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ALL MY CHILDREN   CD / C60  1987


01. chiltones : JUST A LITTLE (elliot/durand) bob brainen & frank o'toole
02. ken freedman : WABC josh freeman-botter -alto sax
03. t k f : WHOSE BIRTHDAY IS IT? bill berger-dms
04. irwin sisters : BABY SISTER BLUES (marshal/sunshine)
05. sister krys : BABY LEMONADE (barrett) berger-gtr, irwin chusid-dms
06. ray franks : ONE CORNER
07. children in adult jails : MR. SCABBY laurie es, diane farris, sue bralin, chris clark
08. frank o'toole : YOU STILL BELIEVE IN ME (wilson/asher)
09. bill berger : SIBELLA BORGES
10. bob rixon : TWO TEENAGE GIRLS


11. r. stevie moore : I WANT YOU TO BE MODERN
12. jim pansulla : BELA BARTOK MINIATURES
13. james price : DREAMING tony brower-violin
14. george flores : MESSIAH (norman) lee miller-dms, chris bolger-bs
15. terry moore : LENI AND ROCKY diane sterner-2nd vcl & gtr
16. frank balesteri : PSYCHIATRIC CABARET ron dovoric-gtr
17. steve dondershine : RUNNIN' FREE
18. bob brainen : KALEIDOSCOPE (roback)

This project conceived & compiled by Jim Price.
All selections composed by the artist unless otherwise noted.
It was all for fun and with love for WFMU, 91.1 FM.
Graphic design by Annette Prophet.

Sound Choice magazine
April '87

An eclectic, vibrant selection from the talented crew at WFMU at Upsala College in East Orange New Jersey. None of the tracks appear anywhere else. Included are refreshing versions of Beau Brummels' 'Just a Little,' Syd Barrett's 'Baby Lemonade,' Beach Boys' 'You Still Believe In Me,' Rain Parade's 'Kaleidoscope' and Larry (of the 60's group People) Norman's 'Messiah.' Original compositions for woodwinds, solo drums and piano. Acoustic folk and pop numbers, a spoken word piece and sloppy punk from Children In Adult Jails. R. Stevie Moore appears for a long, studio-enhanced pop song. Jim Price's 'Dreaming' is the nicest song on the tape, with his fine voice and duet violins, and it's as good as any Stamey/ Holsapple tune I've ever heard. Price is the tape's coordinator and is Moore's part time drummer. WFMU is a listener supported, non-commercial, 'arch-freeform' station that tries to be an alternative to other college and non- commercial stations. Send for their program guide, Lowest Common Denominator-- an informative magazine with contributors like the aforementioned staff, poet Tuli Kupferberg and artist Gary Panter. (WFMU) --C. Carstens


ALL MY CHILDREN Vol. 2   2CD / C90  1989


1. "Letter from Squeaky" - Uncle Wiggly

Wishing you were here, perhaps...
Personnel: Bill Berger, James
Kavoussi, Mike Anzalone

2. "Lady Friend" (David Crosby) -The
     Hunger Artists

Not-so-well-known Byrds tune about
love lost, sung by WFMU resident
Bob Brainen: vcls, 6 & 12 string elec-
tric guitars, drums. Chris Bolger:
bass, acoustic guitsr, vcl.
Ruth Bolger: Flute.

3. "I Fall To Pieces" (Harlan Howard) -
     Krys O.

Patsy did, quite literally, in 1963, but her
songs helped define country-pop. Krys
O. with a soaring update of Cline's
Krys Olsiewicz: vocal. R. Stevie Moore:
all the instruments.

4. "Good Morning" - Rob Weisberg

Prelude for coffee, roast, eggs over

5. "I Heard Things" - Extra Large Door

Not sure what things, but we heard
'em too.
Personnel: Dave Mandl, Tim Noe,
Michael Gitlin, G. Don Trubey.

6. "Elephant Man Theme" - John Schnall

Haunting remake of the film's opening

7. "Norman" - Jim Price

Strange character, this Norman..."Sun-
day in the evenings he plays baseball in
the park, tossing stars around the moon
standing in the dark."
Jim Price: all instruments except...
R. Stevie Moore: fuzz bass, lead guitar.

