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Christopher Melvin is a recruiting analyst for Big Time magazine, Nike Football combines, Max Emfinger Recruiting, G & W Report, Red Zone Prep and The following list includes players based of their collegiate recruiting ability for which Melvin has viewed via film, by attending recruiting combines or live games. These players are not listed upon past honors given by the Asbury Park Press nor any other publication. This is a preseason list which will be updated as the season progresses.

 top seniors:

 1) kade weston (6-6/320) – Defensive lineman – Red Bank Regional: "A phenom! Big – quick and runs a 4.9 forty. Uses arms very well which is why he is one of the nations best at his position. Has received scholarships offers from the likes of Georgia , Florida State , Florida , Miami , Penn State , Tenn. , North Carolina , Oklahoma , Nebraska … and many others."

 2) Garrett Graham (6-5/228) – Tight End – Brick Memorial: "One of the states top TE’s. Has good speed and superb hands … runs perfect routes which enables him to catch everything thrown his way. Graham made a huge impact this past spring at combines. He is also a skilled kicker who has kicked FG’s of 47 and 45 yards. Graham has received scholarships offers from numerous schools including: Syracuse , Northwestern, Wisconsin , Louisville , Missouri , Georgia Tech, West Virginia as well as others. "

 3) Donald Brown (5-11/190) – Running back/Defensive back – Red Bank Catholic : "Brown is a gifted player who excels on both sides of the ball. Brown has run his forty in 4.3 and has a superb vertical-leap to match. He has earned scholarships as a running-back and as a defensive-back. He can “take it to the house” at any given time! Scholarships offers range from Nebraska , Iowa , Wisconsin , Virginia , Tennessee among others. "

 4) Rahmir Cottman (6-4/180) – Wide Receiver – Red Bank Reg.: "Cottman is one of the states top WR’s. He has good height, runs a 4.5 forty, has great-hands, good leaping ability and runs good routes. This is why colleges like North Carolina and Louisville have offered him scholarships."

 5) Rupert Gill (6-1/197) – Wide Receiver – Lakewood : "Gill runs a 4.55 forty and is even quicker on the field. He can find openings in a defense well and when he doesn’t - he is strong enough to maneuver himself around defenders with his superb strength.  He is one of the states top WR’s and will also play DB. Gill has a host of schools chasing his talents!"

 6) Alex LaMagdelaine (6-4/285) – Offensive Guard – Rumson-Fair Haven : "One of the states top OLM. “Lamag” has good strength and quickness and is getting a lot of Division I attention. He has already garnered an offer from UCONN! "

 7) Rob mahler (6-5/244) – Defensive lineman – Brick Tw p. "Mahler has some of the best technique that you’ll find around. He uses his arms well to shed off blockers. He has received an offer from Pittsburgh and has many others seeking his talents."

 8) Shamar Taylor (5-11/192) – Defensive back – Neptune : "Taylor is one of the best players in that state. He is one of the most gifted players that the state has to offer. He is a phenom and many schools found that out this past spring. He has run a forty in 4.3 and has jumped 40 inches in the air - add his superb strength and overall athleticism and you have another “TOP NOTCH” recruit. "

 9) Beau Reed (6-4/225) – Tight end/Linebacker/– Rumson – Fair Haven: "Reed is a gifted athlete who has many schools seeking him. He has played the LB position in the past – and will also play TE this season to impress the colleges even more."

 10) mysonn ledet (5-10/190) – Defensive back- Running back - Neptune : "One of the areas top shut-down CB’s. Ledet has good closing speed and shifts his hips very well. Gifted player who will also run the ball for the Fliers."

 11) Kevin malast (6-2/213) – Linebacker/ Full back – Manchester : "Malast is a hard-nosed ball player who will always give a 110% effort. He will be the “man” for the Hawks and he is always up for the challenge. Strong and has deceptive speed …" HAS VERBALLY COMMITTED TO PLAY FOR RUTGERS .

 12) vinny stetsko (6-1/228) – Linebacker – Toms River South : "Stetsko is a “throw-back” type of player. He will roam the field from sideline-to-sideline to make tackles. Has received attention from numerous D1A schools – one being Florida Atlantic who has offered him a scholarship."

