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Yukio Yung
TREE CLIMBING GOATS (and other analysing shanties)

Cordelia records (UK) ERICAT 019 (1986)
bit boring side

01. yung and guilty
02. blitzkrieg bop
03. fireball XL5
04. U.F.O. ~ ugly, fat and old
05. congratulations
06. my favourite ratbag (reggae version)
07. the deadwood stage
08. culture vulture (1)
09. when i grow up to be a man
10. that night, remember?
11. Raymond Chandler (it's all the same to me)
12. exceedingly deep person
13. wipe out
14. sweet georgia brown

not quite so boring side

15. captain scarlet (introduced by Karn)
16. woke up this mornin' - crashed my company car
17. a man with many legs
18. culture vulture (2)
19. what if?
20. i wanna be your man
21. there's someone in my trolley
22. 93% (the executive toilet of everyday life)
23. Leather bondage motor bike
24. krudkin (brush-boil your hair)
25. men who fart in public (wimpy version)
26. frankie's wild cars
27. yukio's dream (2)
28. come fly with me

Mostly every track written by Yukio Yung and published by Octagonal Rabbit Music. Yukio recorded and played everything in his bedroom (except 05 and 24 which also feature Paul Smith). Thanks are due to Alan Goodridge who returned from Africa with the picture of the tree-climbing goats... and to Alan Jenkins for releasing this object. If you really want to, you can write to Yukio c/o Worshippers of the great white hamster, 80 Colchester Road, Ipswich, IP4 4RZ... or better still, leave abusive/obscene messages on the answerphone - 01 992 4759.

Author's note:
January 9th, 1986, found me in the midst of yet another of those mid-life crises, you know, the type that most normal 26-year-old children experience from time to time. On that day, I concluded (once again) that my life was dull and worthless, and must change. I'd just like to say that almost 3 months, and a whole lot of soul searching, have passed - nothing much has happened; things are much the same. It's a fucking rotten business, isn't it?! Fatalists - who'd 'ave 'em?!

Yukio Yung
April 6th, 1986.