''Reckless Nights on BoardThe Bottom Line''


Joe McGinty (piano) produces Losers Lounge series @ Fez; has played with Psychedelic Furs, Ramones, Debbie Harry, Pizzicato 5. Also plays with Baby Steps (single: Air on a G String)
George Rush (electric & upright bass) does freelance work in New York and Philadelphia. He is currently studying at the New School
David Terhune (guitar) founder and songwriter of the KKs; musical arranger for Losers Lounge; has played/recorded with Bootfoot, the Sloppy Joes, Liquor Giants, and the Bongos
Clem Waldmann (drums) recently toured Europe with the band ui and plays percussion in the ensemble accompanying the Blue Man Group
Kris Woolsey (guitar) also guitarist and songwriter with Cardinal Woolsey (CD: Paralyzed With Happiness) and Baby Steps


Dave Amels (electronic keyboards) kingpin of Voce, Inc., manufacturer of the organ he's playing; veteran of Losers Lounge and Swinging Neckbreakers; owns a Mellotron and an Ondioline
Chris Bolger (guitar, banjo) home recording artist and songwriter, studio operator, longtime R. Stevie Moore sideman; also a recent proud dad (for the 2nd time)
Bob Brainen (guitar, bass) multi-instrumentalist and longtime WFMU afternoon DJ; has performed relentlessly in basements throughout northern NJ
Chris Butler (guitar, bass, spoons) leader/songwriter of the Waitresses. Produced dBs, Freedy Johnston, Joan Osborne. Wrote/produced Devil Glitch, 54-minute 12-artist collaboration CD
Dennis Diken (drums, percussion) of the Smithereens; compiled Joe Meek CD (Razor + Tie) and contributed liner notes to the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds boxed set
Enrico Granafei (harmonica) studied under Toots Thielemans; recorded and/or played with Eddie Gomez, Marc Johnson, Cameron Brown, Vic Juris, Claudio Roditi, Paquito D'Rivera
R. Stevie Moore (lead guitar) original 70s DIY home recording genius still at it. 12 albums on eight labels in four countries. Cassette Club: 429 Valley Rd, Upper Montclair, NJ 07043


Steven Bernstein (trumpet) of Spanish Fly. Has played with The Lounge Lizards, They Might Be Giants, Karen Mantler, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Alan Toussaint, Foetus, Aretha Franklin + others
Wayne Barker (piano) Improv comedy vet, serving 5 years with Chicago City Limits. A card-carrying member of the Frank Lloyd Wright Conservancy
Fred Child (piano) host of WNYC live music program, Around New York. Also plays guitar, bagpipes and marimba, and has never had a goatee
Irwin Chusid (producer, A&R director) Director of Raymond Scott Archives; writer; WFMU radio personality; producer of three Esquivel compilations and Ernie Kovacs Record Collection CD. Connoisseur of musical esoterica
Brian Dewan (piano) Master of macabre folk songs. Performed original score accompanying silent animation of Ladislaw Starewicz @ Lincoln Center; has played with David Byrne and They Might Be Giants
David Garland (vocal) recorded with Worlds of Love and two solo albums (Control Songs and a collection of Brian Wilson tunes). Host of WNYCs Spinning on Air and Evening Music
Kelly Flint, and her partner, Dave Cantor, are Dave's True Story. CD available from Flexible Man Music, PO Box 118, Radio City Station, NY 10019.
Mike Hashim (alto & soprano sax) has played with Dizzy Gillespie, Cab Calloway, Gatemouth Brown, Widespread Depression Orch. + others. Six solo albums, latest on Hep Records
Will Holshouser (accordion) has worked with Joey Arias, Mamou/Elisa Monte Dance Co., Drink Me, Aztec Two-Step, Gotham Playboys and has received two Meet the Composer grants
Phillip Johnston (soprano sax) leader/composer of Microscopic Septet, Big Trouble, and the Transparent Quartet. Composed & recorded score for Tod Browning 1927 silent, The Unknown
Bianca Bob Miller (toy piano, Casio) songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist, video director and snowglobe collector. Ex-Pianosaurus. Solos shows soon at Knitting Factory & Sidewalk Cafe
Robert Moog has been building theremins and synthesizers for nearly 50 years. He lives in Asheville, NC, and is the grand poobah of Big Briar, Inc.
Marc Muller currently backs Shania Twain; recorded and/or performed with Surreal McCoys, Branford Marsalis, Carla Bley, Steve Swallow; solo CD: American Home Cooking
Chris Nappi (xylophone) tours and records with, among others, Steve Reich and Musicians, Rogues March, and the S.E.M. Ensemble. Chris has recorded for CRI, Mode, and Wergo
Jane Scarpantoni (cello) has recorded and played with Beastie Boys, 10,000 Maniacs, Indigo Girls, The Lounge Lizards, Richard Barone, and myriad others
Todd Reynolds performed and/or recorded with Joe Jackson, Steve Reich, Graham Nash, Anthony Braxton, Marcus Roberts, John Cale, and his own jazz trio, Subject To Change
Rob Thomas (violin) of The Jazz Passengers, has freelanced with Joe Henderson, Eddie Harris, Bobby Hutcherson, Soldier String Quartet, and many others


