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From: robertbohanan@attbi.com (Robert Bohanan)
Date: Sun, Nov 3, 2002, 10:42am
To: rsmko@webtv.net

Hey R. Stevie:

how are things? still in bashville, but trying desperately to get out. finally got sick of the music biz.

just before victor died, fagan found out how to call the domicile. i did, but he was already in the hospital. i talked to gwen a few times, but victor never made it home & talking to him in the horsepital was not an option from what i was told. i am glad that i got to talk to him a couple of years or so before. gwen was not doing well when i talked to her. how are things now? she told me about her health problems. are you in touch w/the kids? i never met them.

how is your own fabuloso career? i hear/read things from time to time.

thanks for the acknowledgement on the website. how can i get copies of some of the recordings?

that's all for now.

my email is va8@yahoo.com
phone is 615-650-6507

take care,

--- Marston Moor wrote:


I don't believe it! Nah, can't be. Yet, all the Loveraisms, and mention of Fagey?

Not one indication of the above "V" word...? Robert Bohanan?

It's you, it's you, it's really you.

Write back and let's begin. Please.


Funny how love got in the way,
Bloomfield NJ (since 1978)

From: va8@yahoo.com (virginia arouh)
Date: Sun, Nov 3, 2002, 8:50am (EST-3)
To: RSMko@webtv.net (Marston Moor)
Subject: Re: Virginia???

i'm on a friend's compooter and wasn't sure what you would get. yeah, it's me. have we ever met, etc? doesn't matter - u r the webdesigner? great job. i'll be on for a few more minutes - write back - btw, i don't go on line that often, so i you contact me & i don't get right back, i'm not ignoring you - i'm ignoring everyone! lol


--- then Marston wrote:

will you go online more now that you've found me? HA! (didn't think so.)

underconstruction, as we speak:


what do you do now? wants me should phone ya? COLLECT??

rstevie, webbastard

From: virginia
Date: Sun, Nov 3, 2002, 9:11am
Subject: Re: Virginia???

met? i should say so! i'm in atlanta for a couple of days - 404-288-6993 - love to talk to you. be warned: i'm the same but different!

i think i already emailed you my home phone. found Billy A & Rogo in the guest book list & emailed them. god, ain't old home week a fuckin' (fugto) hoot?

i still have a copy of fugto. shit, i save everything! my house is a mess.


--- then Marston wrote:

yer brother still at FLA optician? you in touch? and mark too?

did you hear Fagan's 'Taking Liberties' CDR?

constance goldstein


From: virginia
Subject: Re: Fagan.jpg

he is. we haven't spoken much in over 4 years. he is going through another one of his "things." mark and his wife ann are in school in portland, or. they are studying wholistic medicine. he and i are in as much touch as we can be - he is very busy what with school and working and all. "taking liberties" ? can't remember which one that is. is it the one w/my mother singing?

french onion soup

--- Marston then wrote:




wesley sniper

From: virginia
Subject: Re: Fagan.jpg

oh my god! the phoney tapes! i'm on there somewhere.

i don't have a sophisticated enuf system to send pix.

just think fat & over 50 & you will have it! lol

somewhere, i have lots of old pix of vic w/the band. if i can scrounge some up, do you want copies? tell me where to send them (snail mail). i'm sure you can scan them.

i'm at the atlanta # till tuesday midday. -va

--- so Marston wrote:

send any & all victor/smashers pics to:

R. Stevie Moore
14 Evelyn Place #4
Bloomfield NJ 07003


Do you still have any rare TAPES? How about recollections? Would LOVE to read your remembrances of the whole Smashers ordeal. For my research!

Thanks! and don't forget!

In exchange I'll burn you some vintage VL CDRs.