 13) Keyron Sheard (6-2/180) – Quarterback/Athlete – Red Bank Reg.: "Sheard is one of the states top QB’s. Has a “cannon” for an arm and runs well also. Is more fast than he is quick …will also play defensive-back. He threw for over a 1,000 yards in 2003."

 14) Kyle Sandberg (6-1/181) – Defensive back – Toms River East: “Sandberg is a ball-hawk! He has good coverage skills and recovery speed.  Has the size and instincts that you want in a defensive-back. He has the quickness of a corner and the size of a safety. Led the area in interceptions in 2003.”

  15) brandon scott (5-11/180) – Defensive back – Lakewood: “Scott has good athleticism and quickness. Played FS last year – but moves to the corner where is more suitable. Has good movement in his hips and won’t get beat deep!”

 16) Ryan Canary (6-3/271) – Offensive lineman/Center – Point Pleasant Boro: “Canary is one of the states top “Centers” who likes to plow open holes every play. Strong player who runs well … always gives a 110% effort for the Panthers.”

 17) Keith Gladden (6-1/175) – Athlete – Asbury Park: “Gladden is the “man” for the Blue Bishops. He utilizes his 4.4 speed to play QB and DB. Has great “one-on-one” skills and is a “shut-down” corner. As a QB – he passed for just under 1,000 yards.”  

18) Gerald dekle (5-11/175) – Defensive back – Middletown South : “Deckle has great “one-on-one” skills and is also considered a “shut-down” corner. Plays with confidence and runs a fluid 4.4 forty!”  

19) phil raimondo (6-1/193) – Quarterback – Lacey : "Raimondo has good form and poise for a high school quarterback. Also has good size and releases the ball more than well. Will get some looks from D1A schools."

 20) mIKE LIVINGSTON (5-11/190) – Running back/Defensive back – Red Bank Reg.: “ Livingston shared the carries last season for the Bucs – but this year he will carry the load. He has great vision, good speed and quickness and also returns kicks. Livingston is also a gifted punter and defensive-back.”

 21) jerett sanderson (6-1/180) – Defensive back – Long Branch : “Good athlete!  Sanderson has superb size and quickness … reads a receivers route well and has better than good recovery speed. Has 4.4 speed – ideal size for the D1A level.”

 22) daquan cross (6-0/180) – Athlete – Keyport : Two things here! Cross is finally the “man” at Keyport … but he has to get healthy to keep the Raiders alive. Cross is a “gifted” player who will be a defensive-back on the collegiate level. He has good vision and instincts along with the size!”

 23) Jeremy fountain (6-1/204) – Running back/Defensive back – Matawan : “Fountain is a good back with good speed. He also plays defensive-back! Getting looks from numerous D1A schools as a DB.”

 24) kyle holland (6-3/190) – Wide receiver/Defensive back – Neptune : “ Holland hit the scene this spring by attending a few combines – and he did more than well. He showed good hands, speed (4.5 forty), route-running and strength. He will also play defensive-back this year.”

 25) marcus ayers (6-2/245) – Linebacker/Defensive lineman – Neptune: “Ayers is a very athletic player who may call a “tweener”. He has the size of a lineman – but has the quickness to play in many line-backing schemes.”

 26) Brian friedman (6-0.5/196) – Linebacker/Fullback – Point Pleasant Boro : “Friedman is a “throw-back” type of player who leaves it all on the field. He did well at a few spring combines where he showed good quickness and instincts.” 

 27) Greg Dilorenzo (6-1/175) – Wide receiver/Defensive back – Manalapan : “Dilorenzo is a very athletic player who has good quickness and agility. He snagged more than 30 passes for over 300 yards in 2003. He is also a good defensive-back who is a “ball hawk”.  A SPECIAL PLAYE HERE!”

 28) Manny navarro (5-11.5/264) – Defensive lineman – Long Branch: “Navarro is a “rugged” lineman who lacks the size – but has the heart, quickness and strength to match any recruit around. Good student who has reached the 1,200 range on the SAT.” 

