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Jimmy Eat World Discography

This is "Clarity", our newest album since "Static Prevails". The cd is out on Capitol Records and the double LP is out on Big Wheel Recreation. It was produced by Mark Trombino and the band. It was recorded during the summer of 1997 and it was released on the 23rd of February, 1999. We worked really hard on this record and are very proud of the end result. We hope you all like it.

This is an EP available on CD and ten inch vinyl from Fueled by Ramen. It consists of five songs, two of which will be on our new record "Clarity", and three unreleased songs that will only be available on this release. The album tracks were produced by Mark Trombino along with the band, and the other three songs are produced and recorded by J.E.W.

This is a split seven inch with a great band from San Diego called Jejune. Each band contributes two songs exclusively to this Big Wheel Recreation release.

This is a three way split between Mineral, Sense Field, and Jimmy Eat World. J.E.W.'s song is titled "Crush" and is only available on this release at the present time. Look for a re-recorded version on the upcoming album. This 7 inch was put out by Crank.

This is our second full length album titled "Static Prevails" from Capitiol Records. The production task was tackled by Mark Trombino, Wes "Rights of the Accused" Kid, and Jimmy Eat World. It was released in July of 96.

This is a split that we did with a great band from Houston, Texas called Blueprint. It was released by Abridged Records, run by the Blueprint guys. There are two exclusive JEW songs here and it is still in print. Get a hold of Abridged at PO Box 571221 Houston, Texas 77257.

This is another split seven inch with a band from Los Angeles called Emery. Each side contains one exclusive song from each band. It was put out by Ordinary Records in the fall of 95, and is currently out of print.

This is a seven inch release that we put out on our own. It has two songs on it that were recorded by Mark Trombino. It was released in the summer of 95, and is out of print. These songs are available else where. "Opener" is available on the Emo Diaries-Chapter One, put out by Deep Elm. "77 Satelittes" is available as an extra track that comes with the vinyl of "Static Prevail", which is also out of print.

This is a split seven inch we did with one of out favorite bands of all, Christie Front Drive. Of all of our releases, this one is the most cherrished by us. There is one song from each band. Another version of the Jimmy Eat World song "Digits" is available on "Static Prevails". This split was released by Wooden Blue Records, which is no longer opperational, and is unfortunately out of print.

This was our first full-length on CD only. It was also put out by Wooden Blue Records and it is currently out of print. It is more on the pop-punk side of things. We will let you know if and when this gets repressed, but don't hold your breath, because it's not our best stuff, if you know what I mean.

This is our very first release, put out by Wooden Blue Records. It is a four song seven inch that is more of the pop-punk variety. If you have this one, you are a pretty old school J.E.W. fan. It is also out of print.