Guess what! Roger and Dawn just D-I-V-O-R-C-E-D!!?! After 27 years and a son (John b.1978)!

do keep in touch,
-rsteven fat&50

From: virginia
Date: Sun, Nov 3, 2002, 12:37pm
Subject: Re: Fagan.jpg

i have some original copies of some of your first stuff. i have copies of the first smasher's stuff that you and vic did - those were great recordings. i think you have everything and more than i have. when i get back to nashville, we can go through my collection (not very big) & i'll get to you what you don't have. i'd be surprised if there is anything.

ok to send color copies of the pix if i don't have negatives?

sorry? to hear about roger & dawn. 27 yrs is a long time. i know, i know; i don't want to do anything that feels GOOD for 27 years!

my memories of the smashers. good grief. i think i took the whole thing way too seriously. i let it get in the way of getting on w/music. as good an ear as i have, i have come to realize that there are many way more creative minds than mine out there. The Bears (do you know about them? if not i will try to get copies of their stuff to you - adrian belew is part of the band - you may know his stuff) played in nash. a couple of weeks ago, and a 2 pc act opened comprised of a hofner bass and snare drum played w/brushes. these 2 guys were fantastic! plenty of melody. nothing missing. that's the kind of genius i envy. i always felt you had that. you didn't care about what anyone thought. you just did "it". i think victor had it in him too, but just couldn't focus enough to get it out there - at least while he was here. i don't know how successful he was while living in NY. GOD! i look at the list of songs on the website and it just keeps going and going. the bears were big fans of the smashers & i had a long conversation w/the drummer about victor & his many amazing talents. how many musicians do you know that write screenplays, design backgrounds for animation, create GOOD caricatures, play chess through the mail & keep up with the games, write comedy sketches, etc? the list goes on and on. that's why, i think, it was so hard to keep him focused on one attainable goal.

more later

--- Marston wrote back:

maaaan! is this as fun for you as it is for me? i've ALWAYS been the nostalgia guy, and the web has become my new canvas! your email was absolutely fascinating.

of course i know of the bears. but know what? never ever got any of their records. should be slapped for that.

do you know that when ETHOS played live in downtown Nshvl at a Black Oak Arkansas 'street party', also on the bill was a band called SWEETHEART. belew was their gtrist! another adrian aside: on his official website appears my 1999 cover version mp3 of his "Oh Daddy."

the bears actually SAW the smashers??? tell me more.

does Fagan STILL not have email? BTW- Taking Liberties was his recent Lovera tribute CDR. astounding stuff.

researching smashers stuff on the web. did you know Gypsy Carns? do you know what he did after the Kat Family album? sheesh! blues-rock god. and even reformed a later 3-pc band and called them the Smashers!

i got hours and hours of stuff i could tell you about MY 15 yrs of victor experiences since i moved to NJ... goddam it's so deep.

can't wait to send you my VL CDs collection. got any $$ to contribute? if not, i understandddd.

yes, anything you can send (re: pics). whatever's convenient.

hard to stop writing, but i must. shall return.

much love, girlfreunden-

From: virginia
Date: Sun, Nov 3, 2002, 2:25pm
Subject: Re: Fagan.jpg

it's been old home week for many in many ways. i love revisiting old ghosts.

gonna have to take this step by step. so much information!

adrian & i have been friends since his sweetheart days. i remember when frank zappa happened upon one of their gigs at fanny's bump bump room & started him on the climb up. after that, of course, was david bowie & his continuing relationship w/r. fripp, king crimson. he lives a stones throw away. the other members of his band were a group called the raisins. they also played fanny's & i sang w/them every time they came into town. i don't remember if they ever caught one of our live performances (you know, they weren't all that frequent - we never really got our chops down on stage - our own inferior equipment & the clubs.), but they all had copies of our recordings.

i'm terrible about follow-through, but i will try to get you copies of the bears cds. the three guys who are not belew have recordings under the name psychodots. also good.

fagan has email where he works, but i'm not exactly sure what it is. i think it is gvopticians@aol.com, but don't hold me to it.

i do have a copy of the cd you mentioned, but i haven't been able to bring myself to listen to it. one day.

gypsy: bad stuff. no other comment.

i don't really have money for any stuff right now, but i will try to reciprocate w/stuff from me. how's that?

i must be having fun - i usually don't spend this much time online - that & bob's compooter is so much faster than mine.

i will move as quickly as i can on the photos, but i'm going to get a friend to make the copies for me, so that i don't have to shell out, so be patient.

it's apple-pickin' time!

fried pie

--- Marsty Mor wrote:

HI AGAIN. Must resume our reunion, sometime somehow. Fantastic info you shared. Adrian!

