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Still Masturbating
Monday, 22 February 2010
Blog rebirth attempt
Now Playing: Faust IV

yeah well, here i am again - so so very long since i did this concept - *my own blog* as opposed to the 1,000 community forum - continually frustrated with the Facebook thing - social nOtworking, addictive time-waste, sharing and being shared with, and the constant deluge of lame comments - i don't really know what i wanna say here, but i hope i stay with it. i prolly won't. personal thoughts for posthumous discovery, i always say.

happy birthday 55 to sister Linda Faye Moore out in nevada. i love you girlfriend.

got some recording to do, lead guitar lines for john ferguson and the next big fresh record. i've been putting it off for too long. story of my life. and roger ferguson has given up on waiting for me to work on our planned cover of 10cc's "Old Wild Men". what is my delay problem!

 back atcha later.


Posted by Thirstymoore at 12:30 PM EST
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Saturday, 29 November 2008
can't do this
i can't keep up with blogs. sorry. go away.

Posted by Thirstymoore at 11:46 AM EST
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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

From: (Marston Moor) Date: Wed, Oct 10, 2007, 7:35am To: Ken Alley, Dyersburg TN
Subject: Re: hiya

you woke me up!

cherry red disc is still currently in the works. dunno much about specific timeline, street date. jan 08? it's gonna be the best official rsm cd ever (16 panel pull out poster insert, tons of text & miniature memorabilia images, just like those greatest UK historical reissues - done up RIGHT!). did i fwd you the tracklist? also, i remastered it on computer software, so the fidelity is stunning, like never before. mostly all old stuff, but pumped up to explosive audiophile.

upcoming gigs planning is still being sorted out too; trying to get an electric band together, but it's fuckin awful seeking dependable pals, able fast learners, convenient scheds for rehearsing etc. the whole dilemma driving me batty. chris bolger is the only constant (bass). might use my keyboard as a drummer. breetvld had a personal meltdown, so suddenly he had to cop out. latest news is maybe my old 80s drummer lee miller may attempt to unite with us. also, i really am intent on instead performing the newer rsm tunes: best of manuscription, yungmoore, unpop6, shrigleys, moored, etc. which makes the rehearsing workload even more important. musishnins: what a hassle! it's no wonder i sadly must prefer the ease of playing solo. where's ian when i need him? lol

and yeh, sorry this year has slowed down to a crawl, regarding new music. i know you crave it, i do too but i am losing the youthful stamina... naturally, there's a big handful of unfinished projects which i really do need to complete, mixdown, lay to rest... someday i promise, but perhaps all this crucial practicing for gigging is now prioritized over silly new music. i kinda hate recording anymore, really need an engineer bad... but my playing is as satisfying as ever. that's a good thing, relieved that i'm at least still 'making' sounds.

meanwhile, more good stuff coming to you soon; dvds for the amazing wfmu show, and other delights. plus a couple of new 1st time archive remasters. your pile is always building.

thanks eternally for the support and friendship, mate. i really need it moore than eva.

ya still quit smoking, eh? how long's it been? 3+ years for me.

don't wake me up!


Yup - got 'em. Unpops are great. Killer tunes one right after another. The dvd's are great too. I guess you've been busy with all the recent activity? What's the status of the Cherry Red? Are all the upcoming gigs going to be acoustic? I forgot how good Don't Wake Me Up is! What ambience.

-------------- Original message from (Marston Moor): --------------
> ya get the packages? much to discuss. hope you dig Unpops! got another
> stack of rare new stuff coming for ya, mainly video, wfmu show etc. not
> much new home recording, sorry. on hiatus. soon come.
> ?.?'? ?)) -:|:-
> ?.?' .?'??))
> R. Stevie Moore
> ((??.?' ..?'
> -:|:- ((?? ?.?

Posted by Thirstymoore at 8:43 AM EDT
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Friday, 18 May 2007
Got Flomax?
Now Playing: ensemble ambrosius
age 55 and got a new ailment - that old urinary scare. frequency, urgency increased tenfold - gotta go constantly, then very little comes out. recently had a PSA test, no prostate cancer worries... but what's happening? blockage? enlarged bagism? aint got no doctor, no nurse, no plumbing inspector. sign of panic things to come. body shutting down, saving all my settings. golden showers circle jerks unite. wheel myself over to visit geriatric1927. cool granddaddio.

will gladly trade cdrs, dvdrs for flomax. extra strength, snorted with no-sodium salt substitute.