8. "Jackass Song" - Dada Frolic

Caribbean echoes from Brooklyn.
Dan and Detta Andreana

9. "Rhythm Commonplace" - Ray Franks

The drummer needs only his hands to

10. "Surfin' With the Sarge" - Ray Zinnbran

Guitar sex-god RZB's beachin' rave-up
from "Gidget Goes to Venus."

11. "Lick a Knife" - Fishnet Ethics

A song, a suggestion, but listen--don't
do it.
Doug Schulkind: drums. Billy Segal:
vcl.; Gary Jentzi: guitar, vcl.; Mic
Holwin: bass, vcl.

12. "Everything's Archie" -
     Sea Monkeys

Mad slasher stalks comic strip world,
inflicting savage paper cuts.
Dave Abramson: vcl.; Andy Maltz:
guitar; Alison Harvey: bass; Paul Rubin:
organ; John Dolan: drums.

13. "Generals and Majors" (Colin Moulding)
     - Frank's Angst

XTC gem--instrumental version for the
modern, stramlined military, recorded
without cost overruns.
Frank O'Toole: guitars, vcl.; Chris
Bolger: bass; Jim Price: drums.

14. "95 Tears" - Alluvial Ensemble

The ducts won't begrudge another drop.
Keyboard: Bob Rixon.

15. "Exploring Science" - Bart Plantenga

At age 7, Bart took the chemistry set he
got for Christmas and blew up the family
rec room.
Bart Plantenga. Vanilla Bean: pro-


1. "Just Like Everyone Else" -
     R. Stevie Moore

The music industry is killing home taping.
All everything: R. Stevie Moore.

2. "Motleyville" - Ol' Pal Irwin (Chusid)

Despite Roe v. Wade, accidents still
happen, and we all must live with the

3. "Sands" - Miaow Mixx

WFMU choirgirl Irene Higgs writ & sang
this Brit-inflected janglefest.
Irene Higgs: acoustic guitar, vcl. Rick
Neblung: lead guitar; John Savory:
guitar; Larry Higgs: bass; Irwin
Chusid: drums.

4. "Happiest Guy" - Jolly Ramey

Lead singer Steve Carter claims Frank
Sinatra as a major influence, for art &
Madi Horstmann: guitar, vcl.; Steve
Carter: vcl.; Leila Haddad: bass,
backing vcl.

5. "Suite: Jane" - The Kinder Gentlemen

Dueling Banjos meet Spike Jones and
take second place in the 'Most Awful
Version of Sweet Jane' Contest.
Personnel: Chris T--gtr, back-up
vcl, phone voice, SFX. Tom Burgin
--vcl, banjo, harmonica.

6. "The Swimming Pool Song" - Steve

Grizzled, foot-weary bluesmaster Steve
Dee strums an old Delta standard he
wrote one sweltering July after softball.

7. "Jeanie in a Bottle" - Chris Bolger

If she grants you one wish, wish her the
best of luck.
Chris Bolger: vcl, all instruments
except...Irwin Chusid: drums.

8. "Myth of Objectivity" - Krackhouse

Irrefutable evidence, in case you had
any doubts.
Matthew Ostrowski: electronics, tape.
Mike Sappol: vcl, 6-string bass.

9. "Elephants" - Mosh

Don't know what a "spoff" is, but Stacey
insists this is one.
M(illions of) O(bnoxious) S(kin)
H(eads): Stacey Rubin & friends (ask
her for personnel).

10. "Did You No Wrong" (Sex Pistols) - Peter
      Paul and Jones

A song from the past, by a group who
predicted no future.
Glen Jones: vcl.; Pete Kennedy:
guitars; Paul Kennedy: drums.

11. "Flaccid Activity" - Bronwyn C.

Instead, she wrote a song about it.

12. "Room for Two" - Vanilla Bean

Aerobic boogie-woogie from the Bean.
Frank Balesteri: vcl.; Jim Price: drums;
R. Stevie Moore: all other instruments.

13. "Anything Goes" (Cole Porter) - T.K. Folger

Lyrics updated for the close of the mil-
lenium, and the tape.
T.K. Folger: vcl, all instruments except
...Irwin Chusid: drums.

14. "Make A Wish" - Tony Brower

TB: all instruments.

15. Staff Howl


Cover Art by: R. Stevie Moore
All work composed by artists
except where noted.