We'll tele-speak when ya get back home (although I've come to loathe long phone conversations). I barely broached the LoveraFam subject like I wanna. And you never told me what the heck yer up to nowadays!

Hope we both can follow-thru on offers & promises and trade precious items. Wait'll you hear Vic on CD, and especially later tunes you never experienced before!

Again, I thank ye for writing. Opened up another can o' worms. Eww!

Best wishes, Virg=

p.s. whatever happened to dear Johna Lynn!? (totally vanished since last time I got postcards from her, circa mid-80s. Methinks she's married, lives out west.)

Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002
From: virginia


say it like you mean it!

i don't mind the phone, esp. when it's the only way to keep in touch, but there's nothing worse than subjecting someone who hates talking on the phone to long converts.

i've been doing lots of things, including some music.

the older i get, the less the want me (wah!). you know the biz. . . i do taxes during the tax season, bookkeeping and office management support for small companies, mostly music companies. but i'm getting sick of those farts who claim "artistic temperment" everytime they get abusive or crazy or drunk. so i've decided (in me declining years) to try to work at the National Archives. an old college buddy of mine has been working for them for years & makes great money, gets great benefits (including retirement - not that i think the world will be available for that by the time our time comes) - and is helping get a job. i'd prefer to work for a presidential library, but those jobs are more difficult to get. people don't leave them! few spaces open.

the only way i can get copies to you is to make tapes. i don't have a CD burner & wouldn't have the software to convert from tape to CD anyway. hate to send analog, because of the loss through transference (hell, what am i talking about! you're the "hiss" king!), but that's all i can do. hope that is ok. VL did send me a copy of some songs by "those guys" but i'm sure there are many more. i remember being told he went through a dry spell (probably while in FL - who could blame him! horrible state), but it looks like he got out of that. i'd like to hear so stuff of yours as well. i've always really like your stuff. i mean, really!

is johna your old girlfriend? i never really knew her. maybe billy a. might know. i don't think i had been in nashville long when you left for hella NJ. when we speak, we can go over stuff i have so that i can make tapes of stuff you've never heard. i have old smasher pix, some w/tony newman. don't know how interested you are in those, but they are pretty good.

time to get back to bashville, johnnycee. talk to you soon. take care and eat pie!


--- Marst wrote:

BTW -- I've selfishly neglected to mention: My significant other is Dame Krystyna Olsiewicz; we've been together over 15 years. She was born in Port Chester NY to Polish immigrants, the day before JFK/Dallas!

...and She sez HIGH.

you ever marry?


From: va8@yahoo.com (virginia arouh)
Date: Thu, Nov 7, 2002

hi krystyna!

got close a few times, but managed to save my ass a the last minute.

thanks for sending my email address to roger - just got a missive from him. glad he's doing so well.


--- Mirsto Mir wrote:

Howdy! Been thinking of you lots. Raja said you 2 been writing. Great! He said your enthusiasm was contagious. Achoo!

You got the coolest SHORT email address! va8? Signiicance? Vegetable juice? lol

Still wish I could up the ante with more communication with Fagan. Will he never get a computer or email station? Tell me more of what he's doing. Married?

What's with all the 'pie' references? A la mode?

Can you access audio files on yer puter? If so, you could hear tons of our music mp3s for free.


Lotsa me, krys, lotsa rog&billy, even GOODS is posted (remember that? '72).

Got a Shock! Kiss Kiss Kissing You! Kiss That Goodbye! Love Is Just Around The Corner! HEY! I got an amazingly rare reel of you with Smashers Live gig, XmasDay 1976! Many covers. John Moss on drums. Who was the black bass player? I never even burned it on CDR yet.

