Uncle Floyd Show 5



Appearance #5
25 March 1987

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UF: I'm gonna head over here, and say hello to our special guest, R. Stevie Moore. Welcome aboard!

RSM: Hi Floyd, it's great to be back.

UF: You're, you're... it's always great to have you back, we had pictures on our bulletin board...

RSM: Where did that come from?

UF: A fan of our show, and a great admirer of yours, from Waldwick, New Jersey. But, comments come into me all the time, people say hey, when's R. Stevie Moore coming back? I don't say this about every band. You've been on 8 times, we believe 8, maybe 10, who knows...

RSM: It's more like 6, 5.

UF: 5 or 6?

RSM: Um hmm. Something like that. We're going way back though, back to the old days. You remember...

UF: Well, you were on twice... this is your 3rd time on our show since we came to CTN.

RSM: That's right. And I did 2 before, years ago.

UF: Now listen, for your fans, they're really very lucky, because just about everything you did, it seems, is recorded.

RSM: Yeah, everything I've ever recorded is released... unfortunately. No outtakes, no hiding anything. So I have a diary of sound on cassettes, going for 15 years.

UF: Going back to 1968.

RSM: 180 releases.

UF: Wow.

RSM: Which is..... sort of artistic suicide. Because I have nothing planned, really. I have no back stock, when people order, I make them to order.

UF: Well, how is your following, I know they're very loyal, they've been with you for years, they growing, they getting more and more, what's happening with you?

RSM: Well not as much is happening as it really should be, you know? I'm really down and out all the time, and... Um. The music industry these days is uh not quite... for me, it seems. Um. The pop commerciality and even though you said you like the chord changes, and there's a lot of pop to my writing, uh .... it's strictly underground, because of the cassettes. I do have... the growth has happened because of the albums and there's a worldwide awareness happening. It's still a small kind of thing.

UF: What about college airplay, and Europe airplay? Are you getting any of that?

RSM: I guess so, some. I don't really get, find out that much about it, but it's out there.

UF: Do you have any plans to go back into the clubs, and I know in here, in this catalog, which by the way we should give the address. There's you playing live at a number of different places...

RSM: Oh yeah, every gig I did is recorded... uh, 429 Valley Road, in Montclair NJ 07043 is my address, and I'll send you a catalog

UF: OK, give that address one more time, if anyone wants to get in contact with you

RSM: 429 Valley Road, and that's Montclair NJ 07043

UF: And they can contact you, what's coming, what's gonna be on the agenda for the summer? Anything?

RSM: This summer a couple of albums are expected: one from the UK, and another one from France. Looking foreward to that; lotta recording all the time recording, home, studio, writing, re-doing my old hits from 12-13 years ago...

UF: And you were born in Nashville?

RSM: Nashville. There's a whole history, my father's a musician, I grew up in the country music scene, long ago...

UF: Your father's band, tell us a little bit about your father's band...

RSM: Well, my father doesn't have a band, he's a sideman, he was a bass player, and he played with Presley for 10 years, and now he's on the road with Jerry Lee Lewis, and I mean he lived in the studio as I was a young boy

UF: Well, this is your family business, as it's my family business, we were born into families that are in the arts... I thought your dad had his own band at one point, uh not...

RSM: Well, he did have a studio orchestra, and he charted at number 6 in 1961 with "Mexico", which was prior to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass

UF: Wow. And now he's on the road with Jerry Lee...

RSM: Jerry Lee Lewis, yeah, it's like an old all-star band backing him

UF: That's great. Well, listen, we're running out of time... oh yeah, will you partake in our survey, we're asking all the musicians their favorite diner.

RSM: Their diner? OK

UF: Do you go to diners?

RSM: Sometimes, yeah

UF: Do you have a favorite one you wanna be in our survey?

RSM: It would have to be Willie's in Bloomfield

UF: Ha, Willie's in Bloomfield! One point for Willie's in Bloomfield

RSM: Is that the first time somebody's mentioned that?

UF: Yeah, first time on the survey

RSM: It's kind of expensive

UF: Yeah, so far the Lido Diner is in first place on Route 22, but we got one vote for Willie's. Listen, R. Stevie Moore, it's always great to have you here and your company. Uh, we have time for one more song, right?

RSM: One more?

UF: OK I'm gonna head back to my hiding place, and here we go with R. Stevie.... I know, I'd love to, you'll come back and do more shows though, right?

RSM: You need to fast forward the tape! Fast forward.

Scott: How far?

RSM: Just a litle bit, quick,

Scott: No, it's right there, I got it.


UF: He's all set. He's all set. Here we go everybody, one more time, the one and only R. Stevie Moore

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