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BEGIN ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: "Andrew Stevens" < astevense1@googlemail.com> To: look@rsteviemoore.com Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 13:51:31 +0000 Subject: Contacts Dear Stevie,   I write for 3:AM (www.3ammagazine.com) and would be highly interested in interviewing you.  Let me know if you'd like to.   all best, andrew
On 22/11/06, Marston Moor wrote: hallo, thanx for writing. yeah, very interested. need yr help. email Q&A? how'd you hear about me? got any of my discs? you in US or UK? checking 3am site, not a lot of recent *music* articles... mainly a literary/culcha mag instead? i'm much more a man of xtreme sound + vision rather than promotextual. i am illterate! but then well i hope we can works out, i'm shirley game to plunge in see what happens. mighty weary of forever getting passed over for all the competition chillun. so much for the underground! hit me back. much 2 discuss. disgust! high vibes, man- robert steven bloomfield nj expressly homemade http://www.rsteviemoore.com p.s. check my mini-film festival! http://www.rsteviemoore.com/youtube.html ·.·´¨¨))-:|:- ¸.·´.·´¨¨)) R. Stevie Moore ((¸¸.·´..·´ -:|:-((¸¸·.·
---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: "Andrew Stevens" < astevense1@googlemail.com> To: "Marston Moor" < RSMko@webtv.net> Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 15:31:37 +0000 Subject: Re: Contacts Dear RSM,   I found your music via YouTube, though I really have no idea how.  Must have been searching for something.  Anyhow, spent a few days dipping in and out of various tracks and have since become evangelical about the early stuff.  I am based in the UK but we have people in the US and France writing for us.   In terms of the site, I only cover music I'm into.  The editor is stuck in 1977 and the younger guy covers anything the labels send him.  My passion for music is only indulged when I say so!   On that basis, shall we bounce questions via email? Seems best way.
On 22/11/06, Marston Moor wrote: greetings part two "evangelical". bigthanks for that remark. the early stuff. stucking in the seventies! until i can (or only might if necessitated by overenthusiasm) mail you some cds, you rilly oughta stop whatcher duin & download these 2 essential free mp3 albums. HOBBIES GALORE (best pop hits) http://www.rsteviemoore.com/cd/hobbies2.html (click Get It Here, which takes you to the japanese site which hosts the content) and TRA LA LA LA PHOOEY http://www.rsteviemoore.com/cd/tralala.html (click Fileshare it Here) need more? dozens of additional mp3 links here http://www.rsteviemoore.com/audio.html Fire away! thanks for the support; hopefully looking fwd to this, here's to a thrilling new global communique, if ever so brief. so much to say, no clue how to effectively say it. MOORE
On 22/11/06, Andrew Stevens wrote: Hey,   It's late here so I'll send the first questions through in the morning but if you've anything to send me then the address is PO Box 57319, London E1 4WA, England.   We can start off in the late 1960s and work our way through to now. I posted my favourite here: http://www.3ammagazine.com/buzzwordsblog/2006/11/r-stevie-moore-mason-jar.html   all best, andrew   ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: "Andrew Stevens" < astevense1@googlemail.com> To: "Marston Moor" < RSMko@webtv.net> Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 17:11:54 +0000 Subject: Re: Contacts Apologies for the delay, had a horrible weekend.  Hope you didn't.   OK, first one.   You are described on your wikipedia entry as overlooked ie. a "lost treasure" and "criminally neglected,".  Would you consider that to be an apt description?   Many thanks, andrew
On 27/11/06, Marston Moor < RSMko@webtv.net> wrote: Yes, I had a horrible weekend too! I'm eating an American Big Mac for lunch right now, and already I think I'm starting to feel sick. What on earth do they put IN that recipe anyway? Can I sue? ----------- QUESTION ONE:   You are described on your wikipedia entry as overlooked ie. a "lost treasure" and "criminally neglected,". Would you consider that to be an apt description? _ _ _ _ _ Multiple choice answers. 1) Yes. Apt. Is that a good enough reply? 2) Wha? Who said that? Who is that mr. wikipedia guy and how could he really know so much about everything? After him!! 3) No, it's all a carefully fabricated, totally untrue farce. 4) That's not for me, the subject, to say, is it? How can I be truly objective to those extreme claims? 5) Odd first question! Outside of any context, just dive in headfirst! Who am I? 6) Alrighty, this seems to really be my long-standing schtick, okay? Such a problem. Oh my. The more I complain and whine about being ignored, the more it seems to work against me. Tactless insecurity. Playing on the "pity" card, please notice me since no one else has, sympathy for the downtrodden sufferer... So, again, I didn't say that, others did, yet I'm now forced to exploit it to death. Who wouldn't? Yes, it's apt. Quite. Because I have cretaed & recorded unique quality original musical varieties by myself since I was a teenager (40 years now), and still am as unknown as ever. Seen trends and fads come and go multiple times, but remain the ambitious old man boy, forever sitting at home pitifully waiting for the fairy