R. STEVIE MOORE The Special Guest

Live at Serena Bar, under the Chelsea Hotel
222 23rd Street, NYC


with Chris Bolger on bass guitar & vox2

Set list is:

  • Out-Patient
  • Name Tag the Entertainer (extract)
  • Schwann Catalog
  • Popeye Song
  • Fear and Loathing
  • Social Studies Buddies
  • El Presidente's Day
  • Take Back
  • Traded My Heart For Your Parts
  • Life Like
  • Wayne Wayne Go Away
  • Play Myself Some Music


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ABCDEF&G. It was fun, it was good. Outstanding in his field. Thankyous most of all to Bolger, and especially to Krys O for film, and the Janoffs for film two + photos, and Mark Griffey for TINY IDOLS CD Release Party on Snowglobe Records, and Rob Fellman with Karen Gregory, and to Mike Noble, and to Jeffrey Lewis, and also to Robert Fass for all coming down to experience it in person. Thanks also to air personalities Laura Cantrell for all the support (click her Feb 19 show), and FXO too. And also to Tammy La Gorce of the NY Times. And Harrison Sherwood's tasty blog pie. And Haruo over yonder in Tokyo. And then there was also Alison Rosen of Time Out New York. Sorry to not see you, Irwin, Ira and Kramer! r u MAD aT ME? lol :-| Goodbye Sandra Dee.

Happy "L" Birthday to sister Llynda.


combined with next show:
Sat 5 March, The West End

CDR: US$10
DVD: US$10

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