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Playlist for 04 August 2008 | Prequel to Radio Greats Weekend: R Stevie Moore & Company Highlights

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Artist Song Album Approx. start time
R Stevie Moore  Pledge Some Money   Contact Risk  0:00:00 (Real | MP3)
Vanilla Bean & R Stevie Moore  Hey 91.1!     0:07:21 (Real | MP3)
Vanilla Bean & Irwin Chusid  Bullwinkle Drinking Glass     0:11:12 (Real | MP3)
R Stevie Moore  The Longing     0:14:09 (Real | MP3)
Krys O & R Stevie Moore  Marathon Performance     0:17:03 (Real | MP3)
Vanilla Bean & TK Folger  Two Man Losing Streak     0:17:32 (Real | MP3)
R Stevie Moore & Jim Price  Interview     0:20:00 (Real | MP3)
Tallow Cross on TKF's show  Tallow Cross Philosophy     0:24:58 (Real | MP3)
Stork  Intro to The Stork Club     0:29:11 (Real | MP3)
Laura Cantrell & The Old Codger  Mic Break     0:30:20 (Real | MP3)
R Stevie Moore & Krys O  Studio Performance     0:31:17 (Real | MP3)
Krys O & Andy Breckman  Excerpt from Cub Scout Show     0:33:01 (Real | MP3)
R Stevie Moore  Interview with Reverand Ivan Stang     0:34:44 (Real | MP3)
R Stevie Moore  Tell Me You're Sorry     0:38:38 (Real | MP3)
R. Stevie Moore  If It's In You     0:40:55 (Real | MP3)
R Stevie Moore and Vanilla Bean  Larry & Mookie excerpt 2     0:48:32 (Real | MP3)
R Stevie Moore and Vanilla Bean  Larry & Mookie excerpt     0:49:51 (Real | MP3)
Jim Price & R Stevie Moore  In Studio     0:53:03 (Real | MP3)
Jim Price & The Vanilla Bean & RSM  Do You Take Requests?     0:55:15 (Real | MP3)
Jim Price & Irwin Chusid  Jim Freaks Out     1:00:49 (Real | MP3)
R Stevie Moore & Krys O  Boota Theater excerpt     1:08:29 (Real | MP3)
Jim Price & The Vanilla Bean & RSM  Boota Theater excerpt 2     1:10:28 (Real | MP3)
Krys O  Subgenius Rant     1:12:01 (Real | MP3)
Krys O  I Speak Salads     1:17:51 (Real | MP3)
R Stevie Moore  Have A Nice Day Or Kill Me     1:18:57 (Real | MP3)
R Stevie Moore  Jim Price Jingle     1:23:03 (Real | MP3)
R Stevie Moore  Mic Break     1:23:24 (Real | MP3)
Vanilla Bean  I Could Be Your Lover     1:25:19 (Real | MP3)
R Stevie Moore & The Vanilla Bean  Oil   Contact Risk  1:28:33 (Real | MP3)
Unknown  First Known WFMU Recording     1:41:38 (Real | MP3)
Vin Scelsa and WFMU Staff  Sign Off from August 1969     1:42:44 (Real | MP3)
Vin Scelsa and Listeners  Last Episode of The Closet, August 1969     2:01:26 (Real | MP3)
Jim Pansulla  Freudian Fantasies     2:11:10 (Real | MP3)
Jim Price and Irwin Chusid  Leonard Cohen Poems     2:12:18 (Real | MP3)
Lou D'Antonio, Irwin Chusid & Paul Sobolik  Gordon, Dad and Mr. Basket     2:14:51 (Real | MP3)
Jim Pansulla  Hour of the Duck Break     2:20:49 (Real | MP3)
Jim Price and Irwin Chusid  Alligator Complaint     2:21:39 (Real | MP3)
Jim Price and Irwin Chusid  How Come?     2:25:07 (Real | MP3)
Dave the Spazz & Gaylord Fields  Henny Youngman Call     2:26:07 (Real | MP3)
Various DJs - Jim Price, R Stevie Moore  1983 Marathon Collage     2:27:29 (Real | MP3)
Irwin Chusid  1983 Marathon     2:39:26 (Real | MP3)
Frank O'Toole and Val Sebastiano  1983 Marathon     2:42:17 (Real | MP3)
RSM and Jim Price  1983 Marathon     2:43:50 (Real | MP3)
Jim Price  Spots for 1983 Marathon     2:48:49 (Real | MP3)

Listener comments!

