Victor Lovera
Library of Congress tape

(Spring 1997)
Last Recordings?

1. Aussie Holiday* (3.00)
2. Can't Snap My Deck* (3.00)
3. Ghost in 2-D* (3.09)
4. I Cry* (3.16)
5. Strobe Light Girl+ (2.39)
6. Inches Away+ (2.27)
7. Rock Buzz Boogie+ (3.32)
8. Hunger+ (2.51)
Total Time (24.00)
-->All voices and instruments by Victor<--
* Intended for Those Guys (harmonies: Irene=high, Gwen=low)
+ Demos for an Elvis-influenced performer Vic had contacted.

AMG REVIEW: Singer/songwriter Victor Lovera died, after a long illness, on May 13, 1998. The two-disc set Love Lovera, Last Victor was compiled by his friend and musical partner R. Stevie Moore later that year, gathering songs Lovera had recorded as far back as 1982, following the break-up of his Nashville power pop band the Smashers. This 42-song double CD, more than any of the other collections of Lovera's music released through the R. Stevie Moore Cassette Club, shows what a remarkably varied songwriter Lovera was; moving easily from highly melodic pure pop rockers like "Sleepwalking" to sensitive but never wimpy acoustic singer/songwriter tunes like "This Fool That Fell." Although it covers 15 years and a variety of recording situations, from full-band studio takes to solo acoustic demos, the album is surprisingly consistent, a testament to Lovera's quirky lyrical abilities and melodic strengths. The CD version also includes an eight-song solo demo session recorded in the spring of 1997, songs meant for Lovera's then-current band Those Guys, and for an unidentified Elvis-style rockabilly singer, that were the last songs Lovera recorded.

–Stewart Mason, All Music Guide