Egg Plant (UK) Five Eggs (1990) 12"45
Swingin' Side
01. Picasso's Problem (w:Yung/m:Jenkins)
02. (Like Industrious Elves) We Stopped (w:Jenkins/m:Yung)

side dodgy
03. Bush of Trousers (Yung)
04. Electrons Will (Jenkins)
05. Government (Zajkoweicz)
06. Showroom Dummies (Hutter)/
07.  Ascension (Coltrane)

Recorded at Acorn Studios on 16th April 1989 engineered by Greg Hunter

So there I was in Acton carrying a dead dog - I mean, an umbrella - and a tractor ran over my aunt - I mean, I had a cup of coffee and stabbed a pig with a wire net. Hell no, it was the fucking Chrysanthemums stole my goats. No, I mean I had another cup of coffee and rang up the bank to resign. I said I had AIDS and it most affected my arithmetic, especially in high humidity. Actually I knew I had to write for Psychedelic Blow-job full-time. Hell, I hadn't i just had my entire brain finger-painted and smoked like a a kipper by the most underground, far-out, groovy experimental acod band in the world? Hell, I thought having sex with more than two dogfish up a tree was weird until I met Yukio Yung. I wanted to know why the Chrysanthemums, known to be into advanced eastern philosophies and big books written by Chinese people, should want to meet the Queen in the first place. Yukio gave me some organic drugs and took me out to the garden shed to show me his new sculpture made out of 180,000 milk bottles and a live bear. But then it turns out that it's all a big joke because it's Vladimir's sculpture, not Yukio's. Yukio's new sculpture made out 180,000 milk bottles and a live bear is upstairs in his bedroom. So had Alan made one, too? No, the similarity between the other two is a complete coincidence. Alan has written a 'beat' poem, but the beat poem is actually part of a sculpture, the entire sculpture consisting of Alan reading a beat poem to the Queen, which is the reason for the whole thing. Alan helped find 360,000 milk bottles and two bears; Yukio and Vladimir helped Alan read the beat poem. I couldn't get any sense out of the others, so when they left the room I asked Geraldine how the Queen reacted to Alan's poem. "She read him one of hers. I couldn't hear very well from where I was standing, but I thought I caught the phrase, 'masturbating with a stone frog'." Hell, another week of this and I'll resign from Psychedelic Blow-job and get a job as a road-sign.

Jim D. Pie
Psychedelic Blow-job

The Chrysanthemums would like to thank:
The London Palladium Orchestra, conducted by Norrie Paramour; Steven Pleissiosaur; Paul Smith; Mark Marshall; Jim D. Pie

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