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My Stallion: Soho's Mikey

Even though Cheerio died in the summer of 2000 I'll still tell you all about him. He was my first horse and I will always miss him. If anyone has him in their horse's pedigree PLEASE email me. It's been a dream of mine to find someone related to him. Thank you so much.

I trainined Soho's Mikey or Cheerio as we called him, to jump( he has jumped as high as 22 inches which was pretty high for a 19 year old!). He was the sweetest stallion you'd ever meet and he'd let you do anything to him. He's registered under AMHR and measures 33 1/2 inches. I planed to show him in Halter and Hunter Classes. He was the thing in life I hold most dear. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

From the Start...

Into the Spring...


More Jumping

June 13th

Before and After!

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