Worried Noodles

the words of David Shrigley (various artists)
Tomlab (Germany) 2CD / 3LP

23 October 2007

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First Impression: Worried Noodles

As a "journalist" I'm privy to a lot of great goodies (CDs, DVDs, books, concerts, et. al.) and I couldn't be more grateful. But then a label decides to stop leaking (something I sympathize with), they'll pass out a password and give you a few logins at 30 minutes apiece to check out a two disc set of top notch musicians transforming a book of lyrics from David Shrigley into music.

I'm not complaining about not receiving something concrete as much as A) I'm poor, clearly on my choice of job and B) therefore, my PC is old and doesn't like flash files for reasons unknown to me.

However, while fighting with my PC and these streamed files I must say the buried treasure is more than worth it. I think to fully appreciate just what's going on, a list of artists and tracks is needed:


01 Roger Ferguson - Welcome Singer
02 Christopher Francis - One
03 Grizzly Bear - Blackcurrant Jam
04 R. Stevie Moore - Live In Fear
05 Phil Elvrum & Nick Krgovich - Watcha Doin'
06 Scarlett's Well - Maybe
07 Psapp - Sad Song
08 Aidan Moffat & The Best Of's - Your Hands Are Cold
09 YACHT - I Saw You
10 Simon Bookish - Prince Of Wales
11 Deerhoof - You, Dog (aka Kidz Are So Small)
12 Hank - Baby's Bible
13 Marriot 1262 (TV On The Radio Portland Chapter) - Sweet, Sweet Potato
14 David Byrne - For You
15 James Chadwick - The Wooden Floor
16 Islands - Joy
17 Cotton Candy - A Sentimental Song
18 Franz Ferdinand - No
19 Alig Fodder - The Hole
20 Cibelle - Elaine


01 Dirty Projectors - Come Forward
02 The Curtains - Show Me The Way Things Work
03 Max Tundra - A Truce
04 Munch Munch - A Squirrel
05 Liars - Panic Button
06 Tussle (ft. David Shrigley) - A Clash Of Heads
07 Trans Am - The Film
08 John Shankie - A Song
09 Scout Niblett - The Bell
10 Final Fantasy - Joys
11 Mt. Eerie - A Sentimental Song
12 The Dead Science - Once I Found A Diamond
13 Lord Cut Glass - Maybe
14 No Kids - Another Song
15 Hot Chip - No
16 Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - The Pretty Girl
17 Mitch Friedman - Awesome
18 Pyrolator & Stoya - Elaine
19 Les Georges Leningrad - Manager And Coordinator Of Prostitutes

Before you even think it, no--I didn't make the stereotypical indie snob move and check out the David Byrne track first (and a little note: it's not the best track in this set, not by a long shot)--I immediately checked out the R. Stevie Moore track because I'm intrigued by Moore. As for Moore's contribution, it is steeped in 80s kid song production though "Live in Fear" isn't child's play. I was more intrigued by Phil Elvrum's uttering of the words 'crack pipe' during "Watcha Doin'" and if anyone is familiar with Phil's musical diatribes about not smoking and living healthier, it's a cute phrase to hear from Phil's lips. The song itself it certainly top notch and more memorable than his take on "A Sentimental Song" under his Mt. Eerie moniker--which is just another in a long line of solid if uninteresting Mt. Eerie songs. Phil's complacency is starting to show, and though it yields positive results most of the time, "A Sentimental Song" isn't as striking as his collab w/ Krgovich though Phil has another memorable line about a picture of a penis up on the fridge.

Ultimately, my first few listens of Worried Noodles boiled down to lyrical content. It's no wonder R. Stevie Moore, Phil Elvrum, Roger Ferguson, Deerhoof, David Byrne, GrizzlyBear and Psapp are drawn to such a witty and angular lyricist as David Shrigley. In the hands of the indie flavors of the month (Franz Ferdinand, Final Fantasy, and Casiotone for the Painfully Alone), the Worried Noodles' content just isn't strong (although Casiotone certainly brings a darker edge to his music in his brief clip).

I didn't get a chance to check out everything in my first few listens, but rest assured I plan on checking out the tracks from the Dirty Projectors, Liars, and Scout Niblett. I also haven't check out the book, but I figure it's an integral part in deciding whether this release is going to be worth your money or just another collectable dust collector (right now, I'd say the former--the highs are extremely high).
Posted on Aug. 13th, 2007

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