produced by R. Stevie Moore

01. Walking
02. Roll-Around Jag
03. My Time (NY demo)
04. Small Change
05. Sour Slats
06. Chasm
07. Pentagon Freeway
08. What A Waste Of Time (1st version)
09. Need To Try
10. Rockets By Two (NY demo)
11. Incompletions
12. Hardly Anyone
13. Runaway With Me (1st demos)
14. Goodbye Meredith / Wash Your Face
Clean Your Hands Write Your Name (")
15. Ung Ung Ung (")

all tunes by victor lovera
produced by little stevie blunder
nashville tennessee
remastered for cdr sept 2002

Recorded mostly at Bob Woods' 1506 17th Ave South
Tracks 02, 08 & 12 recorded 21 June 1972

Track 09 recorded late 1973; 13-15 recorded January 1973 at 2010 Linden, Apt. 2

amglogo.gif AMG REVIEW: One of several sets of R. Stevie Moore-produced recordings by the late, New York-born, Nashville-based singer/songwriter Victor Lovera, Prethos (1972-73) consists of simple acoustic takes of some of Lovera's best early songs. (The punning title refers to Ethos, the band Moore and Lovera formed soon after these recordings with drummer Pete Spero, guitarist Roger Ferguson, and keyboardist Billy Anderson.) The songs have the rough-edged quality of the homemade demos that they are but that actually suit Lovera's acoustic melodies and appealingly boyish vocal style, both of which might have gotten overwhelmed in the slicker studio settings that prevailed during this era, especially in Nashville. The best of the lot, and one of Lovera's finest songs of all times, is the immediately appealing "Small Change," which sounds like one of Paul McCartney's better songs from the Red Rose Speedway era, but all 15 tracks have much to offer for fans of early-'70s singer/songwriter pop.

–Stewart Mason, All Music Guide