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Feb & Mar 1972

surprise surprise––dwelling in and around nashville is an organization of youngsters untouched by their hometown cults of country pickers and/or your everyday rock and roll combo. there's a philosophy here, a collection of artful minds, and very youthful indeed.
HERALD, GOODS. is the debut of hopefully many sophisicated albums right out of tennessee. the concept, Goods, surrounds the frightening tunes of a young long island NY philosopher named victor lovera–– and the results form a complete entity of style and arrangement. the music changes every minute, and it fits together as a sound influenced by perhaps thousands of usually unheard ideas around the world of music. what? it does have a beatle quality–– using guitars, melodic vocal lines, dancable rhythms, and new composing.
much of this characteristic is the responsibility of r. stevie moore, who forms the backbone of the drive with drums, flowing bass, and unusually tasteful guitar work. and some keyboards. and a little percussion. he even sings in there. stevie has worked with many important friends, only to find bluegrass or your everyday commercial/underground rock and roll just have near to nothing to do with being a creative genius.
the vocals are new and spontaneous. lovera sneers at his mike, while roger ferguson, a clean nashville tenor, soars high and mighty... what a spectrum, huh.
other members of the organization include pete spero on congas and stuff; james gardner, who watched and learned rsm's bass playing; bill harris, a nashville studio drummer who sat in on a tuner two; bob roundtree, a whiz of a guitarist here and there.
recorded in a tiny studio in the heart of the industry, HERALD is produced by chuck sagle and engineered by mack evans.
i'm spilled.

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