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Class of 75 - 25 Year Reunion

Here's Alex Trani (brother of Gina 72') along with Jill Schmidig D'onofrio (76')

Bev Hines and Kathy Kerr dancing up a storm

Joe Caporoso to the left

Sammy Barcia playing Emcee

to Debbie Norkett and Bev Hines

The Women just couldn't stay off Sammy

What Charisma!

Hey Bev, what were you thinking?

Butch Mazzini giving Sammy some competition with Carol Celletti Caporoso

Cindy Dolcimascolo with Denise Malinowski and Bev Manganello in back

The Reunion Committee

Pat Moore, Marlene Palumbo, and Karen Tantillo

Your hard working reunion committee

Cathy Daleo and Linda Tempio

Diane Blanco (79), Willie Gonzalez and Debbie Norkett

Francine Jaworowski and Lori Castiglia

Gail Price waving Hello with Tom Inserra in background

Lori DiCrosta (77?) and Steve Greico

Hey Lori, turn this way please !

Thats Better!

Karen Tantillo dancing with Linda Tempio and Janet Micca

Here's Louie Jasmine (71)taping the reunion

Why does everyone keep turning their heads and closing their eyes?

Kathy Kerr, Louie Franco, Pete Tiago, Carol Celletti and Debbie Avola

Pete Tiago and Gail Price

Sammy doing his thing

Left to Right, Willie Gonzalez, Kenny Schroen, Erik Baker, Joe Caporoso, Amby Capiabanca, Jimmy Conoscenti

Carol, Debbie, Ginny, Joe Bruno and Sal Lamartino

Dale Walters 77' dancing with his wife Wendy Guarino

Ross Blanco (74) and Irene Miller