Posted by Thirstymoore at 8:48 AM EDT
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Friday, 9 March 2007
It's over! I quit!

You know who you AREN'T (ANYMOORE).

Kiss my lektrik tongue.

'You can't quit, you're FRIED!'


Posted by Thirstymoore at 8:45 AM EST
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Monday, 8 January 2007
Now Playing: chet atkins hi-fi in focus for lane

I am back. I am so sorry that you have been made to sit and wait. MONTHS! Can you teach me how to remain consistent here? Doncha want me to write often?

As if I don't have anything else better to do with my days??

It is January. Month of birth. Time to look forward to a new year a new change a new pilgrim's progress. Horseshit! I cannot think str8. Just so glad to be me. I been bein me for oh so long. Oh oh seven so long. So long!

Happy birthday Elvis Bowie. James Brown wake up!!

Brother Gary I hope you received my care packages. I'm a Hollywood moviestar now, and figured since we don't talk no mo, I orta at least grace you with my recent netflix. YouTube underground sensation, and now they wanna ban me because I take up too many top chart posotions. Blame Nuno Bettencourt.

Max and Bill and Breet and Volz and Paul, I see your faces but I better see them more, moore. Saw Butler at the FMU party. Whoa, that man! Saw Irwin. And there's Noel Coward's Ghost over there in the corner. And Dom Leone. And Joseph Wms. And Mitch and FXO. Catalano. Otis. My peeps posse.

But where's Mike Marshall and Preston Spurlock? Out of film and batteries.

Got a new letter from Barry Mann! I need to call him since he dont do the email thing. Just like Partsy. Grrr.

Do you know the way to San Jose can U C?

I'm a huggie druggie, medicinal mess yes, but... I'll be right back I promise. Kiss my lectrik tongue. Behind my new plastic toy teeth.

Unpopular zingers....


Posted by Thirstymoore at 8:55 AM EST
Updated: Monday, 8 January 2007 9:19 AM EST
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Thursday, 28 September 2006
Soft matching
Mood:  don't ask
Now Playing: Papaw and me
Topic: In Person
hi Gow

'soften em up real good like'. i'm gonna use that as a new song, or in a new song. or as a funtasy album title. it's what i do. way too many brilliant ideas to actually use. gosh, i wish you could hear my latest cds. tell laura i love herbert.

it's 6am here, slep 8 hrs. did i really go to bed at 10? old folks home. racing brain. killer tinnitus. manic depression. not with myself, but the world surrounding me. this is sounding like a blog. better cut + paste and add it to my own. the bloog. i'd send you the link if i thought you cared!

i got a brand new rsm home movie!!

and did i show you this?
hope you can view/hear, then you get a glimpse of some of my most current works. i am still king of undergroundbeefcake. none come close.

much love,
small stale wash gore moore

Posted by Thirstymoore at 6:46 AM EDT
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Thursday, 7 September 2006

HQ sez: hi hi hi,

just got PRODUCT! terry burrows finally dispatched me a full box, semi-bulk limited quantity of the new official UK pressing of "YUNG & MOORE VERSUS THE WHOLE GODDAM STINKIN' WORLD" - nifty digipackage, explosive sound, and surely ultrarare 6 months from now.

did you ever get one? need one? say the word. but.....Hurry!



Wow, that is GREAT news!
That is one sweet album, btw (in my humble opinion, of course). Hope it generates some ca$h for you.
It IS a crime that the big stores aren't bulk ordering it. Or even the little stores!
Modern marketing practices suck.
So many bastards...


R: yep, this "item" should be all over the INDEPENDENT distributor lists, in indie stores, on indie KOLLEGE radio, indie press, indie best-of lists, blah blah blah... another 100% [commerce] failure... makes absolutely no sense whatsoever... literally thousands of young kid bands gettin the hype/push one after another... the marketplace competition is stifling.

?.?'? ?)) -:|:-
?.?' .?'??))
R. Stevie Moore
((??.?' ..?'
-:|:- ((?? ?.?

