letters 1980

Sat June 14 1980

Dear Irwin,

   Thanks but no thanks. I'm fed up with the continuing blindness of WFMU and its attitude towards quality. I feel BEDROOMRADIO has improved ten-fold as I go on, but now, to hear it's caused but another conflict of interest...fuck, man...I don't want it. Big deal. I am totally biased that I am the only one who truly knows how to entertain, especially after listening to the rest of FMU's really shallow programming. And the continuing crisis of my "intrusion" must cease. It's not worth it anymore. How paradoxical that, instead, Chuck doesn't appreciate my talent and allow me to help improve his station. Fuck 'em. I'm sick of saying, "Am I in Nashville?"

   This is getting too absurd. I don't fit in anywhere. I wonder why (heh, heh, heh). My intentions are not justified. I tend to seek out the newest of the new music, for a station that has no aesthetic ambition whatsoever. What's the point? 91.1 is spinning its flat tires. It doesn't deserve me, and evidently I don't deserve a chance either. I'll just keep my vision to myself. So what else is new?

   I appreciate the outlet you and Jim have tried to provide, but come on. BEDROOMRADIO sticks out like a sore thumb, so why should it be approved by authoritative ignorance? I really am doomed, aren't I?

   There's a new sound, it's deep down in the ground, and everyone who listens to it squirms. And this new sound, so deep down in the ground is the sound made by worms.

   For the hundredth time, I resign.

   Segue City,

   r. stevie

Oy Mate......

Received your angry missive. Feel better for having let it out? I'm sure. And no, Jimmy and I did not take it personally, as we're sure it was not your intention. We would both have liked to continue your Boudoir Broadcasting, but Jimmy and I do not run the station and we gotta answer to da boss.

Insofar as the station gets enuff positive fan mail, I thought it might be a good idea to post a copy of your letter at the station for the edification of all, since your words seem directed at the staff and management. I thought it would be a good idea, however, to check with you first before I went ahead. I've enclosed a copy just in case you forgot what you wrote. I don't agree with most of what you say, but we've discussed these matters before and I think we understand each other. Just the same, I thought you might want your thoughts conveyed directly to fmu staffers. I would post it without comment, since I believe most can read it and make their own intelligent judgement.

You still have my, Jimmy's and the station's offer to produce occasional specials, and I still encourage you to do so after you cool off. And there are still about a half dozen of us down there who will continue to play your own original music, as we have done all along, because there just ain't nothin' like it.

Meanwhile, here's another address you might want to pursue. Inner City Records, formerly only jazz and avant-garde, is looking for other types of original material, including rock and pop. They are an established New York label with a reputation for quality, artist-controlled product. They ain't fly-by-night by any means. Send a cassette to Steve Haviland, Inner City Records, 423 W. 55th St., NY 10019, and don't expect anything.

I'll be by to see you some night soon. I've got a blissfully busy week of work here at the adoption agency (just filling in) and Ozoning and all, but we're still friends (and brovvers if you like). I've got your Slash, some cassettes for you, a record or two and some ugly neckties I found at a garage sale.

oy oy.......mate

thurs. noon (6/19)


well, caught your act on the price show last nite. thought it compared to bedroomradddio as champagne to welch's grape juice. it was some of the most exciting spontaneous unpredictable entertaining original thoroughly enjoyable radio i've heard on any station including and especially the one you say has absolutely no aesthetic ambition whatsoever but still you must admit has its moments. jolly good.

the whole show was one long pleasant surprise. i was sitting there on her bed while she and i entertained a friend of hers who was one of the nicest and dullest people it's ever been my privilege to yawn in the face of, and there was her clock radio on the bookshelf at the head of the bed spewing out the most interesting sounds. and while this fellow droned on and on about the jersey shore and the injustice of the current distribution of wealth in american society and what he would do if he had more money, i was persistently distracted by the most wonderfully befuddling noises emanating from the tinny speaker behind the digital display. i finally had to leave the room under the pretense of relieving my bladder, and quietly slipped into the living room, turned on the sterrrreo and listened to the rest of your extravaganza in the privacy of my own head. and i was thinking that somebody tuning in for the first time, accustomed to the blather and monotony of WNEWWPLJWPIXWCBSWBAI, must surely be delighted to discover that radio besides being a mercenary medium could also be a creative one.

and as for you esteemed mr. malcontent, regardless of what you think or say about wfmu's "flat tires" and its "shallow programming," as much as i am often tempted to agree with you, it is still the only station I know of that permits freedom to such an excessive degree, that would allow a lunatic like yourself to run free in its studios and make a shambles of its listeners' speakers. so there! (image of me sticking out my tongue and looking smug.....)

everyone who listens to it squirms.

love ya, buddy

Bosco Smuffle
Teakwood Preservation Society
  and Edible Mushroom Protectorate

P.S. I left out "brilliant" in lines 3 & 4 first para. above.

<~~b ack~ ~~ ~