DATE: Saturday Aug. 21, 1965

Steve Moore

This is the story of Steve Moore. He's an average teenage boy who loves girls and gets into trouble. He loves music and anything to do with music. His father, Bob Loyce Moore, a bass player for anyone who records in Nashville, is probably the reason for Steve's madness for music. He can play the piano, trumpet, rhythm, bass, and steel guitars, harmonica, and drums. He's got his own guitar, a used 25 buck job. We'll get into music later. Anyway, Steve, a 5-1 and 115 pounder, has blonde hair (long, of course) and blue eyes. He wears dark-rimmed glasses sometimes. As this story is written, Steve is 13 and 7 months old. His previous year in school was his best of 7 consecutive ones. He made the Honor Roll 5 of 6 times and got the Top Ten award. For this he got his black and white guitar from his father. His best friends were all in his room, except for his dame, Barbara Mullen. His fellow string-picker, Ricky Christian, is his best BOYfriend. Mike Santi and Donnie Gillespie are others.

Steve always says to people who ask about him, "The only things I care about are eating, snoozing, money, goofing off, music, and Barbara, his girl. She's some girl, too. A short brunette who loves Steve and likes to flirt.

But let's go over these subjects. Food! Steve probably couldn't live without it! He eats heavy though, seriously. He likes steak, meat loaf, and 5 ft. high hamburgers. He likes Dagwoods too. He likes pizza and spaghetti, fish and shrimp, and chili-dogs and Krystals. He likes Sprites and root beer. He has eaten 2 Big Boys before, 7 slices of pizza, and 5 tunafish sandwiches, just a few of his records.

And as everybody does, Steve hates to get up in the morn. Steve loves money too (who doesn't?). He loves music. He enjoys life though.

Until the music came into his mind, Steve loved sports. He still does, but he kept up with all football and baseball players via mags and bubblegum cards. He even played a small part in baseball. In Little League, he never made the majors, but he did hit .584 in the minors, once.

Steve, with his friend Ricky loves cycles too. He will get one someday.

Another big hobby is records. That's not too unusual for teenagers but he has many. Steve likes the British groups a lot. He picks Herman's Hermits, the Beatles, the Dave Clark 5, and the Beach Boys as his favorites. He's a singer himself, and he aims to have a big group someday in his teens.

His usual week contains fun. He skates and wastes money with his friend Rick.


MATCHES (Match Game)

1. Name something that makes people sneeze - pepper (2 points)
2. Name something that makes people sneeze - pepper (2 pts)
3. Mary was always complaining, "John, why don't we ____ anymore? - go out (3)
4. Name someone with famous legs - Crazylegs Hirsch (0)
5. Name a mirror place - bathroom (4)
6. Name a movie tough guy - Bogart (0)
7. Least Obituary (0)
8. Dear ____ - John (0)
9. Product from peanut - P.Butter (6)
10. Had hole in ____. - pants (2)
11. Masterpiece - Mona Lisa (3)
12. Fruit drink - orange juice (3)
13. Casey ____ - Stengel (1)


AUG. 12 TO

Wed 11
Left Madison at morning. Drove 2 hours and stopped at roadside park and had snack and stretched. Stopped again later (both in Kentucky) and went through Cincinnati. Drove through Ohio. Found motel in Zanesville and ate. Came back to motel and slept. Summary: drove all day.

Thur 12
Woke up and drove through rest of Ohio, W. Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Afternoon reached New Jersey, drove and went to milk store. Got here. Called home and went to bed.

Fri 13
Woke up and stayed home and played. That night got bath and went shopping. Went to bed.

Sat 14
Got up and got ready. Went to World's Fair. Did about everything. Went home 1:00.

Sun 15
Got up - went to church - came home. Grandma Moore came over and took us to see Korean choir. Came home and went to bed.

Mon 16
Stayed home all day and went to 2 Guys and bowled. Came home and Mama called.

Tues 17
Got up. Went to Crestmere Lake and swam with Lil and Len. Came home played croquet. Went to Len's for 2 days.

