Victor Lovera / R. Stevie Moore
The Eros ETHOS

Disc 1 (46.01) 1975-76

01. Don't She Want Me Here 2.43
02. That's What I Would Say 3.17
03. Dear Sally 3.09
04. Could I Have Found 2.40
05. Got A Shock 2.04
06. On Valentine's Day 2.47
07. Slow Down 3.15
08. I Started Liking That Girl Again 2.55
09. Quiet Lines 2.43
10. Hey! Pretty Girl 2.10
11. Oh Baby, I'm Up For Grabs 2.48
12. Love Is Just Around The Corner 2.33
13. Since We Know #2 2.52
14. The Fight/Loving Little Beggar From Hempstead 6.21
15. Galaxy Cream 3.45

Disc 2 (45.05) 1973-74

01. She's Impressed Me, Yes Obsessed Me 3.32
02. No Not Very Much 2.46
03. Since We Know 3.54
04. If I Sold You My Life 2.39
05. Rich Man, Poor Man 3.29
06. They Met The Genius 5.00
07. Tough Ruff 3.16
08. It You 2.39
09. Need To Try 3.32
10. Put-Down 4.56
11. Got A Good Job 4.14
12. Window of Love, Windows Of Life 4.59

Composed by Lovera, except:
A7 (Larry Williams)
A13, B3 (Lovera-Moore)
A10, 14a (Moore)

Victor: rhy gtrs and ld vcls
R. Stevie: ld gtrs, bs, dms, keys, bkg vcls, accessories

Also assisting in parts:
Bill Anderson, Roger Ferguson & Mike Hopper

Recorded at homes in Nashville TN

Produced by R. Stevie Moore

amglogo.gif AMG REVIEW: A collection of tracks covering nearly the entire lifespan of Victor Lovera and R. Stevie Moore's short-lived band Ethos (disc one was recorded in 1975 and 1976, disc two in 1973 and 1974), The Eros Ethos gives the broadest overview of the group's sound. This is particularly interesting on the first disc, the last recordings under the Ethos name. This period was already known to be pivotal in Moore's career, because it's the time when he first put a concerted effort into writing the kind of concise, quirky pop songs that would eventually show up on his first proper solo album, 1976's Phonography. Disc one of The Eros Ethos was clearly written and recorded around the same time as the Phonography sessions, as they share that album's peculiarly trebly, compressed sound (many of Moore's guitar lines sound like they might have been recorded at slower-than-playing speed, to give them a higher, squealier sound and more propulsive rhythm) and artsy-glammy pop song sensibility. The earlier material on the second disc is slightly more conventional pop/rock, with some of the singer/songwriter tendencies of Lovera's and Moore's earliest collaborations. Even on relatively early songs like "She's Impressed Me, Yes Obsessed Me," however, Moore's musical influence sounds more prevalent than a scan of the songwriting credits (Lovera wrote 24 of the 27 songs by himself, and two of the remaining three are different versions of one Lovera/Moore collaboration, the bouncily McCartneyesque "Since We Know") would suggest.

–Stewart Mason, All Music Guide

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