe Hardway hit a School Boy roll up for the pin. This was a bad loss for Tony Moose. It shouldn't have never happen.

45. In July Big Tony Moose teamed up with Malta The Damager vs Billy Body and Rob Vages in a tag match at the ECPW arena. In this match Tony Moose banged his head and was almost out of it, but stayed strong. In the end size took over and beat the team of Billy Body and Rob Vages.

46. August 21th at Manville NJ for NWS Wrestling. Tony Mussolini teamed with Dame Dapper Falco and Biggie Biggs vs TnT, Ice Pick and Luscious. This match had a twist in with Bruser Blackwell showed up and put his hair on the line vs Mussolini team. Well in the end Biggie Biggs got the pin on Ice Pick and the bad guys won, and Blackwell lost his hair.

47. September 23rd at the ECPW Arena. This was a TV tape match. Where Big Tony was teamed with Damage Ince. Big Sky and Malta the Damager vs SML. The crowd loved SML but it didn't help one bit when the team of Big Toney and Damage Inc was over 1000lbs and beat them with Malta getting the pin.

.48. October at the ECPW Arena where Tony Moose, Louie the Hand and Malta took on SML again in a rematch from last month. A very fast pace match with more move and screaming from the crowd. But then end came like last time where WOP where just to big and strong for SML. Six man tag win for Tony Moose and the WOPS.

.49. October for NWS in Manville NJ. Tony Moose and Vic Vorhees took on Ice pick, Chris Steeler and their manager Fred "The Elephant" Boy, From the Howard Stern Show. This match was a hard hitting match with everyone at one time getting knocked to the outside. The end came with Big Tony and Vic Vorhees hitting a dubble team and getting the win. After the match, Tony Moose got ahold of Fred "The Elephant" Boy and gave him the BIG SPLASH IN THE RING! We know that Fred wont get near Tony Moose at this point in time.

50. Tony Moose went to Boonton NJ for the first time to wrestler for The GWF (The Great Wrestling Fed) where he took on T-Bonz and the 500+lbs Bill Ding in a three way dance. In a match where Bill Ding hit Tony Moose with a DDT wich almost sent Tony to the hospital, T-Bonz got the pin fall and the win on the night. The fans didn't like Tony Moose, felt he was too mean to them. What dose Tony Moose have for the fans of GWF next time?

51. December 18, back at the ECPW Arena where Tony Moose, Louie the Hand, and Malta took on The Nelson Brothers and Dan Mandini in a six man tag. The Crowd was hot for this and they didn't go home unhappy. In the end The WOPs took the victory when Mandini got taken out by Malta and then Splashed by Tony Moose a big win for the WOPS.

52. December 29 2004 at the NJ EXPO HALL in Edison NJ. Over 800+ ECPW Fans showed up to see ECPW CHRISTMAS CHAOS! In ECPW BIG EVENT The WOPS took on The Nelson Brothers and Joe Hardway. These two teams hit some big moves in this battle. Where you seen all 3 WOPS (Tony Moose, Malta, and Louie The Hand) get WishedBoned, and where the Wops where triple pluncha via the other team. Many Dubble teams where hit by The WOPS. But in the end, The WOPS where out smarted and the pinfall went to The Nelson Brothers and Joe Hardway.

53. Jan. 29th 2005, at the ECPW Arena in Lake Hiawath NJ. This was a ECPW TV Tape event! Tony Moose was put in with Lance Corporal. This was a easy night for Tony Moose. His size and years of wrestling took over on this still green but talented worker. Tony Moose hit a front slam and then a splash for the win.

54.Feb. 19th 2005, at the ECPW Arena in Lake Hiawath NJ. This was a ECPW TV Tape Event. Tony Moose and Malta The Damager took on The Next Generation. With Johnny Diamond in there corner. Tony Moose and Malta where crushing The Next Generation, when Loui The Hand Came into the ring and whacked Tony Moose in the back. Moose was stuned from the shot and went down. One of The Next Generation coverd Tony Moose, and with a fast count from the ref. Tony Moose and Malta lost to The Next Generation. This was a shock and the crowd went wild.

55.March 12th 2005 at Big Wheel Skates in PA vs Johnny Thunder. Big Tony got pinned when he was super kicked by Thunder.

56.On March 19th 2005 Spring Slam for ECPW Wrestling came and went. Big Tony, with his brother Little Moose was in a four way tag match. The Next Generation won the match.!

57.On March 26th 2005 for ECPW Wrestling at the ECPW Arena, Tony Moose with his brother Little Moose took on the Zarcoony Brothers. In a hard fought battle that went both ways, this ended in a dubble DQ. This isn't over.

58.On April 9th for TMPW Wrestling at the ECPW Arena, Tony Moose took on the massive 500+lbs Bill Ding. In a match that Tony Moose pull out all the stops,he thought the victory was his, but lost via DQ when the Ref Pat saw the weapon he hit Bill Ding with. Lost to Bill Ding via DQ.

59. On April 23rd for ECPW Wrestling, Tony Moose was in a Handicap Match vs Iron Eagle and "Pound For Pound" Solid Sugar. The big Moose proved to be too much for the 2 smaller wrestlers. Big Tony Moose got the win via BIG SPLASH on the 2 wrestlers!

60.At ECPW MayHem 2005 about 450 fans seen Big Tony Moose, teamed with Louie The Hand, Little Moose and Tony Balboa beat The Nelson Brothers and The Next Generation.

61. At the ECPW Areana Big Tony Moose took on ECPW TV Champ Jay Santana. This was a match where Tony Moose should have won. But Malta came in at the wrong time and coast Tony Moose the match. After the match, Malta was informed that he and Johnny Diamond where no longer part of the WOPS.

62. On June 9th Big Tony wrestle for TMPW Wrestling where he took on Bill Ding and Chocolete Boy Wounder. Big Tony won the match with a punch to the head.

63. On July 9th for GWF Action, Tony Moose took on Paul E. Normus. Tony Moose was out smarting Paul E. in this match, but got cought and slamed then hit with the big leg and got pinned for the loss.


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