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ok - more stuff:

i just reviewed the smasher recording list & here is some more info - you have stuff i wouldn't have remembered in a million years!

the live x-mas show 1976, fagan on gtrs & vcls; va on gtr & vcls; vic on bass & vcls.

john moss: what a trip. i really liked him, but he REFUSED to play the right tempos. most of the time i was racing to keep up w/him. listen to magic man - it's twice as fast as it's supposed to be. all john moss. i run into him occasionally. he has grown up. i think he would play better now! lot of good that did us, right?

i'd give anything to have the stuff we recorded at clement's studio on a cd. do you have that capability? all i have is an old cassette. one of these days, the magnetic quality is just going to give up & i'll have nothing. you know, we actually did a few songs before that - in fact, while recording these songs at LSI, michael snow made his first appearance on the scene. we recorded punk & roll music & bad game to play & KKK you. i might still have a reel to reel of that. if i don't, fagan might. can't remember. i liked those recordings & had a lot of fun doing them. michael snow was introduced to us by phil & becky. i met phil waiting tables. i used to tell anyone who asked just what i did: "i'm in a great band. got any money?" phil (actually all the money was becky) did. we had done a terrible, but great, recording of a few songs including "danger" in an apt F was living in for a while. i went to NYC looking for gigs with that tape. before i left, i gave a copy to phil who heard past the inadequate equipment. we told him about the recording we were doing at LSI & he dragged michael down. michael thot the production was all wrong. that was some time in 1979, but i couldn't tell you exactly when. well, the rest, as they say, is history. phil & becky came up with enuf money to get us into sound emporium (clement) - although the master was never released to them, because they never paid the whole bill. none of us could pay either, so i guess it's been thrown away. we were supposed to go in & lay down tracks for only 3 songs, but we were so fast in the studio (thank god for all that recording experience - we could never play well live, but recording! we had that down) they opted for 10 (i think). we went back another day & did "once is not enuf". i think we spent as much time on that as we did on everything else. we had put down "this boy" acapella to show off our harmonies, but it was left off when phil & becky shopped the tape. they told us later that every label they went to turned them down. i think they were desperate to make some money, so they talked vic into a deal that shouldn't have been made. our management contract stipulated that they get a major label deal. as we all know, kats records was a tax shelter for someone. they never did anything to promote the album that was eventually made.

michael brought tony newman in. he tried to play with us when everyone wanted us to showcase the material live. we rehearsed at SIR. i kept telling everyone that our ability to record did not reflect our ability to play live. in those days, it was nearly impossible to find steady live gigs. there were hardly any places available, and once we played in one place, the other places wouldn't let us play for a month so that we wouldn't "saturate" the market. during the rehearsals, tony nearly went insane. he couldn't believe how rough our performances were. we told him if he would be patient things would gel. they always did, but he was an alcoholic & had no understanding. also, i guess his rep couldn't take the hit. that's when P & B started looking for other drummers. drummers! always our problem.

after i was fired from the band, taylor was brought in to play keys (by this time, i was only playing keys - no more guitar) & sing my parts. i remember, i was so torn up over everything, & they were rehearsing for the album at SIR where i was working as a bookkeepper.

taylor came upstairs & actually asked me how to play a keyboard part. i like taylor, but i told him he was going to have to figure it out for himself, unless they wanted to pay me to teach him the parts, which i didn't mind doing. they wouldn't, so i didn't. i was too hurt. anyway, he must have done alright, because he is on the album playing and singing all my parts.

that whole thing ended badly, for which i was always sorry. the music was so great, & we had such fun for so long. P & B's part in my leaving had to do w/money. they had managed to get BMI to give them $12,000 - 75% of which was supposed to go to us so that we didn't have to work at straight jobs. we got 25%. when i realized that the money was gone (i was the treasurer of our corporation), i talked to vic about it, and he seemed upset - the next thing i know, he's telling me i'm out. poor vic. he had so little - at times he didn't even have enuf to eat. i'm sure it was easy for mgt to talk him into that whole thing. at least that's my take on it. if you know anything different, i'd love to hear it.

i've told you more than i really intended. i'd like to remember the good stuff - the funny stories - living out in madison playing all the time - playing for anyone anytime & how much everyone loved us.

there are still people in nashville that remember us & how much fun it was to go to our shows. we did some really weird stuff. i remember for awhile, we did a western medley: theme from bonanza, the magnificent 7, wild wild west -there was probably something else - & then vic sang this weird story song he wrote - i can't remember the name of it. truly funny. we used to play pin ball wizard & invariably in the first couple of strikes on the opening chords, fagan would break a string & his guitar would be out of tune the whole rest of the song. shit like that happened all the time. oh yeah - we taped a medley of some of our tunes in muzak style & we would play that tape before we played the gig. very funny. i wish i had a copy of that stuff. someone must have a copy of it. maybe fagan.

i do go on.

the moon will have to do.

