R. Stevie Moore
joins The Apples In Stereo,
Irving Plaza nyc Friday 3 Nov 2006

(* plus, dressing room preshow *)

strawberry firemen forever

moore john ferguson

robert schneider moore

"I moved up here for this?" "I am Futureman."

robert john sndchk

They confiscated my wine bottle.

bass eric, johnferg blackcat dc 10/30

New Magnetic Wonder hits big apple


the only other existing photo of rsm on the stage (behind the bass player)

moore was invited to come up to play guest lead guitar for the grand finale psychjamout of their classic "Strawberry Fire" (successfully taped on cheap handheld cassette deck, a mushy bootleg mix soon to be heard on moore's upcoming albums, "HEAR LIES")

notice: any other image, video &/or audio contributions are desperately needed. plz comtact the local proprietor.

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CMJ stands for Can't Moore Jam?