Phil Marshal (guitar, arrangements) made records with the Colorblind James Experience
Tim Poland (bass) got married, August 15
Dave Cross (drums) holds the 1979 Blue Ribbon Holstein, Cattaraugus County, NY

    "I wanted to write music people would like the first time they heard it."
    - RAYMOND SCOTT (b. Brooklyn, Sept. 10, 1908; d. L.A., Feb. 8, 1994)

Some reactions to the shows...

many thanks for putting together the raymond scott show. it was magic.
thank god! i'd been trying to get [my girlfriend] into mr. scott for a while with little luck. she was bowled over by the show, though. maybe now she will forgive me for getting so emotional when i watch those [RSQ] video clips from films
bob moog's stories and david garland's part were my favorite, strangely enough. powerhouse as a finale was overwhelming!
funnily enough, the joy of performing that the players exuded reminded me of the captain beefheart and his magic band performances that i attended in 1970 and 1971

We had a terrific time.
What a great ending. We hummed "POWERHOUSE" all the way home.
PS - I'd like to be Mr. Moog's groupie. Any chance you can put in a good word for me?

A totally amazing program last night; a mammoth undertaking; and an overwhelming success by all accounts. Obviously the material was spectacular, but it was the curating, the effort, and the production that was staggering: incredible playing, arranging, and pacing. The young accordionist is someone to watch--I've never heard a rendition of Powerhouse so powerful. David Garland was charming; the Happy Farmers [sic] rocked; and the wackiness (R. Stevie, the FMU crew, etc) must have charmed the Scott family as it did us. And Robert Moog? Well, he IS ROBERT MOOG, after all!!!

Good show! Hell, great show!
Remarkable to see how quickly Raymond Scott has moved from forgotten man to cult-hero.
thanks for staging one of the last Vaudeville shows in existence, and a great one at that. I stayed out front to catch as much of the show(s) as I could and was mightily entertained, impressed and touched. I'll never forget the sight and sound of Moog, Amels, and Carlos, after the show, sitting at the clavivox talking in a language far beyond mere mortal comprehension.

I'm in shock from how good the show was! The show kicked my ass!
We LOVED it! Being in the presence of Mr. Moog was almost too much for me. As long as I live I'll never forget seeing Moog -- screwdriver in-hand -- showing Wendy Carlos under the hood of The Clavivox!!
I loved Coffee/Stevie's vers. of "City of New York"!! Holy shit! That tune rules to begin with... but how they rocked-it out... The Clavivox sounded great... Rob Thomas' replacement played beautifully... everything was incredible!
Another funny memory... I was seated literally elbow-to-elbow w/ Wendy Carlos. When there was no music, between songs, there was an audible buzzing from the sound equipment. I heard Carlos comment to herself, "Who's humming? Must be someone who doesn't know the words".

I loved Garland, Moog, Powerhouse, the vocal arrangement, Blue Blue Blue, the Kustard Kings (their guitarist in particular). how about for next year taking one piece (say Powerhouse) and playing it in all [different styles]! [Including] Ragtime and Klezmer!

The event was no less than magical, it's taken me a couple days to recover. ...
I was proud to be part of such a massive and complex production. All the artists involved were very, very nice (sweet even) and made us small town boys feel right at home.
In my extremely correct opinion, "Twilight Zone" was the big winner of the evening. The combination of tone colors and the balance of the arrangement was superb - those cats were on and made it look so easy.
1996 setlist:
Twilight in Turkey
Reckless Night on Board an Ocean Liner
The Penguin
Tobacco Auctioneer
Naked City
The Sleepwalker
Toy Trumpet
Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue
War Dance for Wooden Indians
Coming Down to Earth
Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals
MEDLEY: Tired Teddy Bear /
Swing, Swing Mother-in-Law /
Yesterdays Ice Cubes /
Mountain High, Valley Low
Never Going to Swing No More
Peter Tambourine
A Street Corner in Paris
In An 18th Century Drawing Room
Christmas Night in Harlem
Oil Gusher
1997 setlist:
Twilight in Turkey
Oil Gusher
The Penguin
Siberian Sleighride
The Sleepwalker
MEDLEY: And The Cow Jumped Over The Moon /
-Boy Scout In Switzerland /
Bourbon, Bourbon /
Tia Juana
Coming Down to Earth
Caterpiller Creep
The Happy Farmer
City of New York
Bumpy Weather Over Newark
Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue
Coming (Back) Down to Earth
Peter Tambourine
Tobacco Auctioneer
CLAVIVOX Demonstration by Mr. Robert Moog
Twilight Zone

are produced and directed by Irwin Chusid

thanks to: All the musicians for their talent, time and cooperation
Barrie Edwards and the great folks at Music Sales Corp.
Mitzi Scott, Alan Pepper, Paul Verna (for recording the show)
Donna Diken, Dave Soldier (violin arrangements)
All arrangements are by the performers unless otherwise indicated
All compositions by Raymond Scott Music Sales Corp./ASCAP except:
Never Going to Swing No More, Oil Gusher, and
Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue Gateway Music/ASCAP

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