godmother to create me a secure place in the record books, just one hit disc please. But it's not really for the household name chart positions. Ultimately, I always simply craved to be a universally strong influence of DIY combined with Extreme Stylistic Variety, and they often say I am, but I must disagree. Because DIY, Indie and Lo-Fi have become such charming little sub-genres for the youth these days, one assumes I am to be credited, since I unarguably did it first. But my reputation is ridiculously tiny, far from ever being acknowledged by the ones who've become massively popular in that classification (Beck, GBV, Sebadoh, Ween, TMBG, Pavement (??), all the melodic witty deep 'college' bands bands and more bands etc etc etc). Competitionism has crushed me decade after decade. I'm the fantasy granddaddy of cheap underground desperation, whackgenius following my forever spontaneous, expressly homemade muse through all styles of music, drawing and film dada - taking pride in never getting stuck in any ignorance ruts or tedious sameness (which is certainly modern society's norm). And little me, trying to promote that eclectic philosophy in today's severe target market tunnelvision is absolutely fruitless, to say the least. I'm all about diversity. Freeform radioshow. The Beatles White Album. One artist who can and does sound like a V/A compilation album. And there exists nobody out there who successfully accomplishes this. Because the populace lacks imagination, open-mindedness and making effort to accomodate short attention spans. Little bit of everything, all the time. All extremes. So I crown myself King Visionary and try and pretend that all is well with my self-integrity and steadfast dignity... but "neglect" and "lost" were not part of the original plan! 7) None of the above. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ okay andrew I stop there. for now. not sure where i'm going but i sure wanna get there. maybe expand on this later, maybe i shut up for good. so sick of being my own fucking promotextual representative. hype just doesn't work for me. muy tired, frustrated, creating manic depression. who wouldn't! hope it's a good start. whew, RSTV
From: astevense1@googlemail.com(Andrew Stevens) Date: Tue, Nov 28, 2006, 6:01pm (EST+5) To: RSMko@webtv.net (Marston Moor) Subject: Re: Contacts BTW, love the multiple choice.   The problem I have, and I do apologise, is that I came across the tracks and wanted to know more so went to wikipedia and that painted those impressions.  I will move on after those two questions and get more 'objective'.   all best, andrew   On 28/11/06, Andrew Stevens wrote: Thanks for that, I'm feeling better now but up against it.   You are also described* on there as being a pioneer of the DIY/lo-fi ethic.  Again, would you agree or just see yourself as a self-contained innovator?   What's it like to be "the curator of your own museum"?
On 29/11/06, Marston Moor < RSMko@webtv.net > wrote: >>BTW, love the multiple choice. Thanks, Nice to know I please. Neva can tell. >>The problem I have, and I do apologise, >>is that I came across the tracks and >>wanted to know more so went to >>wikipedia and that painted those >>impressions. I will move on after those >>two questions and get more 'objective'. Hey, no apologies from you necessary, please. Wasn't really pointing at you, or anybody. Half serious, half mindlessly bizarre madness. *My* apologies that my little rant was so complex and confusing. Like, I always seem to answer in a crazymixedup frame of mind, i.e. that everybody already knows what I've been through, which of course is not the case at all. Why do I always feel like I must let my damaged super-ego explode wildly? Ying and yang, damned if I do and damned if I don't. Hope I don't scare you off... need more critical press desperately, but... I'm not doing so well at all here in my later years. Public apathy and indifference are fucking lethal to intense starving artists like meself. >>You are also described* on there as >>being a pioneer of the DIY/lo-fi ethic. >>Again, would you agree or just see >>yourself as a self-containedinnovator? I agree that I am or should be recognized as a pioneer, but that's mainly just happenstance, the fact that I was doing it so long ago, before it was such a popular modus operandi. It's simply what I did, what transpired, in Nashville homes, in the early seventies. But I definitely had no "plan" to rush and become known as the very first modern DIY pioneer. "Self-contained innovator" - yes, but not satisfied to be content as merely that. >>What's it like to be "the curator ofyour >>own museum"? Proud as punch, on one hand... but surely somebody else oughta be doing that for me, eh? Like some huge universal multi-corporation in my dreams. Blah blah blah. See, the little guy and his homemade smallchange cottage industry is one slant the story must have; a very worthy quality in this horrific industrialized nightmare we find ourselves living and dying in. We've completely lost the timeless basics in favor of $$$$$$. But conversely, that very quaint individualist DIY art concept certainly doesn't pay the bills. I honestly do believe that there is a way to achieve both extremes. How, I have no clue. Methinks I'm just spinning my wheels with these creepy answers. I'm not a talker, can't begin to convince my ideals with such whacko speech + syntax. Or as if and! RSM