Option magazine
Aug '90

This sequel to WFMU's 1987 compilation features 30 songs by that station's DJs, with lots of help from compiler Jim Price and the ubiquitous R. Stevie Moore. '60s pop is again the rallying point, with original titles like 'Everything's Archie,' 'Surfin' With the Sarge' and 'Jeanie in the Bottle.' Jim Price's 'Norman' is a standout slice of fractured pop about a strange boy who talks with fireflies and dead friends; its R. Stevie groove is augmented with terrific guitars by the Master himself. The many and diverse cover tunes include Patsy Cline's 'I Fall To Pieces' (Krys O.), 'Elephant Man Theme' (John Schnall), and the second place winner in the 'Most Awful Version of Sweet Jane' Contest (quite deserving, too). There's a bit of chaff, but it's all in support of independent radio, so pledge WFMU a few bucks and get yourself a copy of this while they last. (WFMU) --Dino DiMuro

edisongs.jpg              edisongsbk.jpg

EDISONGS (1% Inspiration from WFMU)
a tribute to Thomas Alva Edison  LP 1991/CD 2003

1. The Bastards (Bob Brainen)
2. Matty O & Julie Nichols
3. R. Stevie Moore
4. Van Gelder (TK Folger)
5. Krystyna Josephine Olsiewicz (Krys O)
6. Jim Price
7. Miaow Mixx (Irene Trudel)
It Wasn't Edison
Phonograph's Salutation
99% Perspiration
Stillwell Mary
He Lives Through Dreams

08. Sea Monkeys (Dave "Spazz" Abramson)
09. Love Onion (Kathy Smalley)
10. Elec-trick Pens (Laurie Es)
11. John Schnall
12. The Bean (Frank Balesteri)
13. Pure Soya (Val Sebastiano)
14. Wrench (Chris T)
15. The Old Codger (Irwin Chusid)
16. Nick Hill with John Linnell
Champ or Chump
Brown Out
Inventor Dude
Repeating Telegraph
Ed's Lighthouse
Dirt Nap Thomas
Tommy's Zombies
The Edison Museum

edisongslbA.jpg              edisongslbB.jpg

©1991 WFMU. All publishing copyrights property of composers.
Respectfully dedicated to the memory of vinyl.

Cover art & design by Lennie Mace/THE LAB.

Pictured on back cover:
The Edison-designed Black Maria,
world's first film studio.

Conceived and coordinated for WFMU by 
Jim Price, Irene Trudel, 
Bill Suggs and Chris T. 
Megawatts to 
Edison National Historic Site 
(Jerry Habris, Douglas Tarr, 
George Tselos, Nancy Waters), 
Chris Bolger, Ken Freedman, 
Victor Lovera and 
David Newgarden. 


Thomas Edison has been called many things--some complimentary, some not. But he remains one of the most fascinating men of the past thousand years or so.
   WFMU likes to think of itself as one of the most fascinating radio stations of the past thousand years. So, tinkering with a theme for our 1991.1 staff-collaborative recording project, we turned to Tom for inspiration. After all, not only did he contribute to the 20th-century technology with which WFMU operates--he's also our neighbor. The Edison Labs and his beloved Glenmont Estate are in West Orange, a mile or two from our studios.
   The selections on Edisongs were performed by station staffers and their pals. Most are original compositions. They reflect Edison from a free-form perspective, without censorship, press agentry or kindergarten mythology.
   Edison said genius was 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration; some of our composers took a slide-mounted look at those sweat stains. Not every song draws on verifiable facts about Edison. At WFMU, we don't just make history--we make it up.
   Biographers allege that Edison appropriated the ideas of others and took undue credit; that the extent of his hearing loss was suspect, so he could be "conveniently deaf" when it served his interests; that he was a financial chiseler; that he spat freely. He dismissed radio as having little commercial potential, and believed recording cylinders would earn him a fortune. They were, after all, highly marketable--for office dictation.
   He had some goofy notions, among the miracles. No one's perfect--least of all, the Wizard of Menlo Park. But nothing can be taken away from his remarkable accomplishments.
   Go visit the museum (on Main Street). It's a haunting experience: stroll through the lab, tour the machine shop, behold the Black Maria (the world's first film studio).
   Stop in at WFMU while you're in the neighborhood. Mr. Edison invented hundreds of our modern toys. We're doing our best to re-invent radio.

--Ol' Pal Irwin (Chusid)
June 1991

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