Tue, Nov 26, 2002

i just visited your discography site - i wanted to tell you that i remember how to play "don't go to the dogs" (is that right?) can't ever remember the words, but now i can go back & review them! always loved that stuff. i have a tape that you gave me when you had recorded only a few of the songs - manufacturers & a couple of others. weren't you doing that at billy a's?


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Date: Thu, Dec 5, 2002
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Hello Victor. I am only praying that you remember me.. My name Is Jacinda Seale.. It used to be Jacinda Carns. I am Gypsy's daughter.. I surfing the web and came across this linki and thought I would say hello.. I will wait to write more until I hear from ou and make sure you remember me:) Aloha Jacinda

Thanks for your response. I knew Fagan. I lived in Fl growing up and I remember going to see Victor and Fagan when I was like 10. How is Fagan.

I called my dad and he told me about Victor's death. He said he had been sick for a while:( And after he told me that I remembered that he had told me about his passing. I live In Hawaii on the North Shore of Oahu. I live here with my huband of 8 yrs. Shawn. Daughter Kirra 4 1/2 and son Ezra 21 months. Life is good. :)

Thank you so much for your email.<> Have a great day.

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Date: Tue, Dec 10, 2002, 10:03am
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hey stevie i heard alot about you thru the years, my name is george rockwood & victor & i wrote numerous songs together, (violins, torn together, pointy shoes, cant take away your memory etc.....) i wrote the lyrics & vic wrote the music... i'd love to keep in contact with you & victor & i were writing together for some years... some of the stuff was even published & released, mostly in europe. i'm currently having a friend putting some our demos to cd (what i could find) & ive also got loads of fotos from our days together. when i met vic he was so disillusioned with music & didn't want to do it again nor had he even picked up a guitar in years. i was this crazy young naive 19 yr old with a book full of lyrics just waiting for that magic touch. when i heard the smashers lp i knew he was the one. the rest is history... i called gwen a few years ago to get that magic back with vic, but she told he passed away & my heart fell out... i still miss him today... & man was he a huge culture club fan & was fascinated with boy george, he reminded him of bowie. so please send me any cds from him that come out.... my email is..... geodelia@aol.com my address is...... georgie rockwood 2629 andrews ave. melbourne, fla. 32935 my telephone is...(321) 242-3000.... so please email me asap that you got this..... thanks


p.s. is there anyway i could get a cd copy of .... 1981-1996 "2cd lovelovera/ last victor....????? i sure hope so cause i saw the following songs on there that vic & i wrote....(so slow, cant take away your memory, dance house, torn together, violins).... george

From: RSMko@webtv.net (Marston Moor)
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 11:38
To: Geodelia@aol.com
Subject: Re: CDRSMCLUB

Dear Georgie,

Well, hello there! It is SO good to hear from you... god bless the internet!! Where to begin, sheesh!?

First of all, ALL the Lovera music you see on his site is available remastered by me on CD-Rs! I'd be glad to burn you copies as you wish, but finances are extremely tight here; so I'd need some standard order from you, please. As you did indeed compose some of the later tunes, I hesitate to "sell" those to you! :-) So if you could send some funds my way, either via PayPal or by mail, I'll slip in the LOVE LOVERA 2CD for free. Fair enough?

Or how abouts we strike up a deal: you say you have many fotos from your times together... can you scan and email them to me?!? If yes, I will gladly trade discs for them. Always craving rare images & info for my website museum!

So much to discuss! I also have lotsa great home video of VL's visits to my NJ home, circa 1991-93! Essential for you to own that. Footage of his Long Island house too, complete with Boy George all over the walls!! HA! During one visit, he brought out the '85 German 12" by "Apart From The Crowd" doing 'Violins' & 'Torn Together.' IZZAT YOU???? I assume, yes! I taped the record onto cassette, would LOVE to have it on CD. What label was that on? There's even video footage of Vic showing me the sleeve.

Wow, and "Dance House"!! You cowrote that??? Amazing! We recorded that together! (reunited mid-80s for the first time since Nashville 1977, also recorded "Stella Risa") ...

Also, I'm very interested finding out more specific details about Vic's FLA experience. When exactly did he live down there? What caused him to move from Nashville? Gwen's connections? Did you know Fagan & Virginia Arouh?? How did you & Victor meet? When did he relocate to TN & then NY?

"Pointy Shoes"!? LOL- Never heard that title mentioned! Does it exist on tape??

Ever heard my musical saga??? Dig this: I even sang "Can't Take Away Your Memory" on a live radio performance weeks after his passing!!!

Check out much rsmaudio here: http://www.mp3.com/rsteviemoore Glad you found me and hope you enjoy my VL tribute webpages!

Keep in touch. Victor survives through me. His final recordings will send shivers down your spine. He knew.......

