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Re: I'd give my right...

I'm not giving up either one of them--who knows, I may need them
someday--but among the things I really wish were available on CD are:

THE RIGHT TO BE ITALIAN--Holly and the Italians
ARRIVE WITHOUT TRAVELLING--The Three O'Clock (though I'm told this is coming
soon, possibly)
MAGNETS--The Vapors

(Warning: long self-involved promo coming.)

A couple of months ago, R. Stevie Moore's PHONOGRAPHY and DELICATE TENSION
would have been on that list, but I took the initiative myself on that and
am re-releasing both (along with various other Stevie goodies, including
both reissues and brand new material) on Flamingo Records.  PHONOGRAPHY will
be coming out late this summer or in early fall, with liner notes by our own
David Bash, an interview with Stevie by Dennis Diken, full lyrics,
never-before-seen photos and 33 minutes (nine songs!) worth of bonus tracks
from the 1973-75 period when PHONOGRAPHY was recorded, including:

Welcome To London
You and Me
Wayne Wayne Go Away
Why Should I Love You (original 1975 version, not the GLAD MUSIC rerecording)
Dates (1973 version from the INVITES COMPARSION cassette--Stevie's recorded
this song several times)
Hobbies Galore (original 1974 version, not the TEENAGE SPECTACULAR rerecording)
Because We're the Dig (1975 solo remake of a 1973 song by Victor Lovera,
Stevie's early songwriting partner and major influence, which had appeared
on the super-rare "Roger Ferguson and Ethos" EP)

All the tracks were taken directly from the original 10" 4-track reels by
Stevie himself at WFMU in East Orange, NJ, and remastered by Manny Rettinger
and myself at Ubik Sound in Albuquerque.  The sound is revelatory--those of
you who only know PHONOGRAPHY from the cassette version offered through
Stevie's cassette club will be amazed at the difference; it's like a whole
new album.  

PHONOGRAPHY was called one of the most important and influential indie
releases in Rolling Stone's Alt-Rock-A-Rama, and one can hear its influence
all over the current lo-fi pop scene.  Is the world finally ready for Stevie?


Stewart Allensworth Mason
Webmaster/Internet Marketing/SGML Programmer
Access Innovations, Inc.
Albuquerque NM

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