Live at CAKESHOP, 152 Ludlow St, NYC

MAY 2008 Residency
The4Tuesdays 6, 13, 20 & 27

the band being
Michael Jodry: guitar & vox/B.Janoff: percussion/John Lee Miller: drums/Chris Bolger: bass & vox/Chris Breetveld: drums (#1 only) a/k/a dotcombo.


Cake Shop residency? Appears Senator RSM is now slated to perform live at this fine downtown NYC venue FOUR straight fat Tuesdays in May. The 6th, hizzonnor opened up for Lake and Half-Handed Cloud; came up on the 13th, an exclusive jampacked gala show in conjunction with David Shrigley's art exhibition at Anton Kern Gallery (with DOUBLE WONDERFUL as support) > PHOTOS; next up the 20th as part of "POGO IN TOGO" & the 27th is also now certain. Details >> > PLEASE COME SEEN US.

#1 Tuesday 6 May
Support: Lake and Half-Handed Cloud
Setlist: (coming soon)

cakeshop001 cakeshop002

Thanks to photographer Jacob Blickenstaff

"R Stevie Moore appeared tonight at Cake Shop in his large glasses, a horrible tie, a mylar balloon that read "I'm Sorry" tied around his neck and a 'Visitor' badge peeking out of his pocket. That he played for an enthusiastic crowd of about 20 is and isn't surprising. Plagued by his own obscurity, RSM embraces his image of strangeness while throwing it back in your face along with everything else that is false and absurd about our culture. Imagine an approach blurred along the spectrum of Daniel Johnston and Frank Zappa.

I admit I had never heard of this man before tonight, but I was immediately pulled in but the directness and craft of his music. R Stevie Moore's music rocks hard is really quite approachable with its very logical pop structures and hooks.

R Stevie Moore is playing every Tuesday this month at Cake Shop and his performance is well worth seeing - go check it out!" ~JB

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#2 Tuesday 13 May
Presented by David Shrigley & the Anton Kern Gallery
Support: Double Wonderful
Setlist: (coming soon)


Shrigley | Paparazzi | Senator | Senatorial | Byrnemaniax | Disabled Lad at Kern | Staged | Senated | Senatori Amos | Senagle | Butlerchris | others at
DS gallery exhibition slideshow

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#3 Tuesday 20 May
"Pogo In Togo"
Support: Family of Love & Bubblegum Octopus
Special guest rap: Christopher Zane Gordon
Setlist: (coming soon)


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"I returned to the scene of the crime to catch up with R Stevie Moore and his loyal entourage. This week's fashion report: wizard hat, 50's album cover, pajama bottoms with the Monopoly Man on them, not quite big enough clip on shades, tacky plastic American flag necklace. Illustrating that nothing has really changed in the last 20 years, the set featured 'Show Biz is Dead'. Oh, and you missed an impromptu cover of Mariah Carey's 'Touch My Body'.

RSM has one last show of his Cake Shop residency on 5/27 and word is he's got a great studio album in the works...

check out the photo gallery!" ~JB

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UPS-HATS #4 Tuesday 27 May
Support: Kemialliset Ystavat and The Skaters
Guest RSMMC: Don Fleming
Hobbies Galore (extract)
Elephant Overdrive Avenue
Aperture Overture (David Byrne Arena 75)
No Know
Another Day Slips Away
Looking for Bookings
Extra Cheese
Terrible Haircut
Paris 1984
Having A Real Fit

Major Devil Glitch
Take Back
Social Studies Buddies

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gratitude for pics and support: KO, Max, Claudia Julian, Nick Gazin, Vincent, your name here, (hey anybody who was attacking me with all those cameras, pass along your exposures!)
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