Have a groovy weekend, shweets-
Rob Petrie


From: va8@yahoo.com (virginia arouh)
Date: Sat, Nov 9, 2002, 9:48am
Subject: Re: Victor Lovera/Library of Congress tape


rogo sent me a copy of the cd he did w/billy a., but it's corrupt & won't play - < sadness > little bits came through & it sounds good. can't wait to get another copy.

i can access audio philes, but have no speakers right now. as soon as i do, i will def access. i've worked w/many people who have all the teknolojy, but never could afford it myself, so i'm limited to what i can hear here. my friend chris (the 5th smasher) is going to collaborate with me (we'll need an alibi - may we use you?) to get pictures to you and to convert all tapes to cd. could take some time.

can't believe you have that live tape. good grief. there was no black bass player. while john moss played drums, victor was the bass player. in fact, until the devil incarnate started playing bass w/us, victor always played bass. we did have a black drummer for awhile. his name was jamie, but i can't remember his last name. he was replaced by 1) tony newman for the recording and 2) a guy named billy (can't remember his last name either) for most of the live gigs until he became too difficult and then we went a-lookin' but were not successful as long as i was in the band. actually, i don't think the band played live after i left, and the used tony once again for the album. oh yes, after john moss left, we got two other guys (i have pictures, but, again, can't remember names.) - one played a huge slingerland set badly, and the other was a pretty good keyboard player. in fact, until he came along, we never had a synthesized sound. chris was called the 5th smasher because he donated so much equipment, time, support, etc. to us. if it hadn't been for him, we would have had any keyboards for me to play for a long time. actually, i wouldn't have minded that. i was always a much better guitar player. but i got outvoted and i was the only one w/key experience, so . . .

fagan: he has been in his second marriage for 10 years, i think. they have been trying desperately to have children to no avail. compooooooter? hell, he doesn't even have a TV. doesn't like listening to the news, hates that anyone eats flesh of any kind. generally a pain in the ass! lol - we spoke a couple of weeks ago for the first time in over 3 years. does that tell you anything? how did you get a copy of his cd? i thought you must have been in touch with him because of that. i have lots of his old stuff too, unless i gave it all to chris. for a number of years, he was doing some really great stuff, then he sort of got stuck - old ears, you know. hard to get away from. i understand that he is playing w/a combo on a semi-regular basis and really loves it. i have no idea what type of music they do.

remember the goods? hell, i'm condemned to repeat them! the goods was my first musical experience with all of you. remember jamie the congo player? saw him a few weeks ago - he's still shakin'. goods played for me in knoxville when i was running for president of the student senate. i made fried chicken at one in the morning and i was so tired, it didn't get done all the way through. i got 486 votes! yea! do you still want to see if i have anything on tape you don't have? no problem if you don't.

roger says he comes down here on a regular basis. really would like to see again after all these years.

anyone want pie?
wanda june

sat 9 nov

--- Marston Moor wrote:


-hedda hopper

From: vvirginia arouh
Date: Tue, Nov 12, 2002
Subject: Re: ra: Ro: ri: RU

billy's house & studio are so nice. i got there as they were stacking guitars, etc. all the vocals had already been put down - you'll love the track: "jennifer" or something along those lines.

it was great seeing them both after so many years. i swear, roger doesn't look like he's aged at all. he aays clairol is responsible! lol

it had been a long time since i had been to a session recording such good pop music. i've done a number of sessions over the years, but so few have been good pop. believe or not, i've done a lot of country sessions (go figure), but also some celtic stuff, which i love, a christmas album or two and some dance music. still, the stuff the guys are doing is my favorite. no one around here does much of that any more.

roger & i played some old VL songs on acoustic - some smashers, some goods - also played around w/some beatle tunes - can't get anyone to do that any more either. not that i'd want to do it all the time - it does get old after 40 years - but once in a while...

