R.Stevie is no stranger to rejection by the mainstream record industry. This is the text of a letter Vic & Stevie received from Island Records on their letterhead in 1975.


4th November, 1975

Victor Lovera [Stevie's then-friend and in this case, agent]
1513 N. 12th Street
Tennessee 37212,

Dear Victor,

Many thanks for your tape. I'm sorry to read that you are finding reactions rather "traditional" over there in Nashville. It doesn't really surprise me though, as nothing very experimental or original seems to come out of "Music City USA" anymore, with the possible exception of guys like Dennis Linde and Billy Swann.

Regarding your tape however, I'm afraid I'm going to pass on it as I didn't like the songs, particularly in a melodic sense, although some of the lyrics were quite entertaining ("No Not Very Much" and "Wayne, Wayne").

I wish you luck elsewhere.

Yours sincerely,

Howard Thompson
A & R Department.


Deemed Inappropriate.