ALL RSTEVIEMOORE RADIO TRIBUTE 91.1 FM, Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN
Wednesday 9 January 2008 7-10:30pm (CST)
DJ Eric Andre, with special guest Roger Ferguson
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ReqNew RelV/AArtistSongAlbumLabelGenre
   R. Stevie MooreFlight of FancySwing and a miss1977Jazz
   R. Stevie MoorePlayPlay1976Jazz
   R. Stevie MooreMix DecisionPop Pain1981Jazz
   R. Stevie MooreGoodbye PianoPhonography (1976)HP MusicExperimental
   R Stevie MooreLove is for the birdsAll well and Good (1986)www.rsteviemoore.comLocal
   R. Stevie MooreBloody KnucklesClack! (1978-80)www.rsteviemoore.comIndieRock
   R. Stevie MoorePart of the problemGlad Music (1986)New RoseLocal
   R. Stevie MooreI wanna hit youSwing and Miss 1977www.rsteviemoore.comClassical
   R. Stevie MooreJump out in front of a carClack! (1978-80)www.rsteviemoore.comLocal
   r stevie mooresort of wayHobbies Galorewww.rsteviemoore.comPunk
   R. Stevie MooreThe world looks at meOn GReycroft (1968)www.rsteviemoore.comFolk/Country
   R. Stevie MooreI wish I could singPhonography (1976)HP MusicIndieRock
   R. Stevie MooreIronySheetrock (1977)www.rsteviemoore.comFolk/Country
   R. Stevie MooreTechnical Difficulty1952-19?? (1987)Cordelia (UK)Experimental
   R. Stevie Moorehobbies galoreteenage spectacularwww.rsteviemoore.comExperimental
   R. Stevie MooreWhy should I love youGlad Music (1986)New Rose (UK)Punk
   R. Stevie MooreUntitledRandom Mixwww.rsteviemoore.comSoul/Funk
   R. Stevie MooreConflict of interestClack! (1978-80)www.rsteviemoore.comOther
   R. Stevie MooreWKDF 103 Nashville ETHOS radio ADwww.rsteviemoore.comOther
   ETHOSWhat a waste of timeRadios E.P. 1973www.rsteviemoore.comEclectic
   R. Stevie MooreDelicate TensionDelicate Tension (1978)www.rsteviemoore.comExperimental
   R. Stevie MooreYou always want what you don't haveClack! (1978-80)www.rsteviemoore.comLocal
   R. Stevie MooreSchoolgirlDelicate Tension (1978)www.rsteviemoore.comFolk/Country
   R. Stevie MooreTeen Routines (radioedit) (1978)Clack! (1978-80)www.rsteviemoore.comIndieRock
   R, Stevie MooreTreat MeSheetrock (1977)www.rsteviemoore.comLocal
   R, Stevie MooreThousands of DaysR. Stevie Moore Gets off (1984noneLocal
   R. Stevie MooreYou and Me1952-19?? (1987)Cordelia (UK)Local
   R, Stevie MooreSatisfactionSample for approval www.rsteviemoore.comLocal
   R. Stevie MooreDewey Decimal SystemLove Compartment (1999-2000)www.rsteviemoore.comGospel
   R. Stevie MooreEpilogueSheetrock (1977)www.rsteviemoor.comExperimental
   R. Stevie MooreI'm scaredSheetrock (1977)www.rsteviemoore.comLocal
   R. Stevie MooreShe's DeadSwing and a miss 1977www.rsteviemoore.comLocal
   R. Stevie MooreI hope you rememberhobbies galorewww.rsteviemoore.comIndieRock
   R. Stevie MooreGoodbye Piano (alt. ver.)1952-19?? (1987)Cordelia (UK)IndieRock
   ethosshow buisnessstudio recordingswww.rsteviemoore.comLocal
   R. Stevie MooreI Wish I Had a CigarettePIano Lessons ('77)www.rsteviemoore.comFresh Heir
Req: Indicates this song was requested by a listener.

NR: Indicates this song is on a newly released album.

VA: Indicates this song is on a various-artists compliation.