roger says he comes down about once a month and is considering moving back. don't know if that means we'll get back together for more visits, but whatever happens. . .

btw, i'm going to spain to visit my dad in a few weeks. i haven't been to see him in 5 years. i love overseas travel, but i'm concerned about how i'm going to elevate my ankle on such a long trip. maybe i should just cut the damn thing off.

how are things up your way?

yip, yip, yip, yippie!
roy rogers
(trigger says, "^%$^$^&%^&*&%^&")

--- Marston Moor wrote:

howdy--- check out this page.

hey, is adrian's real name Robert Steven Belew??? and his youngest son is named Stevie!

you still in touch with him?



From: va8@yahoo.com (virginia arouh) Date: Thu, Nov 21, 2002, 8:27pm (EST-3) To: RSMko@webtv.net (Marston Moor) Subject: Re: Adrian Belew - The 20th Anniversary as a Solo Artist

sensory overload!

yeah - i just saw him a few weeks ago & updated his phone info. i have never known him by any other name than adrian. i had no idea his birth name was steven. but if seeing is believing. . .

i'd love to hear some of these renditions, esp. yours.

btw, i visited your site thru adrian's - cool. dig the beard! (gabby hayes had whiskers. fidel castro has a beard)

this is fun!

bones festes

Marston wrote:



love u,
robert steven

From: va8 Date: Sat, Nov 23, 2002, 7:53pm (EST-3) To: RSM Subject: Re: LoveraMoore NJ 1991

i went to this site - what is it? i noticed it took me back to vic's site & yours as well, but not sure what it is.

by the way, not to be bitchy, but you have a number of smasher recordings listed during the 1979 - 1980 time period that i am on, but not mentioned. for sure, i wasn't on the album, but i'm on everything else. i didn't leave the band until august 1980.

camp is horrible. this kid linda keeps short-sheeting my bed. send more cookies to bribe the counselors! if you can't do that, send part II! btw, joey spivey has poison ivy. guess who told him which leaves he could use in the woods? ha ha

alan sherman

Marston Mwrote:

Did you still not see them? I surely hope you can! It's a bunch of amazing video captures, just click on the list! Just finished a second page!


I look forward to dubbing you this precious VHS document soon!

Again, forever I crave more details re: the Smashers saga, what led up to getting the record deal, how Michael Snow entered the picture, what you yourself experienced in detail (or at least what you can remember of it!). Also, wasn't there a whole set of earlier studio recordings for the album? At CLEMENT Studio? Are you on THAT? (Roger mailed me a reel of that version immediately.) That take of "Once Is Not Enough" always blew me away; far superior to LP version.

The final LP version was recorded at Sound Shop, correct? Where was that studio located? How much was Larry Smith ("Taylor Rhodes") involved with the sessions?

The acqusition of drummer Tony Newman has ALWAYS amazed me. His BritBeat history is totally cool. Gawd, he played on Bowie's Diamond Dogs album (among many other early 70s UK classics)!

See you on Peachtree!

From: virginia arouh) Date: Tue, Nov 26, 2002

a copy of the VHS? yea!

yes - i'm on all the clement studio stuff - the original "once is not enough", "KKK you", "took awhile", "punk 'n roll music", "danger", "bad game to play", "first boy", "rock and roll neighborhood", "bad side of town" - can't think of the others. i'll ck out the site & let you know.

details of the smashers: gosh. 4+ years of my life, plus getting over the screwing. my ass was sore for a long time (lol). i was the one who got us all our live gigs & (unlucky for me) our management, lawyers, etc. i was the only one with any business sense. so how did i get screwed? well, i didn't keep a close enuf eye on victor during a very critical time. also, i didn't realize just how much gypsy had to do w/my undoing for a long time. naive i guess.

