FORD THEATRE V/A Appearances

1960's comps part 4:

ftcomp2 1. The Crystal Chandelier, "THE SETTING OF DESPAIR"
2. The Last Word, "BIDIN' MY TIME"
3. The Whatever, "THE VALLEY OF DEATH"
4. The Allies, "I'LL SELL MY SOUL"
5. The World Column, "LANTERN GOSPEL"
6. The Picture, "EVOLUTION"
8. West Coast Branch, "COLORS OF MY LIFE"
9. The Morticians, "IT'S GONNA TAKE A WHILE"
10. 1st National Band, "WHEN ONCE IT WAS GOOD"
11. The Savege Generation, "YOU'RE NOT GOING TO CHANDE MY WORLD"
12. The Starfires, "THERE'S STILL TIME"
13. Hindenburg Lyon, "EDEN"
14. Ford Theatre, "JEFFERSON AIRPLANE"
15. The Lords, "DEATH BELLS AT DAWN"
16. The United Travel Service, "WIND AND STONE"
17. Culver Street Playground, "EAST RIVER LOVERS"
18. Utopia Carwash, "LONELINESS"
19. The Venus Flytrap, "THE NOTE"
20. The Rainy Daze, "IN MY MIND LIVES A FOREST"
21. The Zero Tolerance, "ACID AND FLOWERS"

Originally Released in 199? as Timothy's Brain TB-104 (US).

Incredible Sound Show Stories, Vol. 7 - Illusions Of Alice In Black


(Dig The Fuzz DIG 013)) 1998

Side One

  1. Lucas Tyson - Daylight Child (UK)
  2. Mother Sunday - Midnight In The Graveyard (Germany)
  3. Free and Easy - Seance
  4. Adam - Eve
  5. Peacepipe - The Sun Won't Shine Forever
  6. James Taylor Move - Still I Can Go On (Australia)
  7. The Sorrows - The Makers (UK)

Side Two

  1. The Sorrows - Same Old Road (UK)
  2. Touch - Not So Fine
  3. The Dream - Rebellion (Netherlands?)
  4. Mother Sunday - You Don't Understand (Germany)
  5. Ford Theatre - Jefferson Airplane
  6. The Cool - The Highway Song (UK)
  7. The Sorrows - Old Songs New Songs (UK)

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