Posted by Thirstymoore at 12:14 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 22 August 2006
Text Maniac
Now Playing: michael jackson 'jam'


"the natives are getting restless

Hey Stevie - How soon is soon ? Where's the mp3 of the week ? Is ZOOT published in English or Portugese ? Any way to get a copy ?"

whoa i actually almost feel like yer pressuring me! aha! you're right i'm left she's gone. in my mind's eye, i have 20 amazing things i could do right now, all at once. but since i'm sickly at 154 yrs old, not a fucking one of them is getting accomplished. pshaw. multiple recording projects stillborn. alzheimers. can't think straight. somebody oughta be filming me 24/7, the confused twilight of my life. navel gazing papa.

how ironic too, me, the orig king of prolific overachievers, too much quantity of fine art for decades, now feels like he needs a rest!! my arthritic hands can't toil fast enough for my scattered brain. lazy bum.

bear with me, kid! ha ahahahaha

it's all i can do to even post new entries HERE. old rottenhat.

you see the youtube vidclips???!

god bless nuno monteiro.

hey it's exactly a month later, since catman died. stevie joe, the new replacemat, has grown accustomed to my pad. he's truly bizarre, a big heavyweight puppy dog with a kitty head. he's special needs... slight probs with eyes, boogers, overpoundage, clumsy adolescence, attacking poor rikki, etc.

another day slips away!!! away!


unified by a seductive poprocklogic.

i drank my piss yesterday. not bad!

rs moved up here for this???

Posted by Thirstymoore at 7:29 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 22 August 2006 7:43 AM EDT
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Thursday, 3 August 2006
Summer of Satanic proportions.......

Sat, Jul 22, 2006, 2:10pm



I absolutely crumbled at the MTC vet's office this morning, had to run out alone sobbing, severe nausea attack, while Krys completed witnessing the final moments. Still comes in waves, intense grief and symbolic shock. Last 20 years he's been my husbandbrother. The Valley Road Boy.

Was hoping, trying to be strong, aloof, insensitive to a degree. Caved in big time.

Still weak, shaken up, sore heart and burning eyes.

So sad. Sad! SAD!!!

Slow Down, World. NEXT!

Love is the ONLY answer. Quickly.

Date: Thu, Jul 27, 2006 To: HP
Subject: Dental Illness

hey, big big news, bad and good. been wanting to tell you all about this for awhile, but it's been quite a slowly developing saga and i had to gather my thoughts and info.

i'm having most of my bad teeth extracted, and will be getting dentures!

for years, my typical dental history has been of total avoidance, mainly because of basic unaffordability. and like many folks, i would/could prioritize any treatment *only* if severe pain required it. well, i've had my share of toothaches, but never suffered as much as watched my teeth deteriorate. breaking off, chipping off, falling out, you name it.

so in the past, say, 10 years, i became increasingly alarmed at the frequency with which i was losing them, but they were mainly in the back (less noticable). and so in the past 5 or less years, then they would be closer to the front (in view). began to get more and more self-conscious about it too. but, not much i could do...

this past may 19th, it finally happened: totally unexpected my front top left incisor tooth just crumbled in a mere bite of a soft english muffin. omigod. i naturally panicked. the ultimate embarrassment... Ol' Gaptooth. alfred e newman. i can never ever smile again??? krys and i immediately walked down to see a local dentist, and to start thinking how to determine the several options & estimated cost.

well, we told roger ferguson about this incident (obviously he already knew my teeth were a growing problem), and like the amazing financial help he and his 2nd wife dawn gave me years back for my second cataract surgery, they again offered to help pay for this major (expensive) dentures procedure. if you recall, her late husband left a huge amount in a charitable trust fund, for them to assist whoever they wished.

so, i had to make the final decision of which treatment choice to make, roger sent them a check paid in full, and now i am finally going through with the procedure: full dentures on upper and partial dentures on lower. which means multiple heavy duty extractions. yikes. i began on july 10. and today went back again for the second visit. extremely traumatic! extremely sore today, but i'll heal quickly in the coming days. it will take another month or more, i guess, before i finally start to get fitted and adjusted for FALSE TEETH BRIDGES! can't wait to finally EAT again. and smile large. regain a little self esteem...

but right now i only have 3 top teeth remaining, i suppose left there for anchoring purposes etc. i don't understand a lot of it. the whole thing seems so vague to me, hard to make concrete decisions on what's personally best for me. there's so many alternatives available. i simply don't wanna look bad nor do i wanna suffer further discomfort. so they're yankin them out.

welcome to my senior nightmare. drama 101.

anyway, that's the story, and i'm glad to finally tell you about it. wow. what a heavy scene.

god bless the fergusons.


Posted by Thirstymoore at 7:56 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 3 August 2006 8:20 AM EDT
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