September 20, 2004
The Good Life
"I Google myself when I'm drunk and vulnerable. But it's really my family that hounds me - I think they do it mostly to see how many hits there are. That's their scale, that's your worth in the world, how many sites you have in Google."

September 22, 2004
R. Stevie Moore
"I've always hated the fact that you have to find a direction. My direction is that I have no direction."

Saul Williams : Saul Williams
Poet, rocker, and wailer Saul Williams steals his own show on Saul Williams.
Mouse on Mars : Radical Connector
For Mouse on Mars, it has always been a question of just how poppy their music can get before bursting.
Solvent : Apples and Synthesizers
Solvent's music is purposely dated and therefore impossible to write off as passé.
Growing : The Soul of the Rainbow and the Harmony of Light
A tempting glimpse of potential rather than a concise statement of purpose.
Silkworm : It'll Be Cool
Silkworm, indie-rock lifers, press ahead on their ninth album.
R. Stevie Moore : Conscientious Objector
RSM tells Mark about 80 yrs of music histopry.
Walking Concert : Run To Be Born
Walter Schriefels cuts all audible ties to his hardcore roots on an album that pays homage to roots of a different sort.
MC Lars : The Laptop EP
Yes, MC Lars is a rapper that counts "Weird" Al Yankovic as an influence. But in a battle, Lars would bust Al's shit.
Triosk : Moment Returns
Triosk, an Australian trio that combines jazz instrumentation and electronics, leave much to savor on Moment Returns.

"Diamond Hale Grenade"
[ Warp ]

Bloc Party
[ Dim Mak ]

"Hurrican or Sunshine?"
[ Carpark ]

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