---------- Forwarded message ---------- On 29/11/06, Andrew Stevens wrote: Thanks.  You've not scared me at all! It makes for a really good interviewer/interviewee dynamic.  I guess I'm too nice, always worried about others' feelings when discussing their work and life.  But you've put yourself in the public domain as a creator and I as a writer, so we should carry on, it's great. You mention a plan in the beginning, what was that? To not sound like what was coming out of Nashville at that time?   I have an appointment in 15 minutes but I've saved the answers and will be in touch with more questions later.   ab, andrew
On 29/11/06, Marston Moor wroted: Nawsir, I said "NO plan". In the context I meant I did not intend (or plan) to become a celebrated DIYpioneer reference point decades later. Of course, that is obvious... one could never know or predict what was in the stars 20-30 years hence. There was never a plan, any 'plan'. I just innocently did what I did, what I was into sounding like, writing like. Releasing it all as is. Autopilot following the deep inspiration from Beatles, Brian Wilson, Zappa, Bowie, Roxy, 10cc, Roy Wood... Over the edge, yet mega-tuneful too. Unquestionably, I did loathe what was surrounding me in my countryfried hometown at the time, and I guess I did in fact consciously TRY to point myself in the totally opposite direction (not very difficult! hahaha). My famous rich father expected me to follow in his footsteps, to become a wealthy country session picker. My personal interests couldn't have been more opposite than that. So I easily shot myself in the proverbial foot, rebelliously veering away from certain employment expectations into the deep & wide unstable abyss of fine arts and craft poverty. I still suffer from that ill-advised decision! :) ------ (off the record, I am so fascinated with, yet confused by, trying to fully explain myself to YOU ... -- not readers of the article -- ... if you haven't really heard much of my music, both old and current. this primal confessional only makes true sense if one realizes the RSM style, and its volumnous quantity thereof. see what kind of dilemma my career creates? the ability to paint a clear picture about a man whose hundreds of creations are not known about!) ----- ok back to the questions. er, answers. I do suggest you download my online audio samples. Did I fwd you the main links to my several free mp3 albums posted? You need this music now! cheerios, luv- RSTVMO usaf
---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: "Andrew Stevens" To: "Marston Moor" Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 09:40:14 +0000 Subject: Re: NTRVU 2 Even if there was no plan, didn't it occur to you that Nashville wouldn't have been the place for such things? Is that why you moved to Jersey?   Given your Anglo-centric sound, though, wouldn't a move to London have been more advisable?   (I'll ask about your father next) --- OK, I put my hands up to not being the most experienced of interviewers.  But in my head, this interview is at the late 1970s now and I want to work through to the present day, chronologically.  I have only listened to the older stuff on YouTube so far (not the recent ones) but once these questions are done I'll research the 'middle period'.  Your and my brain obviously work in different ways (and I do confess to some 'perception issues' as I am such an assumption-laden person) but I truly think the end result will be worth it!  
On 30/11/06, Marston Moor wrote: >>Even if there was no plan, didn't it >>occur to you that Nashville wouldn't >>have been the place for such things? Is >>that why you moved to Jersey? Sure, naturally it occured to me. But I was stuck there. Not a big traveller-type, so I had no big ambitions to just blindly hit the road to any Celebrityville USA. Though I'd worked with rock cover bands, I had no means whatsoever to perform my solo home recordings live. Then, this is where my Uncle Harry Palmer comes in: yes, he convinced me to move north to New Jersey, only 12 miles from Manhattan. [you know the extent of HP's story?] And the critical element: he also helped me find a good job in a local Sam Goody's retail record store. RSM Stage 2 begins! >>Given your Anglo-centric sound, >>though, wouldn't a move to London >>have been more advisable? Boy oh boy, what I would have given for that to have happened! My entire career could have turned out completely different, likely much improved. I did dream of that for years. But again, I had nothing nor no one there to help me set up shop. Without income, such a drastic relocation might've been disasterous. --------------- next email following this: I'm dying for you get closer to my best pop songs (rather than directionless music experimenting via surfing random YouTube clips), so I'll fwd you the link to download the best tunage. and for more background, you MUST read this bio: http://www.rsteviemoore.com/cd/phonog2.html today is Bob Moore's 74th birthday... ~MRS
From: astevense1@googlemail.com (Andrew Stevens) Date: Thu, Nov 30, 2006, 7:18pm (EST+5) To: RSMko@webtv.net (Marston Moor) Subject: Re: NTRVU 3 Yes, there's clearly a lot I've not read or heard.  I'll devote myself to that task tonight and call by with questions tomorrow.   Before I do, is there anything you want to say/put across?