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DINK and Buster B. Blockhead's Photo Album

Welcome to our web site! Aren't we cute????
Mommy keeps using all of her film on us so there will be more to come!


Finally, some new Pictures!

Merry Christmas!!!! (Our last one before the baby comes! :-D

I am so cozy!!!!

I Love You Uncle Shawn!

Happy Birthday to me!!!

This is the life....

I am winning this one!!! (This is my cousin Casey!)

I am a big boy now!

Our First Posed Picture

Daddy is taking this shot for us!

Daddy and the Pups

DINK is 7 months old here and Buster is 9 weeks.

Nuthin' Butt

Buster Relaxing

Whatcha talkin' about?

DINK is 9 months old here
and Buster is 4 months

Merry Christmas, Mommy!
I love my mommy!

Buster's First Night


Daddy and Buster
Isn't this shot the cutest? This is on Buster's first night.
"Hey, you don't look like my sister and brothers!?!?"

DINK's First Snowstorm
Notice that she is standing ON the snow!




DINK Collage

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