I am R. Stevie Moore, the one you've heard or read about.
I have lived just now twenty six years in Nashville.
I can feel sixteen or thirty six, incidentally.
I am your first commonplace Southern original composer.
I also delve into about fifty other arts & crafts.
I appear somewhat just out of high school full of ambition.
I let my music contain that awkward innocence, as well.
I really can't do anything about my tendencies, except grow older.
I nevertheless continue to appear teenaged.
I am however getting it down good, perfecting my quasi-adolescence.
I have always been a prisoner of viewing life and philosophy from Tennessee.
I am a Sixties child, always enthralled with the show business of rock 'n roll.
I was never close enough to touch it.
I have watched it grow towards the Eighties.
I have listened to more records than anyone in the world.
I have liked almost all of it.
I think so hard and so much of the time.
I haven't met a simialar personality in my part of the country.
I realize simialar is but a typographical error.
I am a little nervous, you see.
I write a lot of songs over random-played drum tracks.
I smoke More menthol cigarettes.
I want to befriend all of my rock heroes.
I want to do that more than make money, which should have nothing to do with that.
I am moving to New York to get closer to you.
I wouldn't expect to see you were I to perform at Opryland.
I will eventually perform in New York and my records can come to life.
I shall make some great records if you encourage me enough.
I believe I'm making you an offer here.
I am an incredibly unusual human being.
I might remind you of somebody, maybe your brother.
I come to your town in peaceful artistic form, with great expectations.
I must work to fit in, I'm sure.
I take drugs and alcohol occasionally, but I might stop.
I can become physically and mentally involved with a simple tape deck.
I like to do everything that can be done with one.
I am proud of my personal music catalog.
I don't think there can be anything like it anywhere.
I see it as an exclusive representation of an era and an environment.
I really have no statement, other than this.
I expect to be known and liked for my style of self-projection.
I am a basic boy.
I am turning into a complex man.
I can't help it.
I am happy this way.
I drive a 1973 Austin Marina GT.
I love almost all punk rock, but I wouldn't want to be one.
I eat pizza and spaghetti as often as I can.
I have a large mustache most of the time.
I sometimes lose it to boredom.
I know I can always start a new one.
I never get enough sex.
I can wear some strange clothes.
I have a love-hate relationship with my fingernails.
I wonder why I can't begin to play a horn.
I really miss all of my former girlfriends, sometimes.
I can't wait to add to the list.
I think Frank Zappa is ignored too much.
I know he feels the same about me.
I want to sell my own records in a store until it's impossible.
I am getting wrecked.
I hope my bed saves my life again.
I yi yi.
I use big silver eyeglasses to look at you.
I thank you by stopping this stupid shit.

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