Victor Lovera Songbook

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Blue Carnation
Goodbye Meredith
Angel Of Love
Christmas All Over The World
Patches Of Light And Shade
Front Train Rider
Ballad Of A Speed Freak
Fireman Joe
Earth Eulogy
And Pray Not To Get Joe Pepitone
Hey Can You Be
Dusty Curtney
Once Your Love
But Her Today
The Reply
I've Been Here Before
Guess Again
Chewing Gum
So You Won't Know Him
I Figure If You Want Me
Please Remember
Man Of Me
Plus Dozens More
This Is Your Lucky Day
Coming's End (Coventry)
Every Man Deserves The Best
My Father's Son
Christy's Moon
Taxis For Sale
I'm Here
Roll-Around Jag
My Time
Small Change
Sour Slats
Pentagon Freeway
What A Waste Of Time
Need To Try
Rockets By Two
Hardly Anyone
Runaway With Me
Wash Your Face Clean Your Hands Write Your Name
Ung Ung Ung
You Kept It Into You
Because We're The Dig
Home Of The Nashville Bats
Both Sides Of The Coin
Galaxy Cream
Story Of Steve
City Special
Show Business
Window Of Love, Windows Of Life
Loving Little Beggar From Hempstead
They Met The Genius
If I Sold You My Life
Love Graph
It You
Thank Hank
Swing In Me
The Essex Coast
I'm Telling You Now
No Not Very Much
Since We Know
Tough Ruff
Got A Good Job
She's Impressed Me, Yes Obsessed Me
Rich Man, Poor Man
They Met The Genius
Don't She Want Me Here
That's What I Would Say
Dear Sally
Could I Have Found
Got A Shock
On Valentine's Day
Slow Down (Williams)
I Started Liking That Girl Again
Quiet Lines
Hey! Pretty Girl (Moore)
Oh Baby, I'm Up For Grabs
Love Is Just Around The Corner
Smashers Show
Hang It Up
First Boy At The Dance
Took A While
Kiss That Goodbye
Flashin' On Passion
People Don't Notice Her
Kiss Kiss Kissing You
In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
Bad Game To Play
Goin' Out Of My Mind
All In A Day
Just A Second Glance Will Do
What's Gonna Happen
I Needed That
Once Is Not Enough
High School Action
Rock 'n' Roll Neighborhood
Clown Of Mine
Back End Of Town
A Fool Such As I
Funny How Love Got In The Way
Stella Risa
It Sparkles
You Got My Warning
Goodbye To Fischerman
Almost Grew Up
King Mediocre
Ease Me
Uncharted Islands
Indifferent and Crazy
The Buzz
A Simple Act
This Fool That Fell
In A Molecule
Mind Your Mind
Monsters On Post Avenue
Blue Balloon
Close Encounter Dissection
Love And Surgery
Bumble Bee Baby
Dirt Cheap
So Slow
Can't Take Away Your Memory
Oh Mercury
Dance House
Hey Paul
Torn Together
No More Violins
Aussie Holiday
Can't Snap My Deck
Ghost in 2-D
I Cry
Strobe Light Girl
Inches Away
Rock Buzz Boogie

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