 29) pablo dejesus (5-11/180) – Wide receiver/Defensive back – Asbury Park : “Dejesus is one of the most exciting players to watch in the state. He can turn a short yardage catch and turn it into a score at anytime. He has quick moves and is very elusive as a returner.”

 30) Rodney Salomon (6-5/209) – Wide receiver – Marlboro: “Salomon isn’t a name brought-up at the dinner table yet – but in due time it will. A RAW player who has to tools to be special! Knows how to go for the ball and utilize his fingers and hands to bring in the tough catch!”

 31) chris martino (5-11.5/190) – Defensive back – Middletown South : “Martino is a “ball hawk” who can make plays from anywhere. He has great instincts and good speed! His 2003 defensive statistics look like this: 50 tackles, 21 solo, 11 for a loss, 8 sacks, 3 INTS, 3 force-fumbles, 3 fumbles recovered and a TD.”

 32) jeff papcun (6-3/180) – Wide receiver – Raritan: “Papcun is one of Raritan ’s three very good receivers. He is the most polished of the group as far as athleticism … runs good routes and creates separation well!”

33) Elizer adams (6-2.5/270) – Lineman – Ocean Twp. : “A powerful player … very quick for his size. Adams likes to get after players  - and is very good at doing so.” 

34) Alex cabasso (6-1/195) – Athlete – Ocean Twp: “Cabasso is one of those “rugged” “do-anything” type of players. Whether it’s sharing the carries, making a big tackle – Cabasso is the type of player to get the job done! He is also a good student who is in the 1,300 range as far as SAT’s.”

35) BRENT GAYNOR (6-2/215) – Fullback/Linebacker – Rumson Fair-Haven: "Had 90 tackles in 2003 and added 6 scores as a fullback. A good student in the classroom!”

36) vito steriti (5-9/180) – Defensive back/Athlete – Toms River East : “Steriti may not be the biggest player in the state – but he is one of the quickest and toughest. Is very elusive as a runner – and should turn heads this season as he plays defensive-back. Pure athlete!”

 37) maurice turpin (5-10/190) – Quarterback – Long Branch: "Turpin has one of the strongest arms in the state. Lacks size – but makes up for it in accuracy. Turpin passed for more than 1,000 yards in 2003 and looks to do more damage to opposing defenses in 2004. Was named one of the best QB’s this spring at the “Big-Time” challenge.”

 38) Rodney alston (5-11.5/218) – Linebacker – Asbury Park : “There can’t be a tougher player than “Rock” in the state. Alston is a “throw-back” type of player who excels on the field and in the classroom. He is a “sideline-to-sideline” player who makes plays after play. Plays bigger than his actual size.”

39) david west (5-10/175) – Defensive back – Toms River North: “West is a good defender who seems to have a knack for making “big-plays and hits”.

40) BORN GOODMAN (6-3/275) – LM – Asbury Park: “Very athletic player who has some of the best size you’ll find in the state. Very agile for size and finds the ball well!

41) kyle brandon (6-0/190) – Quarterback/Athlete – Red Bank Catholic: Brandon is a very athletic player for the Caseys. Throws a good ball and has good strength and size. Although he threw for just over 1,000 yards in split-duty in 2003 … reminds me of Joe Daily (Freehold resident and starting QB at Nebraska ).  Very athletic and can find the open WR’s!

42) brian maida (5-11/180) – Place kicker – Freehold Boro: “Has the ability to kick 50 yard FG’s … a very strong leg. Should gain a lot of interest form colleges as the season progresses. Maida is an honors student in the class!”

43) Rob Kelly (6-1/180) – Defensive back – Middletown South: “Kelly had 6 INT’s in 2003 and added 80 tackles from his FS position. Not a blazer – but he gets the ball when it is tossed in the air … THAT’S ALL THAT COUNTS!

44) brian smith (6-2/179) – Wide receiver/Defensive back – Howell: “Smith caught 26 passes for 400 yards and 5 scores. Was one of the top pass catchers in the shore last season.”