Mon. 8/4/08 3:06pm From: Ken from Hyde Park

We're treated with Ken's presence today. What could possibly go wring?

Mon. 8/4/08 3:06pm From: Sean Daily

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This means that Kenny G is on next!

Mon. 8/4/08 3:13pm From: Swami

Time space continuum altered. Must go back to bed.

Mon. 8/4/08 3:13pm From: Obama

that's IC not JP! "Bullwinkle Drinking Glass"

Mon. 8/4/08 3:14pm From: another old man

Vanilla Bean!!
Jim Price !!

Mon. 8/4/08 3:14pm From: senior moment

"The Longing"

Mon. 8/4/08 3:19pm From: Harvey

Hello Ken

What year is this from?

Mon. 8/4/08 3:20pm From: Parq

I've obviously stepped into a time warp. Why the heck don't I feel 15 years younger?

Mon. 8/4/08 3:20pm From: kEN

All different years.

Mon. 8/4/08 3:20pm From: bruce longsteen estreet banned


Mon. 8/4/08 3:21pm From: colleen's coffee cup

i think it's mostly the 1880's

Mon. 8/4/08 3:21pm From: Harvey

I'm sorry i meant the last vanilla bean & tk folger clip

Mon. 8/4/08 3:22pm From: M

2man losing streak was circa 1985? guessing!

Mon. 8/4/08 3:25pm From: Harvey

Hahaha such a good year thanks

Mon. 8/4/08 3:25pm From: Raquel Welch

prequel! prequel! prequel! prequel! prequel! prequel! prequel! prequel! prequel!

Mon. 8/4/08 3:26pm From: Andy in Berlin

Having fun so far. Looking forward to Wild Girl this weekend. Just saw the notice about the Wire concert! We who listen in other time zones want to know if this is going to be another live broadcast. Is it?

Mon. 8/4/08 3:26pm From: Marc in DC

"The Satanic aspect of music"


Mon. 8/4/08 3:27pm From: Harvey

The band Islands used a clip from this interview on their album "Return to the Sea"

Mon. 8/4/08 3:27pm From: Sean Daily


Mon. 8/4/08 3:29pm From: JJZ

I thought of Andy when I saw this today.

Mon. 8/4/08 3:33pm From: Sean Daily

And the sad thing is that "Tallow Cross" is a fairly rockin' name. It's wasted on a bunch of chuckleheads like that.

Hmmm... "Suet Crucifix"?

Mon. 8/4/08 3:36pm From: Who Killed JR?

Rev Ivan Stang's very first FMU visit, circa 1983!

Mon. 8/4/08 3:37pm From: another old man

Alan Watts next then!

Mon. 8/4/08 3:38pm From: Lipwak

Hi all,

DId FMU air Church of the Sub Genius shows back in the, what, 80s? I remember hearing them somewhere.

Mon. 8/4/08 3:38pm From: Jeff M

Remember the Satin Teens?

There were these famous (and of course goofy, however murderous) satanic teen killers out on Long Island back in the day.

But someone who lived out there then told me they couldn't actually spell very well -- apparently sometimes they'd spraypaint "Satin" on walls and overpasses and such.

Mon. 8/4/08 3:38pm From: MOR

I wish! Ken, any Watts layin around?

Mon. 8/4/08 3:39pm From: NO ESCAPE

Tell Me You're Sorry

Mon. 8/4/08 3:40pm From: alumni association

Where's Cindy McKee????!

Mon. 8/4/08 3:41pm From: roger maxine waters

If It's In You (syd barrett)

Mon. 8/4/08 3:42pm From: Ira Gabriel Kaplan

Where's Fabio?

Mon. 8/4/08 3:43pm From: Russo Ozone (Lou vs. Chuck)

this is embarrassing! shameless self-promotion FOREVER??

Mon. 8/4/08 3:48pm From: Yanni

first ever wfmu WIRE airplay by rsm and val sebastiano!!! (first Lp and/or 45) heck, prolly first ever NYC airplay!

Mon. 8/4/08 3:51pm From: Balesteri

larry mookie 12/88, days after Orbison died.

Mon. 8/4/08 3:53pm From: the rookie


Mon. 8/4/08 3:59pm From: NicoleD

This Is Classic Radio!!!

