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Live with R. Stevie Moore & Haun Saussy

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Artist | Song

> R. Stevie Moore | Colliding Circles

> Tupper Saussy and the Wayward Bus | What Are We Doing Here? (1968)

> R. Stevie Moore | Fame Awaits Me

> Haun Saussy | recites Milton

> Tupper Saussy | Said I To Shostakovitch (164)

> R. Stevie Moore | Maniac

> R. Stevie Moore | Morning Girl

> R. Stevie Moore & Jim Reeves | But You Love Me, Daddy

> Boota Theater | It's Not Enough

> R. Stevie Moore | I Need Sex

> Cheng Yan Qiu | Wenji Returns To China

> Mei Lanfang | Zui Jiu (Xu Yin Qi, 1924)

> R. Stevie Moore | If I Fell Down

> R. Stevie Moore and Haun Saussy | Reminisce

> Tupper Saussy, Bob Moore and Douglas Kirkham | Scherzo with Slapped Bass

> Tupper Saussy & The Neon Philharmonic | F. Scott Fitzgerald & William Shakespeare

  Music behind DJ:
> R. Stevie Moore and Haun Saussy | Reminisce

> Tupper Saussy | Bitchcraft (2007)

> R. Stevie Moore | Having a Real Fit

> R. Stevie Moore | King of It All

> R. Stevie Moore | A Clash of the Heads

> Roy Orbison (arr. Tupper Saussy) | Southbound Jehrico Parkway (1972)

> Tupper Saussy | Toy for R. Stevie

> Tupper Saussy & R. Stevie Moore | Stevie Improvs with Toy for R. Stevie

> R. Stevie Moore | Arf, She Said

> R. Stevie Moore | White Chocolate Rain

> Tupper Saussy | Idol of His Age (2007)

The accomplished bassist Bob Loyce Moore, whose sound is the backbone of many recordings by Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison & over 10,000 sessions, knew Tupper Saussy as a gifted pianist, musical eccentric and advertising whiz kid in early-1960s Nashville. Their collaboration (with a percussionist, Douglas Kirkham or Buddy Harman depending on the takes) resulted in three jazz albums issued by Monument Records, of which SAID I TO SHOSTAKOVICH is the most invigorating. Later, the artists followed separate paths. Tupper Saussy recorded two LPs of eclectic, Mahlerian pop songs in the late 1960s (Neon Philharmonic), pursued a protest against paper money and the income tax for twenty-five years, and shortly before his unexpected death from a heart attack in March 2007 had completed a new record of original songs, THE CHOCOLATE ORCHID PIANO BAR. Bob Moore went on to have some instrumental hits of his own, was leader on recording dates by countless country icons, dabbled in various publishing and real estate ventures, joined Jerry Lee Lewis for tours, and finally retired in the mid-1990's. He recently participated with Scotty Moore (no relation) in last month's Elvis anniversary tribute shows in Memphis.

R. Stevie Moore and Haun Saussy, sons of the above, had the parallel experiences of growing up in houses crowded with music, all kinds of music, and ended up devoting their lives to the cultivation of sound, in different registers. RSM is known around here as a WFMU alumnus (1978-1985), as well as a celebrated, prolific underground oneman-band DIY home recording pioneer. For Haun the successor obsession to jazz was foreign languages: codes to crack and strange squawks to master. We bring these two explorers of the borderlands between noise and signal together for discussion, stories, songs and examples. Chinese opera, concrete poetry, dubbing and transmutation of sound are on the agenda.


[This is good, but likely way too long for the front home page blurb! (OF WHICH THERE NEVER WAS ONE POSTED!?!)]

Maybe this in-brief? :

"Sons of Nashville music legends Tupper Saussy and Bob Moore, Haun and R. Stevie, respectively, join Kenny G's Intelligent Design for a unique summit of spontaneous discussion, modern song and absurd humor on Wednesday September 12th from noon til 3. Learn about Chinese opera, hear some rare new RSM demos and experiments, discover how their fascinating pasts now somehow coincide. Various samples of Bob's & Tupper's audio history revealed. Don't dare miss out. Full enlightenment equipped."

Available on Video, 3DVD $25 (raw unedited footage)