Wed 18
Had ball with Len and Hughes boys. Bought books - bowled. Went to church that night.


Aug. 23, 1965

WABC 77 on your dial

1. California Girls - Beach Boys Capitol
2. Down In The Boondocks - Billy Joe Royal Columbia
3. That's all I got!







DATE: Aug 21

My Life

My name is Linda

Moore. I live on

507 Graycroft Ave

in Madison, Tenn.

I go to Stratton

School and I belong

to the Parkway

Baptist Church.

My best friends are

Donna Randall and

Patricia Parker. My

boyfriend is Don

Randall. My mother

is 30. Her name is

Betty. My father

is 32. His name is

Bob and he works

as a musician. My

dog's name is Lady.

She is 2 years old.

My favorite groups

are the Beatles and

Herman's Hermits.

My favorite flavor

is chocolate and my

favorite subject in

school is arithmetic.

My favorite color

is blue, my favorite

sports are ice -

hockey, football, and

baseball. My favorite

hobby is skating. I

love to skate. (Es-

pecially with boys.)

My favorite T.V. shows

are Lucy Ball and Patty

Duke. Another

favorite hobby is

dancing. I take tap

but I also love to

do the jerk and all

those kind of dances.

My favorite food is

spegetti and pizza.

My favorite meats

are steak and chicken.

You might as well

know, (I love to eat.)
That's why I weigh

I love to skate.
I love to dance.
I love Don Randall.

I do love to skate,

dance and I really

love to love Don.

He's the nicest,

sweetest, and

funniest boy on

earth. Other people

may not think so,

but I do. His sister

Donna, is the same

way. They are both

wonderful kids.

I love to go

skating on Friday

night. The whole

gang is there. And

man, we have a

ball. I love to

eat too. I really

should cut down

a little because

I'm getting fat.

I love to go to

ice hockey games.

I love to see

football games

too. Especially

the great Rams.

I love Christmas.

It is my favorite

time of the year.

I love to watch

television and I

really love to lis-

ten to the radio.

I love records

and I love to have

parties and shows.
I love to bowl too.

I have two brothers.

One is 13 years old.

His name is Steve.

He plays the guitar

and hopes some

day he'll have his

own singing group.

My smaller brother

Gary is seven

years old. He is a

face making monkey.

I have no sisters.


"What we did at N.J."

Left Madison 9:30 Wed. Drove 2 hours and stopped at roadside park in Kentuckey. Had soda and cookies. Drove till 1:00, stopped and had lunch. Drove on and on till we reached motel about 9:30 Ohio. Then had supper and went to bed. Got up early Thurs. morning, had breakfast, drove on to West Virginia and through Penn. about 2:00 o'clock ate at Howard Johnsons, drove on to N.J. stopped and had hamburgers 7:00 drove to Wayne, got milk and got home 9:30, called you.

"In N.J."

Went to bed, got up Fri, stayed home and played, that night got dairy dip. Next day World's Fair Sat. Got sweat shirt $3.10. Got home at late 1:00 AM. Went to bed - beat. Got up early on Sun. went to church. At night went to see a quire with G.Moore. Had soda and cake, bed. Stayed home, played. Mon. at night went 2 Guys and got dairy dip - [you called] - Tues. went to Crestmere and had picnic at night. Had cookout with Aunt Lillian and Len. Steve went too. Wed. stayed home all day and had dairy dip. Ride at night. Thurs. picked up Len and Teeba (?) and went to Jim's and Jeanette's. Had soda, chips, melon. Had pizza, ice cream later. At night had cookout and went over Aunt Ib's (gave us a dollar). Fri. stayed home on the day. At night we went to Great Eastern and had dip. Sat. stayed home all day. At night went to Topps, had dip and visited Lillian. Sun. rained, had ride by reservor. Stayed home night. You called us. Mon. stayed home day, had dip at night. Tues. had pizza, ice cream with Lil. Stayed over Lil's a while, went home had cookout.