great story: when we were first doing gigs, we quickly realized that, not only did we have to do covers, we had to do shitty ones to get some gigs. we were doing "shake your bootie" and stuff like that. good grief. well, a booking agent i knew got in touch w/me & asked if we could play a place in cookeville. he told me it was a country bar. i told him we did absolutely no country. he told me that would be alright. the woman who owned the place could be handled, and if anyone could do it, it would be me.

well, sir, we were booked for 4 nights. you can't imagine what i had to go thru to find places for us to crash - i think we were only making $100 a nite - i used food stamps to buy food to cook at some strangers house - we loaded up all the gear in a friend's truck - actually, i think i drove us there. deposited us and all our gear 2 hours from home & headed back to nashville. we had vic's car (the old chevy). i do remember we had one meal - fried whiting (i had bought a 5-lb box for a couple of bucks) - and headed for the club. we had already set up, and we hooked ourselves up and started playing - i was still playing that horrible fender 12 string. hardly any one was there, because it was still early. hell, we were only booked to play till midnight because of the liquor laws. liquor? hell, they could only serve beer. could only sell warm beer in package stores.

anyway, the owner kept coming up and signaling for us to turn down. before it was over with, we could hear the strumming of our electric instruments over our amps! half way thru the set, she fired us. we didn't play country. i told her that i had informed the agent of that and we had been told that was OK. she flat out refused to listen. we packed up and left. NOW we had to figure out how to get home w/all our gear! i don't quite remember the details of that, but i'm sure my friend came and got us. we slunk back to nashville, foodstamp food in hand. i called the agent the next day. "wot the hell? you told me not playing country, etc. . ." he said, "i thot you could handle her." "handle her? jeeze, she should at least be getting the type of music she wants." needless to say, we never worked w/that agent again.

well, dear, i will be here until saturday. going to spain on monday. cain't hardly believe it! maybe we can chat wed or fri? let me know.

have a great t-giving.



wow, spain. tell me more about yer dad. retired? how'd he end up there? yer mom still with us?

¡Ay Carramba!
pedro madrid

p.s. greeeeeat smashers cookeville story!

From: va8@yahoo.com Date: Tue, Nov 26, 2002

mom is very much with us. going to see her for x-mas. she has been in the sweet adelines for over 30 years. 15-year stomach cancer survivor. truly amazing.

dad retired when he turned 65, now 79. he took us to spain in 1967 & we all fell in love. when he started teaching at columbia in NYC, he used to get his summers off. he discovered apt swapping & went to various places in spain, italy, france, uk. his first language was spanish (sephardic, which means spanish jew, ancestry). he decided early that was the country he most wanted to live in. & so, there he is, smack ab in the middle of barcelona.

i went to see him appx 5 years ago. we visited the town of gerona & discovered an old jewish section. we talked to an interesting young woman who explained how spanish jews ended up in different places.

actually, it was very logical: after the dastardly christians won spain back from the moors at the end of the 15th century and joined the rest of the catholic countries in serving up the inquisition, jews had to 1)convert, 2) leave, 3) die. some converted and pretended to be catholic until about 150 yrs ago, some died, a lot left - basically followed the moors. the turkish empire invited them all to live anywhere they controlled: no taxes; no military obligation; kept their own language, religion, education, etc. in exchange, they did what jews have always been "allowed" to do throughout history: create international trade. spain went through a long, bad economic period; the turkish (ottoman) empire flourished for hundreds of more years. my ancestors went to Salonika. others went to rhodes, spanish morocco, etc. evidently, my ancestors started in catalunia (where barcelona is), because all those people ended up in or near salonika, which is in greece. it became part of greece after the turks lost the 2nd balkan war. once the greeks, & therefore christians, controlled that area, most jews tried to get out. my grandparents and all or some of their families did just that. my father is first generation born here.

did you just hear a lot more about kangaroos than you really wanted to know? lol anyway, dad has always felt a pull, and for the last 8 years has happily lived in that part of spain. he's very happy there. how's everyone in your family? your father still living? how's your little bro? i don't know anyone else in your family to ask after. -VA

`·.¸¸.·´¯`·-> <-·´¯`·.¸¸.·´