45) Kevin wagner (6-0/195) – Linebacker/Fullback – Freehold Twp : “Rugged” – “Throw-back” player who loves to hit. Wagner excels on the field in football and lacrosse. Has good mobility as a runner!

 46) jonquil hyman (6-2/290) – Lineman – Manalapan : “Hyman is one of the states strongest players. Made a name for himself at the Rex Plex Combine this past spring where he was one of the strongest players there. Massive – yet quick lineman who works hard. Will turn heads in 2004!”

47) gene kaskiw (6-3/285) – Offensive lineman– Red Bank Regional : “Kaskiw is a player that will get after you play after play. A”rugged” player who always gives a 110%.

 48) Shane meyer (6-3/180) – Wide receiver – Raritan: “Meyer was injured last year but still managed to catch more that 24 passes for over 300 yards. He is one of three very good receivers that will keep the Rocket faithful happy. He has good coordination and technique.”

 49) bRIAN wrubel (5-11/250) – Lineman – Shore Regional: “Brian reminds me of a Dan Klecko (former Marlboro – Temple star and now a LB with the New England Patriots). Very quick player who is also extremely strong – he uses these characteristics to make-up of his lack of size. Explosive off the ball!”

 50) Sean hocutt (6-3/218) – Linebacker/Wide receiver – Red Bank Regional: “Hocutt is a strong WR who is very determined and disciplined. Has good hands utilizes his strength well to separate himself from defenders.”

 other notable recruits

Chris giamo (5-10/190) – Running back/Athlete – Rumson-Fair Haven: “Giamo transferred from RBC and is working himself into the starting role for the Bulldogs. He has good quickness and strength – but will have to catch a few more balls this year in Coach Shane Fallon’s offensive scheme. He can do just that!”  

jason wrubel (6-1/253) – Lineman – Shore Regional: “Nice-sized lineman who has good strength.”

A.J. Hill (6-4/190) – Wide receiver– Raritan: “Hill is tallest of the Rockets trio of WR’s. Has good eye-coordination and looks the ball in. Has good speed for size and leaps high for balls.”

terrence mckeller (5-10/165) – Wide receiver – Long Branch : “McKeller is a good WR – who runs good routes. Runs a forty in 4.4 and made a good impression this spring at the “Big-Time” challenge.

joe vrola (6-1/185) – Athlete – Colts Neck: “Vrola is a true-leader who gets the job done. Has deceptive speed and quickness! Has a strong arm as a QB and is very reliable. Great student in the class also!”

phil greene (5-10.5/192) – Running back/Linebacker – Shore: “Is a good LB who plays “sideline -to- sideline”.”

jack stovall (5-9/173) – Running back – Long Branch: “Stovall is a “dart-like” runner who can “take it to the house” from any spot on the field. Is recovering from an injury – but should be fine for the season opener.”

chris martino (5-7/160) – Running back – Wall: “Martino is another small – but very quick back. Can hit corner or sneak through the hole … explosive back!” 






BigTime magazines 2004 N.J.’s TOP 50 recruiting list.

The list was compiled by nick lubischer (  

1) Eugene Monroe (6-6/330) – Offensive Tackle – Plainfield - Virginia

4)  Kade Weston (6-6/310) – Defensive Tackle – Red Bank Regional

19) Donald Brown (5-11/190) – Running back/Defensive back – Red Bank Catholic

20) Garrett Graham (6-5/228) – Tight End – Brick Memorial

31) Malcolm Jenkins (6-1/180) – Defensive Back – Piscataway Ohio State

40) Alex LaMagdelaine (6-4/285) – Offensive Guard – Rumson

44) Rahmir Cottman (6-4/180) – Wide Receiver – Red Bank Regional

46) Beau Reed (6-4/225) – Linebacker/Tight end  – Rumson

49) Rupert Gill (6-1/197) – Wide Receiver – Lakewood

50) Shamar Taylor (5-11/192) – Defensive back – Neptune

 *The list can been seen in its entirety in bigtime magazine which can be

found at local newsstands ($5 each - or $5 + $3.50 s/h by mail) or by emailing:

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