Mon. 8/4/08 4:00pm From: McCain

pretty damn remarkable

Mon. 8/4/08 4:00pm From: elisabeth burgerking

Mourning Zoo!!!!!!!!!!

Mon. 8/4/08 4:03pm From: Peter Froeberg Web Services

W+F+M+U = what an xtended family - supersized, yes?

Mon. 8/4/08 4:05pm From: Gateway to Choi

i miss the days when all these lovely talented guys actually LIKED each other! ROTFLMMFAO /// world gone wrong!

Mon. 8/4/08 4:07pm From: Sean Daily

WaitaminNUT! You mean Jim didn't freak out? What a RIP!

Mon. 8/4/08 4:08pm From: Mylie Cyrus

ken, a request: plz briefly wax poetic about your own personal random memories of that upsala basement!

Mon. 8/4/08 4:08pm From: Irene

I really needed the day off from my own show to hear all this radio wonderfulness!! (Besides I am really worn out from yesterday's long drive home.) What a great way to kick off the radio greats. Thanks Ken (and R.Stevie)!!

Mon. 8/4/08 4:09pm From: margo hemmingweigh

the voice of annette prophet!

Mon. 8/4/08 4:10pm From: Ginsberg vs Opie Anthony

plz play FEED THE CAT

Mon. 8/4/08 4:14pm From: feed the cat (Boota Theater) - maybe 1st cut on cd

lou the duck d'antonio & jim press

Mon. 8/4/08 4:21pm From: dave from ks

Have A Nice Day Or Kill Me

Mon. 8/4/08 4:22pm From: Scotty Moore Eats Orange

"Why is there no more WFMU like this show??? Is it old fashioned? Balderdash! Am I gonna hafta bitch & moan on Gaylord's show this Sunday about the tragic loss of this stunningly scathing but very extinct programming style? Was REALLY hoping not to. Don't get me started!"

Mon. 8/4/08 4:22pm From: The Cat

Yes, please play Feed the Cat.

Mon. 8/4/08 4:31pm From: dave from ks

flying on the wings of slack to eternal salvation or triple your money back,,,,,ahh the good ole days,cuz now its only double your money back,,,,Dang that Stang

Mon. 8/4/08 4:49pm From: cubicle carl

Kinda like Vin Scelsa now.

Mon. 8/4/08 4:51pm From: Sean Daily

Vin Scelsa on Wikipedia at

Mon. 8/4/08 5:07pm From: Harvey

This is heartbreaking

Mon. 8/4/08 5:13pm From: james t

Lots of love to RSTV and Krys from JT

Mon. 8/4/08 5:18pm From: Sean Daily

Dad with his preversions and his Eugene O'Neill... gotta love it.

Mon. 8/4/08 5:25pm From: Dad

Keep your alligator and your duck away from my boy, you Italians!

Mon. 8/4/08 5:30pm From: Ken from Hyde Park

Fifty years from now, what will you guys be revisiting? Professor Dum Dum, Clay Pigeon, Glen Jone? ?? ???

Mon. 8/4/08 5:35pm From: jtm

How about Tom Scharpling, Andy Breckman, Brice and Billy Jamm?

Mon. 8/4/08 5:38pm From: Randy in NC

Years ago there was a DJ named Bud if I recall on WFMU. He used to rant and rave, maybe tape was rolling?

Mon. 8/4/08 5:41pm From: Sean Daily

Irwin sounds VERY different on these recordings. How old are they?

Mon. 8/4/08 5:43pm From: Ken

This is all from the 1983 Marathon.

Mon. 8/4/08 5:43pm From: Ken

Randy - You're thinking of Bud Styple.

Mon. 8/4/08 5:48pm From: Sean Daily

Oooooooooops... heh... heh... RTFPL next time, Sean...

Mon. 8/4/08 5:53pm From: Randy in NC

I guess I'm old since I remember most all of these folks...
What was the 19983 marathon T shirt? I probably had one.

Mon. 8/4/08 5:55pm From: James T

I wish R Steve would come back and do a show for all us incontinent old age pensioners in the UK

Mon. 8/4/08 5:55pm From: Randy in NC

1983, or was this pre-T shirt?

Mon. 8/4/08 6:12pm From: Listener from Boston

MUSIC pleeease....

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