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The Stauffer Family

First Generation

A Ulrich STAUFFER* born c. 1528 in Luchsmatt, Eggiwil, Bern, Switzerland. He had at least one son, Niclaus* (A1).

Second Generation

A1 Niclaus STAUFFER* born c. 1555 in Luchsmatt and d. in 1615. He m. Trini LEHMAN and their children were: Christian* (A11), Ulli (A12), Anna (A13), Elsi (A14), Barbli (A15), Hans (A16), Barbli (A17), Madlena (A18), Lucia (A19), Margreth (A10) and Margreth (A1a).

Third Generation

A11 Christian STAUFFER* married on 18 Jun. 1610 in Röthenbach to Addelheid OPPLINGER (daughter of Peter OPPLINGER and Adelheid BLONIER). She was born before 21 Nov. 1588 in Röthenbach and died after 1632 in Ibersheim, Germany.

Their children included: Madlena (A111), Hans (A112), Christian (A113), Anna (A114), Elsbeth* (A115), Peter (A116), Margret (A117), Barbara (A118), Ulrich (A119) and Daniel (A110).

Fourth Generation

A115 Elsbeth STAUFFER* born c. 1620 in Eggiwil, Bern, Switzerland. She m. Wolfgang NEUKOMMET (see NEWCOMER).

Their children included: Daniel*, Christian, Wolfgang, Christian, Barbli, Catharina, Ursula and Christian.

* Denotes one of my ancestors § Denotes immigrant ancestor

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