Smooth As Raw SILK



Produced by Bill Szymczyk


01. INTRODUCTION (1:12) (Bill Szymczyk) Dedicated, with due respect, to airline pilots everywhere.
02. FOREIGN TRIP (4:07) (Chris Johns-Bill Szymczyk) Vocal-Randy. Featuring the "Gaiety West 79th Street Rhythm Band." Dedicated, with due respect, to Joel, Dennis, Steve and 449 S. Beverly Drive in general.
03. LONG HAIRED BOY (3:38) (Tim Rose) Vocal and 12 string-Michael. Dedicated, with due respect, to groupies everywhere.
04. NOT A WHOLE LOT I CAN DO (3:07) (Michael Gee) Vocal–Michael with Randy. Percussion–Bungalow Bill. Dedicated to no one, because, hopefully, there is a lot we can do.
05. CUSTODY (2:19) (Steve Karliski-Larry Kolber) Vocal–Michael with Bill. Recitation–Bungalow Bill. Special thanks to–Mimi, Mikey and Toni. Guitars–Harry Palmer ("Country Cousin Harry" appears through the courtesy of "Ford Theatre"). Bass–Chris. Dedicated, with admiration, to Johnny Kincade, wherever he is.
06. SCOTTISH THING (4:47) (Michael Gee-Randy Sabo) Vocal–Randy with Michael. War and Peace by "Crazy Bill" and "Weird Wayne." Dedicated, with great respect, to Jac Holtzman.


07. SKITZO BLUES (4:34) (Gee-Sabo-Johns-Szymczyk) Vocal–Michael and Randy. Dedicated, with due respect, to Mayor Richard Daley.
08. HOURS (2:48) (Michael Gee-Randy Sabo) Vocal–Randy with Michael. Dedicated, with due respect, to people from Cheboygan everywhere.
09. WALK IN MY MIND (4:18) (Michael Gee) Vocal–Michael with Randy. Guitar–Michael. Bass–Chris. Percussion–Harry and Bill. Dedicated to the memory of "Otto's Grotto."
10. COME ON DOWN GIRL (3:45) (Gee-Sabo-Szymczyk) Vocal–Michael with Randy. Percussion–Harry and Bill. Dedicated, with Fun and Games, to "Poo."
11. FOR ALL TIME (4:23) (Michael Gee) Vocal and acoustic guitar–Michael. Dedicated, with the greatest respect, to Wives, Girl-Friends and Old Ladys of musicians everywhere.

CDR total time = 38:45

                               "SILK" plays
Guitars–CHRIS JOHNS    Keyboards–RANDY SABO

Production and Sound–BILL SZYMCZYK
Arranged by–SILK and BILL SZYMCZYK
Strings and Horns arranged by BERT "Super Charts" DeCOTEAUX

Engineering–BILL SZYMCZYK with the talented help of
Cleveland Recording WAYNE KENT–Regent Sound

Mastering–Lee Hulko and Incredalathe–Sterling Sound

Photography–ELLEN McNEILLY with the help of SYLVIE PAPERNICK and Welfare Island

Special production, arranging and conducting credit to Harry Palmer.
String section under the gentle guiding hand of Seymour Barab.
Silk management–The Wondrous Belkin Brothers of Cleveland.

Special thanks to all those people, places and otherwise, whose assistance, encouragement and devil-may-care attitude made all this possible. Some of these people are:
Elizabeth Kim Shade & The Flys The Third Floor Boys Howard Russell The Sceptres F. Stanley, Martha & Nan The Tree Stumps Walter Manuel Jr. The Pound & 4 Ounces Daisy, Velvet & Tripper The Establishment Ceaderwood Submarine Co. Jonah & The Wailers Bobo Keleman Hutch Barb Jamieson Bruno Roger Abramson Mike & Jules Belkin Mr. Johns DiFiore the Dealer Kato Trostler Mrs. Johns' Coffee and of course Joanne Aiuto

                            Producers note:
For best results in listening to this stereo recording, the use of a superior quality pair of stereo headphones is highly recommended to capture fully the various placements and movements of the musical piece. If no such earphones are available, please play this record damn loud!!
                            Thank you,

from fuzzacidandflowers:

A hard organ/guitar Cleveland quartet produced and arranged by Bill Szymczyk. The album has become a very minor collectable and contains several good tracks: Foreign Thing, Skitzo Blues, Walk In My Mind and Scottish Thing which is one of the few psych tracks to end with bagpipes!

The songs were written by the group members and Bill Szymczyk, except a cover of Tim Rose's Long Haired Boy which was "dedicated to groupies everywhere" and Custody written by Steve Karliski and Larry Kolber. Harry Palmer of Ford Theatre played guitar and percussion on some tracks and is also credited for production work.

Michael Gee later formed the Michael Stanley Band.