13 Aug 2003

Dear Chuck:

R. Stevie Moore here, remember me? How the heck are you doing, friend?

We last were in contact around 1997, I think I phoned you and you actually mailed me some very rare tapes of our GOODS sessions! I still have your number, wanna call, but thought I'd write you a letter instead.

Hoping you are feeling well, and sure would be great if you'd take the time to write me back. Do you have an email address? Are you online? As you can imagine, I've taken extreme interest in the cyber world; I've built a huge website of my long career. www.rsteviemoore.com

I'm still living in New Jersey. Victor Lovera passed away in May 1998. I'm still in close touch with Roger Ferguson and Billy Anderson. They say HEY!

Please write back! Would love to trade emails...

Best wishes,
Bloomfield NJ

p.s. if someone else reads this, please notify me on how Mr. Sagle is doing! Thanks.