14 E P #4 Bfld NJ 07003


great to hear back from you....well i don't have a scanner or printer, i could go to kinkos & color scan the fotos to you if you like & mail them to you, since i don't have any of the nrgatives. man, where do i begin.....i met vic in mid "82 in fla.... (merritt isl.) i had a copy of the smashers lp & i saw a poster from them in a local record shop that they were doin a gig at the hotel. my friend's dad also ran a restaurant in downtown cocoa & fagan was a waitor there & the relationship started from there. i got together with vic... he was driving an old ford falcon & living in this old trailor behind fagans house (fagans parents owned the property & lived down the road too). vic & i hit it off. i was looking for someone to put music to my lyrics & he wanted nothing to do with music or even playing music etc..... he always said i inspired him & to get back into the music.... i was into the new wave thing (naked eyes, thompson twins, spandau ballet, ) etc.... that was the jolt he needed. he loved my lyrics & i think the first 2 lyrics i even wrote were : pointy shoes, dance house (let's dance & twist about).... then came a flood of lyrics like violins, torn together etc.... i've still got loads of lyrics written during this time that vic never got around to that still need music.....we were looking to be this keyboard driven band like the groups i mentioned.... he wrote them on acoustic then put them to keyboard etc.... they came out great... in fact the original demo of violins is very different than the record, much prettier with nothing but strings, the same w/ torn together. i think at this time vic was working as a telemarket ... we demod violins, so slow, torn together & ease me to 8 track at a studio & when i left for germany in mid '83 i shopped them around & found aia records/ralf krueger musik. vic was going to relocate to germany but due to his health fading fast he couldn't go & it broke his heart, who knows what would've happened if he ever went. so i stayed but vic & i continued to write thru the mail for a short time.... i send him a lyric & he would compose the music...we kind of did it how taupin & john would do it. we just kind of lost touch & after a few years we got back into contact when i came back in '87. from '87 to about '91 or '92 we started writing again & thats when the new version of so slow & can't take away your memory , violins, & midnight low in which we were called Rockwood & Lovera... i wondered whatever happened to the recording of midnight low????? ive got bios from us,,, sheet music of violins from the music publisher etc...... during this time too we were doing it thru the mail again like we did before, me being in fla & vic in ny. i even have his guitar notes on my lyric sheets etc.... i kept most everything if i didn't lose it thru the years.... we had a magic with our songs cause my lyric writing was so different from his... i think vic said he left nashville to follow fagan to fla.... & continue the smashers as a local thing & the weather was much better for health reasons... the smashers at this time was just vic, fagan & a local drummer. i feel good that he always said that i inspired him to start writing again & having a heart for music... i remember we used to dress the new wave thing have the new wave haircuts etc..... & with culture club forget it....also in late '83 he left the trailor & moved in with this lady named flo who had her own house & he seemed to be a little better off etc.... i remember we did a black n white foto shoot for a demo cover down the hallway but i don't know what happened to the fotos.... i think at this time we were very influenced bu spandau ballet. i would love to keep in touch with you & please give me your address so i can mail those foto copies to you etc.... & i'll also send some funds to you too cause i love to support indie music etc... we've got to stick together. i really miss vic & the time we spent together, me & him went thru alot together we were like bros during this time & you could really hear it in the music too. i'll give you ralf krueger's email in germany who put out & published violins/torn together/ so slow etc... many others..... his email is aiakrueger@t-online.de drop him a line.. i sent him the address for vics web site. please email me back soon


i play latin percussion (congas etc....) which i've always played. i play praise & worship music now & i write praise & worship lyrics now... when i got saved i sent some of the lyrics to vic but he wasn't interested in writing music so i wrote some very innocent lyrical stuff like the following::::: love has no gaurantee my heart's on my sleeve, this heart's up for sale. look into my eyes and what do you see, a fool who looks like me? (chorus)..love has no gaurantee, promise me eternity, even with a lover like me, love has no gaurantee, promise you eternity, even with a lover like me................ everything's written in the sand, you sail north and i'll sail south, waiting for the girl, who puts her heart on the stand, makes a man feel like a man......... (bridge).....look, but don't touch in paradise, there's nothing but blue skies, so don't damage the merchandise........ words by.....georgie rockwood (copywright by ralf krueger musikverlag) just a simple love song that sent vic.... george

From: va8@yahoo.com (virginia arouh)
Date: Thu, Dec 19, 2002

hey steverino

back from spain & rcovering from jet lag.

i think i can answer some of the questions you put to george. fagan had moved to melbourn, fl, in 1981, because cheryl forced his hand. she wanted to be near her family. he was down there for a little while (a year?) when he told victor that he was going ahead w/the smashers with or without him. so vic & gwen decided to move down. fagan came up here & physically moved the 2 of them down. i don't think it went well - cheryl was a truly sick puppy - & i remember hearing that he was sick of music. i personally think it was being in florida. must have been when he met this guy. love to talk to him, eh?

how have you been? i will be here until sunday & then off to my mom's. i will still have internet access, but it is the week of xmas. don't know if your up for communications, but i would be.

i will be back dec. 29. maybe by then you would be up for sending me a copy of the video and maybe some music??? i will also be able to find time to send copies of the photos that have been copied.

happy hollerdays