Compilation Appearances

Various Artists (V/A)

V/A Real Time 4 (Unlikely C-9)
        Jung Analysts "The Shining Room"
        Push-Button Pleasure "Reproductions"

V/A If God Had Meant Us To Dance, He'd Have Given Us Legs (Hamster C-45)
        Jung Analysts "Conspiracy"
        Push-Button Pleasure "Greatest Hits"

V/A The History of Jazz (L'agence C-45)
        Jung Analysts "Boys on the Job"

V/A Obscure Independent Classics Volume 2 (Cordelia LP 1986)                                      Jung Analysts "Jackie Charlton said..."

V/A Obscure Independent Classics Volume 3   (Cordelia LP 1986)
        Push-Button Pleasure "It was clearly the Belgian who had been tampering with the pilchards"
        Yukio Yung "The 7 wild cucumbers"

V/A Väterschen Frost (Mekka LP)                         Jung Analysts "Spielen"

V/A Bad Alchemy 7 (Bad Alchemy C-45)
        Jung Analysts "Mystic Olga/Jackie Charlton"
        Produced "You Drive" by The Loch Ness Monster (Egg Plant LP/CD)

V/A Obscure Independent Classics Volume 5   (Hamster LP 1987)
        Chrysanthemums "Moral Statements..."
        Target Heroes "Angel in the House"
        Terry Burrows and Lydia Tomkiw "Pressed in an Atlas"
        Jan Kunk "Extracts from the Exchange Suite"
        The Wild Strawberries "17th Dream"

V/A Bad Alchemy 9 'Love, pain and the whole damn thing' (Bad Alchemy C-45)
Yukio Yung "No. 1's still playing on life's great Wurlitzer juke-box in the sky"

V/A Shelter (Shelter LP)
       Yukio Yung "Jean Gabin"
Terry Burrows Arcana Coelestia (Multimood LP/CD) 
       Terry Burrows "Loop no. 5", "Loop no. 11"

V/A Smash Tinkle (Pico LP)
        Yukio Yung "Jimmy Pursey"
        Chrysanthemums "Porcupine Quills"

This goes up to about 1994...

Since then there have been the Yukio Yung and Four Stiltons tracks on 
that JAR Beatles compilation.

Five Chrys&themums tracks on a single that was part of a Pink Lemon 
boxed set... that I'm not sure if it ever came out.

A Chrys&themums track called alt.sex.trouserpress on a Canadian 
glamrock compilation.

That's all I can think of...


As musician/producer.

Perfect Vision—Drive Me                                                                                                 Leave It Art 12"
Loch Ness Monster       Industrial Poppies                              Hamster LP                              Production and 

Attrition                       In the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts               Third Mind 
LP                              Production.

Various Artists         Abuse                                           Artists for                                                                             Animals LP
                                Produced track 'Monkey in a Bin' by Attrition

Various Artists         Future tense Volume 2                   Third Mind LP
                                Produced and played saxophone on Attrition tracks

Various Artists         For Your Ears Only                              Third Mind LP                           'Entrails' by 
Jung Analysts.
                                Played guitar on All Singing All Dancing tracks

Bill Pritchard          Half a Million                                  Third Mind LP/CD                                Produced and 
played 'trumpet'.
Rimarimba                       Chicago Death Excretion Geometry                Hamster LP      
Berbel Nobodius         Wanton but Windblown            Hamster LP                                      Production and 
bass guitar.

The Bartlebees          We did it                               Little Teddy LP
                                Played organ
Todd Dillingham         Arthur Woodcote EP                      Magical Jack 7”
                                Played Bass and keyboards
Todd Dillingham         Astral Whelks                   CD
                                Played Bass and keyboards and vocals
Todd Dillingham         Sgt Kipper                              Woronzo LP/CD
                                Played bass, keyboards, guitar, and sang
                                Co-wrote ‘Don’t bring Mandy’
        Pink Lemon LP
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